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The name Jefferson Hinkley refers to a series of novels written by Felix Francis. It is also the name of the primary protagonist in the books. The Jefferson Hinkley series is called so primarily because it is a series of books written by Felix Francis and featuring the same protagonist.

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Order of Jefferson Hinkley Series By: Felix Francis, Dick Francis

# Read Title Published Details
1 Damage (By: Dick Francis, Felix Francis) 2014 Description / Buy
2 Front Runner (By: Dick Francis, Felix Francis) 2015 Description / Buy
3 Triple Crown (By: Dick Francis, Felix Francis) 2016 Description / Buy
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Otherwise, it could be argued that Felix doesn’t do anything especially different from what Dick Francis used to do.

Dick Francis is Felix Francis’ father. The older Francis was a highly celebrated author before his death in 2010, and his forte was crime thrillers set in the horse racing world. The focus on horses was never surprising. After all, Dick was once a renowned jockey, winning over 300 races during his career.

With his horse racing days behind him, Dick turned to writing, using his extensive knowledge to deliver some of the most entertaining racing-based crime thrillers in the world.

With the passing of Dick in 2010, Felix Francis chose to continue his father’s work, adopting his style and using it to deliver horse racing-related thrillers that are as close to his father’s work as possible.

Felix’s decision to continue his father’s writing legacy was hardly unexpected. In his prime, Dick Francis often looked to his wife to help him research his novels and inject them with a sense of authenticity.

Following the death of Mary Francis is 2000, it fell to Felix to pick up the slack, fulfilling his mother’s role in Dick’s life the best he could. A student of Physics and electronics who spent more than a decade teaching Advanced Level students, Felix had so much to offer Dick who looked to his son’s knowledge to figure out essential matters such as how effectively a bullet could destroy a man’s stomach.

It is worth noting that, besides his training as a physics teacher, Felix’s experience as an international marksman also came in handy for Dick. The pair had gone so far as to write several books together before Dick died in 2010.

Felix has since worked to keep his father’s fans satiated with the sorts of stories he would have written. The author’s Jefferson Hinkley series have been well-received. They follow a British Horseracing Authority Undercover investigator who works to solve horse racing-related crimes.

Hinkley often encounters seemingly innocuous situations that quickly evolve into violent and highly dangerous threats to his life.

Damage, the first book in the Jefferson Hinkley series, finds Jeff Hinkley investigating a suspicious racehorse trainer only to stumble upon a murder. When horses begin testing positive for banned stimulants, Hinkley takes steps to stop the culprit.

Best Jefferson Hinkley Books

Anyone who loved Dick Francis’ books will love Felix Francis’ efforts to continue his legacy, with some of the best Jefferson Hinkley books including the following:

Damages: Jefferson Hinkley is tasked with investigating a suspicious racehorse trainer. In his efforts, he stumbles upon and witnesses a terrible murder. It looks like someone might be drugging racing horses with prohibited substances.

Jeff’s suspicions are confirmed when a number of horses test positive for certain stimulants. If Jeff doesn’t take action and find the perpetrator, then the integrity of the racing industry could be destroyed.

Anyone who has read Dick Francis’ books will be able to tell the difference between his work and that of his son; though, Felix makes a decent effort to replicate his father’s style.

This book finds Jeff Hinkley, Felix’s protagonist, taking on a cunning blackmailer who is determined to destroy the reputation of the racing industry by doping horses at major races.

Jeff’s elderly boss and an ex-spy are by his side, helping him overcome the blackmailer.

Front Runner: British Horseracing Authority investigator Jeff Hinkley finds his life threatened when a renowned jockey tries to engage him on the issue of losing races on purpose. Someone is determined to keep Jeff from pursuing his inquiry, even if it means resorting to violence.

Anyone who might have cast doubt over Felix’s ability to continue his father’s work after Damages will be pleased with Front Runner, a book that more closely mimics Dick Francis’ writing style, especially his emphasis on character development.

The book begins with a champion Jockey telling Jeff Hinkley that he once lost a race on purpose. Jeff soon learns that he isn’t the only one, though not every other jockey guilty of this crime is as willing to have their secrets revealed.

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What Is The Next Book in The Jefferson Hinkley Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Jefferson Hinkley Series. The newest book is Triple Crown and was released on September, 22nd 2016.

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