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“Home Front Detective” is a series of detective mystery novels by Edward Marston the Welsh mystery and historical fiction author. The first novel of the detective historical fiction series was “A Bespoke Murder” that was first published in 2011.

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Order of Home Front Detective Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 A Bespoke Murder ( By: Edward Marston) 2011 Description / Buy
2 An Instrument of Slaughter ( By: Edward Marston) 2012 Description / Buy
3 Five Dead Canaries ( By: Edward Marston) 2013 Description / Buy
4 Deeds of Darkness ( By: Edward Marston) 2014 Description / Buy
5 Dance of Death ( By: Edward Marston) 2015 Description / Buy
6 The Enemy Within ( By: Edward Marston) 2016 Description / Buy
7 Under Attack ( By: Edward Marston) 2017 Description / Buy
8 The Unseen Hand (By: Edward Marston) 2019 Description / Buy
9 Orders to Kill (By: Edward Marston) 2021 Description / Buy
10 Danger of Defeat (By: Edward Marston) 2023 Description / Buy
11 Spring Offensive ( By: Edward Marston) 2024 Description / Buy
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The series of novels is set in World War II Britain where two detectives Sargent Joe Keedy and his senior Inspector Harvey Marmion work for the London Metropolitan police force. The two man team of detectives often work the most complicated homicide cases that happen at the height of the First World War.

“A Bespoke Murder” the first novel of the series is set in 1915 London where the residents have to deal with increasing xenophobic attacks against German immigrants, news of the sinking of the Lusitania, and bombing from German planes. Even the fashionable West End of London comes under attack with Jacob Stein an eminent tailor viciously attacked. The thugs ransack his safe, kill him, rape his daughter and leave her traumatized.

Inspector Harvey Marmion is assigned to the case but finding the perpetrators turns out to be a harder job than he had imagined. In all the chaos, his investigations lead him to the Front line. However, the closer he comes to resolving the case the more he thinks this was not an opportunistic murder but rather someone on a path of vengeance. It is a great detective mystery full of twists and plots and an explosive finish that proves the masterful storytelling skills of Edward Marston.


Under Attack: The seventh novel of the “Home Front Detective” series is one of Edward Marston’s best novels. The novel is set in 1917 London where the city is under a heavy barrage of bombing from the Germans. But when Gilbert Donohoe a devoted family man and respected businessman’s body is found in the Thames, it is soon clear that he had been strangled.

Inspector Marmion whose son just went missing has to deal with all the anxiety and the pressure of resolving a high profile murder case. The pressure becomes even greater when the Metropolitan Police comes under attack from the press. Marmion gets his name muddied by the press even as he works diligently uncovering a strong lead that points him towards a deranged killer, in London’s seedier neighborhoods.

Deeds of Darkness: Another great novel in the series that is one of the most highly regarded. It is set in June 1916 where cinema workers open the cinema doors to find the body of a murdered young woman. Joe Keedy and Harvey Marmion are on a quest to find an elusive killer that seems to have disappeared into the shadows. Meanwhile, two more people with highly varied backgrounds are found murdered in eerily similar circumstances.

In the meantime, Marmion’s son informs him that he will be leaving home in a few days to go fight in the Battle of Somme. Paul is wounded in battle leaving him blind, and Marmion dealing with the devastation of his son’s permanent darkness while trying find a killer that loves the darkness.

Dance of Death: The fifth novel of the series is one of its most popular. The RAF shoots down their first Zeppelin in 2016 and while the plane is burning and attracting a huge crowd of spectators, a killer creeps in. People wake up to find that a popular ballet dancer was killed the night before with the killer leaving no clues.

Sergeant Joe Keedy and Detective Inspector Harvey Marmion believe that the biggest clue they should go on is her promiscuous lifestyle. However, Her notoriety in the dancing world makes the investigation even more complex particularly given the huge number of suspects. But now the detective and his partner need to resolve the mysterious murder before the news gets out and spread panic in a London battered by war.


Many “Home Front Detective” series fans also love the “Women’s Murder Club” Series of novels by James Patterson. These are novels about four women that are; a San Francisco district attorney, a chief medical examiner, a reporter, and a homicide that come together to form a murder club that tracks down homicide suspects that slip through the cracks.

Fans of the “Home Front Detective” series also like the “Tracy Crosswhite” series of novels by Robert Dugoni. The novels follow Tracy Crosswhite who joins the Seattle PD to become one of the most effective detectives driven by a need to revenge her sister.

What Is The Next Book in The Home Front Detective Series?

The next book in the The Home Front Detective Series by Edward Marston is Spring Offensive and will be released on June, 20th 2024.


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