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Edward Marston is a pen name that author Keith Miles uses. He writes historical fiction and mystery novels. He turned to writing fiction in the eighties, and by the year 1986, he published his first novel (which was called “Bullet Hole”). It was the first in a series about a professional golfer that becomes an amateur detective. The bulk of the work that Keith Miles uses, have been published under the Edward Marston name.

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4The Nine Giants 1991Description / Buy
5The Mad Courtesan 1992Description / Buy
6The Silent Woman 1992Description / Buy
7The Roaring Boy 1995Description / Buy
8The Laughing Hangman 1996Description / Buy
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2Steps to the Gallows 2017Description / Buy
3Date with the Executioner 2017Description / Buy
4Fugitive from the Grave 2018Description / Buy
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4We'll Meet Again 1982Description / Buy
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7Finest Swordsman in All France 1984Description / Buy

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Edward Marston Anthologies

1 Malice Domestic 61997Description / Buy
2 The Sunken Sailor2004Description / Buy
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The name comes from John Marston; who was an Elizabethan playwright. Miles has also written more than forty original plays for theater, radio, and television. He has worked as a director, an actor, and manager of his own professional fringe theater company. Marston has even taught drama in a prison and worked at Pinewood (a film company) as a story editor. Keith Miles was brought up and born in Wales. He studied the subject of Modern History at Oxford and then lectured the subject for three years. Then he became a full-time writer, working freelance.

Under the Edward Marston name, he has written the “Home Front Detective” series, the “Bow Street Rivals”, the “Railway Detective” series, the “Captain Rawson” series, the “Domesday” series, the “Restoration” series, and the “Elizabethan Theatre” series (which is also called the “Nicholas Bracewell” series, its namesake stars). He has also written some short stories and a non fiction book.


“The Roaring Boy” was nominated for an Edgar Award in the best novel in the year 1996.


For those readers looking to get into novels by Edward Marston, this section will help with that. It will go over the novels “The Queen’s Head”, “The Merry Devils”, and “The Trip to Jerusalem”.

The Queen’s Head: This is the first novel in the “Elizabethan Theatre” series and was released in the year 1988. In the year 1587, Mary (Queen of Scots) is executed and her head rolls across the platform; it does not have the auburn wig attached anymore. Is this going to end all of the plotting that goes on against Mary’s redheaded cousin, named Elizabeth?

The next year (1588, the year of the Spanish Armada) is a scary time; there is a lot of terror and triumph going on, for all of England (not just the court or the queen). All of this turmoil is seen in the theater, and the galleries of the inns (like London’s “The Queen’s Head”) where the Men of Lord Westfield perform.

After an actor is murdered, the book holder for the company (named Nicholas Bracewell) faces two consequences. As book holder, he has a bigger role than a producer would. He has to get a replacement that will acceptable to the temperamental star of the show (named Lawrence Firethorn). He has to catch the killer of Will Fowler, like he promised Will right as he died.

The Merry Devils: This is the second novel in the “Elizabethan Theatre” series and was released in the year 1989. Nicholas Bracewell, is fresh off succeeding at holding the strained players’ company together. At the same time, a treasonous plot against the queen is about to make “The Queen’s Head” ring with laughter. This is because “The Merry Devils”, a new comedy, is about to premiere.

The gloomy landlord is certain that mischief will be the result of the whole thing. All Nicholas sees is just a harmless comedy that is not going to have real devils come to life, just a pair of actors that are great tumblers. How can it be possible then, that three devils appear on stage during the crucial scene of the show? One of which even looks quite real, disturbingly enough. There is one imp that lies dead, in the deviltry that follows the whole thing.

The Trip to Jerusalem: This is the third novel in the “Elizabethan Theatre” series and was released in the year 1990. London is being taken over by the Black Plague, making the theaters close and the frightened citizens are going to the country. Lord Westfield’s Men choose to go on the road, as it is a safer place to be, and tour the North. Before they are supposed to go, one of the players is murdered.

They travel, this company (managed by Nicholas Bracewell) finds out that Banbury’s Men (Lord Westfield’s Men’s chief rivals) have been stealing their best works. They try to shake Banbury’s Men off, and an actor (named Lawrence Firethorn) later takes them to York. All is revealed here in a performance that is quite thrilling.

When Does The Next Edward Marston book come out?

The next book by Edward Marston is Orders to Kill and will be released on October, 21st 2021. It is the newest book in the Home Front Detective Series.


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  1. It’s always fascinating to me how an author can write so many different series, and they all are highly entertaining. For the most part, that is the case with Edward Marston (Keith Miles). My favorite series is The Railway Detective series, even though it’s incredibly frustrating that Inspector Colbeck tries to solve his cases based solely on his intuition rather than digging for clues and facts. Nevertheless, the novels are very entertaining.

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