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Sebastian St. Cyr is the protagonist of a series of historical mystery novels set in Regency England. The books are the works of C.S. Harris, a pseudonym for Candice Proctor.

Order of Sebastian St. Cyr Series

1What Angels Fear2005Description / Buy
2When Gods Die2006Description / Buy
3Why Mermaids Sing2007Description / Buy
4Where Serpents Sleep2008Description / Buy
5What Remains of Heaven2009Description / Buy
6Where Shadows Dance2011Description / Buy
7When Maidens Mourn2012Description / Buy
8What Darkness Brings2013Description / Buy
9Why Kings Confess2014Description / Buy
10Who Buries the Dead2015Description / Buy
11When Falcons Fall2016Description / Buy
12Where the Dead Lie2017Description / Buy
13Why Kill the Innocent2018Description / Buy
14Who Slays the Wicked2019Description / Buy
15Who Speaks for the Damned2020Description / Buy
16What the Devil Knows2021Description / Buy
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Harris has a Ph.D. in European history so she brings considerable expertise to the historical mystery genre. The author has had the opportunity to work on a number of archeological sites in England, Australia, and the United States.

The author’s Sebastian St. Cyr series began publication in 2005. The books explore the misadventures of Sebastian, an experienced investigator whose skills and previous experiences make him uniquely qualified to fight crime in Regency England.

Sebastian St. Cyr was in the army. He played a part in the Peninsular Wars as an intelligence officer. His position as the Earl of Devlin affords him considerable privilege, especially when he is operating amongst the higher levels of society.

Though, Sebastian’s relationship with his father isn’t especially close. Sebastian is introduced to readers in What Angels Fear. A beautiful woman is found raped and murdered on the altar steps of an ancient church.

And unfortunately for Sebastian, all the evidence singles him out as the killer. He is forced to go on the run, using his skills along the way to prove his innocence by catching the real killer.

That first adventure sets him on the path to further adventures down the road, all of them peppered with intriguing mysteries and murders. Sebastian is joined on his journey by a cast of noteworthy characters.

They include Sir Henry Lovejoy, his police contact and Kat Boleyn, a beautiful woman that broke his heart. Then there’s Paul Gibson, a doctor whose skills as a forensic expert make him invaluable to the team.

When he isn’t fighting off random criminal elements, Sebastian is contending with Lord Jarvis, his main foe whose political machinations carry across various novels in the series.

On occasion, Sebastian will resurrect the mystery of his mother. The woman supposedly drowned when he was young. However, not only is Sebastian uncertain about that narrative but he isn’t even sure of his parentage.

Sebastian’s relationship with Kat is a recurring subplot in the books. Sebastian loves Kat but because of her station in life, she doesn’t believe that the two of them have a future together. And even Sebastian knows that his father would never permit his son to marry a mistress of such low status whose past still remains a mystery.

Sebastian St. Cyr Awards

The St. Cyr books have been nominated for and won RT’s Reviewer’s Choice Awards.

Best Sebastian St. Cyr. Books

The popularity of the Sebastian St. Cyr can be imputed to its enigmatic characters and vivid historical setting, with some of the best books in the series including:

Where the Dead Lie: Benji Thatcher was fifteen-years-old when someone abducted him, tortured him and eventually killed him, dumping his body in a makeshift grave. Even with all he has seen, Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin is shocked by the crime.

The authorities do not care about the murder of a street urchin and they show little interest in finding Benji’s younger sister who has also gone missing. But Sebastian is determined to see the guilty party punished.

And he isn’t afraid to let his investigation lead him into the seedy underbelly of the city. Sebastian suspects that there are members of society’s upper echelon preying on the vulnerable persons of the city, and he is ready to risk his reputation to keep more innocents out of harm’s way.

Why Kill the Innocent: Jane Ambrose is dead and the throne is not happy. The beautiful young musician had ties to Princess Charlotte who is the only child of the Prince Regent, so no time is wasted in shutting down any investigations into the demise of the pianist.

Of course, none of that will intimidate Sebastian St. Cyr who is determined to find Jane’s murderer. It will take a deft hand to maneuver the investigation especially when Sebastian stumbles upon a trail leading back to the palace.

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What Is The Next Book in The Sebastian St. Cyr Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Sebastian St. Cyr Series. The newest book is What the Devil Knows and was released on April, 6th 2021.

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