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The Judd Ryder & Eva Blake series is a series of novels by the master of the espionage thriller Gayle Lynds. The chief protagonist in the books is Judd Ryder, a retired military spy, and Eva Blake his girlfriend and recent recruit to the CIA. Lynds published the first novel in the series, The Book of Spies in 2007. The books are best classified as mystery detective thrillers.

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Order of Judd Ryder & Eva Blake Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Book of Spies / The Library of Gold ( By: Gayle Lynds) 2007 Description / Buy
2 The Assassins ( By: Gayle Lynds) 2015 Description / Buy
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Judd Ryder is a former intelligence spy whose past demons forced him to retire from a job he was very good at. His girlfriend, Emma Blake is an ordinary librarian who joins the CIA, when the agency finds her knowledge about libraries and their curation invaluable.

In the Book of Spies, Lynds arguably the inheritor of Ludlum’s mantle, crafts a thrilling novel full of history, treasure hunting, and brilliant spy escapades. Eva Blake is an expert in rare book conservation that was wrongly committed to prison in a vehicular manslaughter case, in which her husband lost his life. Now the CIA believes that the historically significant and long-lost Library of Gold may be involved in some fraudulent Middle Eastern financing dealings. Taking The Book of Spies from the library, the CIA asks that Blake be immediately released from prison to help in the search for the library.

When Blake catches a glimpse of the husband she thought long dead, her world is shaken to its core. She does not know what to believe any more. The library has a lot of reach with a powerful director overseeing its operations. While Blake has some powerful backup, she is certain that there are moles within the CIA. Who can she trust in such a minefield? Bringing together Rudd and Blake, artifact and espionage, Lynds is sure to leave espionage readers well sated in this debut novel.


The Judd Ryder & Eva Blake series has been a nominee for several awards since the publication of the first novel in 2010. The Book of Spies made the shortlist for Best Thriller for the 2011 Audie Award. The novel was also on the shortlist for the 2011 Nero Award for literary excellence in a mystery novel.


The Book of Spies: The first novel of the series, The Book of Spies is one of Lynds’s best novels. Historians, emperors, and even the Vatican have been on the trail of the Library of Gold for centuries. The library once belonged to Ivan the Terrible, and is an archive of gold bejeweled books that date back to ancient Greece. Now one of the titles in the collection, the Book of Spies has mysteriously surfaced, along with a secretive cabal that claims ownership of the Library of Gold. The cabal is composed of some of the most powerful men in the world that will go to any lengths to protect their globalist interests and aims. When the CIA links a terrorist bank account to the legendary library, they ask for book curator extraordinaire, Eva Blake’s help in unraveling the plot. With her life in danger from the secretive group, she turns to Judd Ryder, the only person she believes she can trust. What follows is a thrilling adventure as the two embark on a quest to find the legendary library while staying ahead of a team of highly skilled assassins.

The Assassins The second title is another excellent novel in the Judd Ryder & Eva Blake series. Retired military spy Judd Ryder sees a man who resembles him come out of his row house and follows him. A few blocks down the street and the impostor is the victim of a hit and run that Ryder believes is anything but an accident. Who was the target of the assassin? Was it the impostor or Ryder? The super spy soon learns that the double murder and the mysterious event that have dogged his past have links to Carnivore, an infamous assassin from the Cold War era. Given that Eva Blake the CIA trainee and he were the last people to ever set eyes on Carnivore, Ryder concludes that someone somewhere is using them to get to the notorious killer. From Baghdad to Marrakech and Washington, the two find themselves caught in a crossfire that will have them battling not only for their destinies, but their very lives.


Many fans of The Judd Ryder & Eva Blake series are also fans of the “Michael St. Pierre” series by Richard Doetsch. These are thrillers feature Michael St Pierre, an adept thief who steals artifacts and rare items from the most dangerous and inaccessible of locations. Judd Ryder & Eva Blake fans also liked the “Hawker & Laidlaw” series of novels by Graham Brown. Hawker is an ex CIA agent turned mercenary who teams up with Danielle Laidlaw to find dark and chilling secrets all over the globe.

What Is The Next Book in The Judd Ryder & Eva Blake Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Judd Ryder & Eva Blake Series. The newest book is The Assassins and was released on June, 1st 2015.


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