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The name J.B. Collins refers to a series of novels written by Joel C. Rosenberg. The name also refers to the primary protagonist of the series. J.B. Collins is a New York Times Foreign Correspondent.

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Order of J. B. Collins Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Third Target ( By: Joel C. Rosenberg) 2015 Description / Buy
2 The First Hostage ( By: Joel C. Rosenberg) 2015 Description / Buy
3 Without Warning ( By: Joel C. Rosenberg) 2017 Description / Buy
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When first introduced in The Third Target, the first book in the J.B. Collins series, Collins catches wind of rumors suggesting that a terrorist cell might have chemical weapons. In trying to ascertain whether the Weapons of Mass Destruction exist and who might have them, Collins stumbles upon a plot that might seek to destroy the United States or Israel, or both.

The book sets the stage for a saga that spans three books during which Collins infiltrates the highest echelons of his government and uses his access to reveal some disturbing truths to the public.

Joel C. Rosenberg’s novels could be categorized as Christian fiction because they feature aspects of Christianity. Elements like prayer and salvation are peppered throughout the series. However, no one has ever accused Joel of being preachy. Certainly, the Christian aspects are intimately woven into the plot of the J.B. Collins series. Joel is always making references to biblical passages and elements of prophecy.

That being said, Joel’s first objective seems to be to entertain, and he does just that. The J.B. Collins series describes a world in which ISIS and al-Qaeda make quick gains over a short period of time and the world is suddenly and unexpectedly caught in a grip of terrorism.

Many of the aspects in the Collins books are considered groundbreaking because they seemingly predicted real world events before they happened. For instance, the author wrote ISIS as a successful and rapidly thriving organization at a time where world powers were content to simply ignore its presence.

Joel’s hero is a reporter. Often J.B. Collins’ only goal is to report the news. Unfortunately, despite his experience and the insight he brings to the table, his superiors and those most important members of his government tend to ignore him. As a result, Collins must rise to the occasion and traverse enemy territory in order to get the sorts of scoops that can get governments moving in a direction that will see terrorism defeated.

Collins is never anyone’s favorite person, mostly because he is either telling unpopular truths or revealing secrets that governments are keen on hiding.

Joel C. Rosenberg is a fairly familiar face because he has been interviewed on most major News Networks. The author has spoken to political and religious leaders from all over the world. The son of an American with a Jewish background, Joel was a student of Fairport High School. He acquired a BFA in film drama from SU.

The author has a wife and four children.

Best J.B. Collins Books

Joel always seems to have his finger on the pulse of global events as they will unfold in the near future, with some of the best books from the Collins series including:

The Third Target: J.B. Collins is a New York Times Foreign Correspondent who learns that Al-Qaeda has acquired a cache of chemical weapons. Curious as to whether this rumor is true and which country the terrorist group might target with their weapons of Mass Destruction, Collins knows he must follow the story to its end at all costs.

With tensions in the middle east so high in light of efforts to bring two Arab governments down, Collins must uncover the truth before it is too late, especially now that the president of the United States is planning to visit the region.

The First Hostage: The attack in Amman has left the world reeling. Israel and Palestine’s leaders are barely alive and the King of Jordan is in a precarious position. And now, J.B. Collins has told the world the truth: that the president of the United States is missing.

The development throws the U.S. government into a state of crisis. Collins refuses to waver despite the severity of the storm. He is determined to keep informing the world of his discoveries even as certain forces attempt to tarnish his name.

Other Books Series You May Like

The Last Jihad” Series by Joel C. Rosenberg is another great one. These books follow the exploits of two Wall Street strategists who rise through the ranks in the political corridors of the United States government even while continuously finding themselves at the center of the war on terror.

Many also enjoy “The Twelfth Imam” Series by Joel C. Rosenberg. When the Islamic Messiah seemingly rises and tensions between Iran and Israel skyrocket, David Shirazi, a CIA Operative, is tasked with infiltrating Tehran and bringing their nuclear machine to a halt before their paranoia initiates a World War.

What Is The Next Book in The J. B. Collins Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The J. B. Collins Series. The newest book is Without Warning and was released on March, 14th 2017.


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