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Johnson Johnson is a series of novels written by Dorothy Dunnett. Dorothy is best known for the Lymond Chronicles, a series of historical novels that she produced after she ran out of reading material and complained to her husband who told her to write her own stories.

Order of Johnson Johnson Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Dolly and the Singing Bird 1968 Description / Buy
2 Dolly and the Cookie Bird 1970 Description / Buy
3 Dolly and the Doctor Bird 1971 Description / Buy
4 Dolly and the Starry Bird 1973 Description / Buy
5 Dolly and the Nanny Bird 1976 Description / Buy
6 Dolly and the Bird of Paradise 1983 Description / Buy
7 Moroccan Traffic 1991 Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Johnson Johnson Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Dolly and the Nanny Bird 1976 Description / Buy
2 Moroccan Traffic 1991 Description / Buy
3 Dolly and the Singing Bird 1968 Description / Buy
4 Dolly and the Cookie Bird 1970 Description / Buy
5 Dolly and the Doctor Bird 1971 Description / Buy
6 Dolly and the Starry Bird 1973 Description / Buy
7 Dolly and the Bird of Paradise 1983 Description / Buy

Order of Johnson Johnson Mystery Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Rum Affair 1991 Description / Buy
2 Roman Nights 2012 Description / Buy
3 Ibiza Surprise 2012 Description / Buy
4 Operation Nassau 2012 Description / Buy
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Dorothy went on to produce numerous other novels and series of novels. The Johnson Johnson series is a little different from the epic tales for which she has become known. The books are lighter and fluffier. They are designed to be simplistic summer reads, which is a drastic change from what people expect from the author.

The Johnson Johnson books are cheeky mystery novels that utilize mischievous and subversive techniques to tell distinct out-of-the-box stories. The series centers on Johnson Johnson, an intriguing man with all manner of quirky interests, preferences, and idiosyncrasies.

Johnson is as much a mystery to the readers as he is to his fellow cast members. Dorothy Dunnett doesn’t even bother to provide readers a concise description of what he looks like. What is known of Johnson Johnson is this: the figure is a portrait painter.

He is also very passionate about sailing. Johnson’s most prized possession is Dolly, a private yacht upon which many scenes in the books take place. It is because of Dolly the Yacht that the different Johnson Johnson books have the world Dolly in their titles.

Dolly and the Singing Bird, the first book in the Johnson Johnson series tells the story of Tina Rossi, a famous Opera singer who goes to the Edinburgh Festival and not only discovers a murder victim in a cupboard but her lover goes missing.

It takes the intervention of Johnson Johnson to save Tina from the suspicions of law enforcement. And fortunately for Tina, Johnson Johnson loves mysteries. He makes it his mission to help Tina solve the murder and find her lover, a top secret scientist.

The first Johnson Johnson book sets the tone for the rest of the series. Each book focuses on a different heroine and it is told from the first person perspective of that heroine.

Each heroine normally stumbles into a distressing situation that they couldn’t possibly overcome on their own. Johnson swoops in when they need him most and avails them his assistance and resources. The books find Johnson accompanying his female companions to all manner of exotic locations.

Dorothy Dunnett plays with a lot of interesting set pieces. She also injects plenty of comedy into the series, this while bringing her trademark sophistication to the table. Because these books are supposed to be simpler and easier to digest, the tone is lighter and the terminology used is less complicated.

However, Dorothy’s writing style is such that there are still readers who have complained that certain sections of these books are very difficult to comprehend.

Best Johnson Johnson Books

Johnson Johnson isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but the books still enjoy a following from fans of Dorothy Dunnet, with some of the best novels in the series including:

Dolly and the Cookie Bird: When a young girl’s father dies, she refuses to believe the reports that he committed suicide. Her determination to learn the truth sends her on a journey across the exotic Island of Ibiza as she encounters treachery and industrial espionage.

This book, the second in the series, tells the story of Sarah Cassells. Sarah was looking forward to graduating from St. Tizzy. But when her dysfunctional family fails to provide for her financially, Sarah starts a small catering business to meet her needs. Her plans for a bright future are shattered when her drunkard of a father dies.

Dolly and the Doctor Bird: Dr. B. McRannoch is living in the Bahamas with her father. Savvy and tough, the young independent lady thought she had a pretty good handle on her life. But then she was drawn into an espionage plot when a British agent on his way back from New York was poisoned with arsenic.

Now McRannoch must find assistance in the arms of Johnson Johnson who shows up out of nowhere and saves the day.

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What Is The Next Book in The Johnson Johnson Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Johnson Johnson Series. The newest book is Moroccan Traffic and was released on January, 3rd 1991.

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