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Simon Richard Green is a British fantasy and science fiction author. Green is also a Bachelor’s degree holder from the University of Leicester in American Literature and Modern English. Simon Richard Green first publication was in the year 1979. Green’s Deathstalker book series was partly drawn from a 1950’s space opera.

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Order of Forest Kingdom Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Blue Moon Rising ( By: Simon R. Green) 1989 Description / Buy
2 Blood and Honor ( By: Simon R. Green) 1992 Description / Buy
3 Down Among the Dead Men ( By: Simon R. Green) 1993 Description / Buy
4 Once in a Blue Moon ( By: Simon R. Green) 2014 Description / Buy
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Forest Kingdom Best Books

Blue Moon Rising: This is the first instalment of the Forest Kingdom book series. Blue Moon Rising is a hilarious fast-paced and well-written novel. Despite the fact that Blue Moon Rising is under 500 pages, there is so much happening. The storytelling is extremely involving such that the readers do not have time to get bored. Despite the fact that Blue Moon Rising is a fantasy novel, it also happens to be a narrative about a day-to-day type of hero.

In Blue Moon Rising, author Simon R. Green introduces the readers to Rupert, who is a man who was born and raised to live in his brother’s shadow. Rupert is the unwanted son of the Forest Land Kingdom. Rupert’s father was against the close relationship between Rupert and his father, because one day; he believed his brother might have to order Rupert’s death as a means of preventing civil war in the kingdom.

Furthermore, the cutthroat politics of the courts discouraged him from trusting. The narrative begins as Rupert was setting out on a quest to find a dragon and kill it under the orders of the king. Unfortunately, Rupert must be able to travel through the Darkwood, which happens to be a place of ancient darkness and evil. The journey sets Rupert down a road, which will make him an extremely strong and capable man. Watching Rupert’s evolution was extremely fascinating.

The readers will find themselves falling in love with Rupert during the early stages of the narrative, mainly because of Rupert’s determination to do what he believed was the right thing. When Rupert meets with Julia, none of them understands how pivotal they will be in each other’s lives. Just like Rupert, Julia also happens to be a cast off from her community, because she was sacrificed to a dragon.

However, the dragon did not want to have her for lunch and instead opted to let her go with the prince. The dragon in Blue Moon Rising has a jovial personality. The dragon ends up becoming friends with Rupert and also accompanies Rupert on some of his journey’s.

Blood and Honor: The second installment in the Forest Kingdom book series. In Blood and Honor, author Simon R. Green introduces the readers to Jordan, who is undeniably one of the greatest actors in the Forest Kingdom. Blood and Honor begin as Jordan is asked his exceptional writing to the test, by portraying a local prince who is sick. After agreeing to the plot, Jordan eventually realizes that the destination and the journey are quite different than what he had expected.

Will Jordan’s acting skills be more than enough for the compatriots to find a successor to the throne? Furthermore, will the compatriots be able to save Jordan’s neck? Despite the fact that Blood and Honor is a completely different narrative from the Forest Kingdom, the first installment, Blood and Honor is a complete narrative in its own.

All the characters in Blood and Honor were not only full of life but were also quite interesting. The interactions between these characters were equally interesting as well. The book’s plot was fraught with double-dealings, intrigue and so many twists and turns.

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What Is The Next Book in The Forest Kingdom Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Forest Kingdom Series. The newest book is Once in a Blue Moon and was released on January, 7th 2014.

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