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Moonlighters is a trilogy of bestselling novels written by award-winning novelist Terri Blackstock. The first novel in the Moonlighters trilogy was “Truth Stained Lies” first published in 2013. The series of novels are generally regarded as Christian Fiction.

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Order of Moonlighters Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Truth Stained Lies ( By: Terri Blackstock) 2013 Description / Buy
2 Distortion ( By: Terri Blackstock) 2014 Description / Buy
3 Twisted Innocence ( By: Terri Blackstock) 2015 Description / Buy
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The Moonlighters series of novels are about the women of the Cramer family, who moonlight as amateur sleuths, working to resolve mysterious murder mysteries that involve their loved ones. The series of murders range from the killing of the protagonist’s husband, wrongful conviction of a brother, and a relationship with a man who turns out to be a drug dealer and possible killer.

The first novel in the Moonlighters series “Truth Stained Lies” tells the story of Cathy Cramer, an investigative blogger and former lawyer, popular for her commentaries on local homicides. She is soon embroiled in similar speculation and judgment when her brother is suddenly picked up by the police, as the prime suspect in the murder of his ex-wife. Commentators, bloggers, and media, pick up the story and proceed to have a field day with the juicy news.

Contacting her two part-time investigator sisters Juliet and Holly, the sisters proceed to try to resolve the mystery of the death of their brother’s ex-wife. What follows is a highly charged story of threatening notes, letters, humiliation, and hope as the three sisters work furiously to save their brother. “Truth Stained Lies” is a gripping narrative that goes on to demonstrate why Terri Blackstock has won an amazing array of awards over the years.


The novels in the series have won many nominations and awards over the years. “Truth Stained Lies”, the first novel in the series was the 2014 winner of the Best Suspense/Mystery at the Carol Awards. “Twisted Innocence”, the third novel in the Moonlighters trilogy won the Suspense Award at the 2016 Christy Awards.


The Moonlighters series of novels is a trilogy, and hence we can only rank the novels in their order of popularity. Starting from the most popular, the best novels in the series are:

Truth Stained Lies: The first novel in the series is one of the most popular, selling thousands of copies. Introducing three amateur sleuths that happen to be sisters, the novel has compelling characters and a plot full of twists and turns that make for a great narrative that will leave the reader on the edge of their seat.

The Christy award-winning third novel in the series Twisted Innocence is one of the most appreciated novels in the series, with one of the most exciting of plots. Holly Cramer has a big dark secret – she had a one nightstand with a man she is too embarrassed to call the father of her daughter. When the police come looking for Kershaw Creed who is reportedly involved in a drug related killing, she realizes that her secret is not that secret. Crossing paths with the enigmatic Creed, Holly is unsure if she can trust him given his involvement with the man that killed her brother-in-law and her sister’s fiancé. But given his tenderness towards their daughter, she is torn on what to make of the man.

Distortion: The second novel in the series is an exhilarating novel that tells of how Juliet’s Cole husband’s lies could result in deadly consequences. When the man who she has been married to for over a decade and a half is shot and killed in what she believes is a random attack, she is traumatized and devastated like never before in her life. Things only get worse when she gets home to a series of threatening messages on her machine, that immediately inform her that the shooting was no random attack, but rather a deliberate planned attack intended to send a message. Her children now in danger from a deranged killer with unreasonable demands, she engages the services of her three private investigator sisters to unravel her husband’s darkest lies.


Many fans of the Moonlighters trilogy also love the “Pacific Coast Justice” series by Janice Cantore. The trilogy of novels feature Carly Edwards a go-getter detective who faces up to a variety of challenges working in the homicide unit, even as she deals with personal issues in her romantic life.

“The Crittendon Files” by Creston Mapes is another series of novels that fans of the Moonlighters novels are sure to love. The novels follow the life and times of Jack Crittendon, a reporter who often finds himself embroiled in the politics of lies, greed, scandal, and terrorism that test his commitment to friendships, family, and faith to the utmost.

What Is The Next Book in The Moonlighters Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Moonlighters Series. The newest book is Twisted Innocence and was released on February, 3rd 2015.

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  1. I had a family member give me some of Terri Blackstock’s works a few years ago. I tried reading them, but it quickly became clear as to why they were given to me. I’m often seen as the “black sheep” of the family, and the book’s heavily Christian theme was obviously a ploy to get me to “change my ways” or something. Had the Christianity been dialed down even a notch or two, I think I would’ve enjoyed the books. It just becomes too much in the plots and it’s distracting.

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