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Restoration is a series of novels written by Terri Blackstock. The novels take place in a world where technology suddenly stops working. With everything that runs on electricity suddenly going dead, the world is forced to re-evaluate everything.

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Order of Restoration Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Last Light ( By: Terri Blackstock) 2005 Description / Buy
2 Night Light ( By: Terri Blackstock) 2006 Description / Buy
3 True Light ( By: Terri Blackstock) 2007 Description / Buy
4 Dawn's Light ( By: Terri Blackstock) 2008 Description / Buy
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Social order is fundamentally changed. Everything that once mattered is of no consequence. What once had value loses meaning as the true essence of human nature emerges. People are forced to discover their strength and resourcefulness in order to survive the dawn of a new age.

The first book, Last Light, introduces readers to the Branning family. Deni seems to have everything one could possibly want from life, this including a loving family, a nice job, great children and enough money to live the life she desires.

When the lights go out, Deni learns that her family is the only thing that matters in life, and the only way they will survive the difficult days ahead is if they come together and reforge the bonds that have kept them unified all these years.

Life isn’t easy for the Brannings. They might have their minds set on coming together and enjoying the peace that community brings but others are not so reasonable. Panic and strife become fairly commonplace. And as the months drag on and the darkness persists, people grow desperate.

It isn’t enough for the Brannings to survive. They must survive the cold and the hunger and the challenges of a technology-free world even while maintaining their humanity. Where others seem set on throwing away their values, the Brannings struggle to hold tightly onto their faith and their beliefs. And they endeavor to show love and kindness to the desperate and hurting around them, making an effort to prove that good can always triumph over evil if enough people band together and determine to keep their principles in place.

Terri Blackstock is a Christian writer. Her books manifest her beliefs. The author has tried her hand at a number of genres, from mystery to suspense and romance. Terri began her writing career in 1994. She wrote novels for HarperCollins and Harlequin for a while before finally determining that her talents would be better served in the Christian market.

The decision paid off, with Terri becoming a New York Times Bestseller and receiving numerous accolades for her literary efforts. Some readers might be unable to find Terri’s earlier work because most of the books she produced for HarperCollins, Silhouette, and Harlequin were written under pseudonyms.

Restoration Series Awards

Terri Blackstock received the Retailer’s Choice Award for General Fiction in 2007 for her second book in the Restoration Series.

Best Restoration Series Books

Terri Blackstock stands out because she writes Christian fiction that even non-Christians can enjoy, with some of the best books in the Restoration Series including:

Last Light: The world is at a crisis point. The lights have gone out and so has anything that runs on electricity. Every career ambition that Deni Branning once had has vanished. But Deni still has her family and she won’t lose that without a fight.

With the world changed, Deni, her family, and their neighbors must stand united. With a killer on the loose, it will take incredible trust for them to survive the new world.

The first book in the Restoration Series looks at the manner in which a wealthy family deals with a seemingly permanent power outage.

Night Light: Modern civilization is no more. The lights have gone out and they might never return. For Deni Branning and her family, survival is everything. When the Brannings’ pantry is cleaned out, Deni follows the thieves, two kids, to a hideout. Deni is shocked to find a group of kids living on their own, stealing to survive. Her search for their mother puts her on a challenging and transformational journey.

The second book in the Restoration Series finds Deni having grown in her will, determination, and reliability, which is good because there’s a new batch of challenges coming her way.

Other Book Series You May Like

The “If I Run” Series by Terri Blackstock is another great one. When Casey Cox tries and fails to resuscitate her dying friend, she comes under suspicion for his murder and flees. Dylan Roberts is a veteran that has been hired to find her. He doesn’t think she’s the murdering type. But his PTSD makes it difficult for Dylan to trust his thoughts.

Fans also enjoy the “Moonlighters” Series by Terri Blackstock. A former lawyer, a stay-at-home mom, and a taxi driver moonlight as private investigators. Through hard work and determination, the sisters learn to overcome their fears, finding the confidence to solve crimes.

What Is The Next Book in The Restoration Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Restoration Series. The newest book is Dawn's Light and was released on April, 22nd 2008.

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  1. I tried reading this series as unfortunately, it seems our world is heading toward an apocalyptic event, after which we will have no technology to rely on for every day necessities. I only got a few pages in when I had to stop reading. The author doesn’t hide that these books have a Christian agenda, with the characters figuring out how “good Christians” behave in a post-apocalyptic world. The book could’ve been entertaining, but that aspect is too distracting. Disappointing.

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