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Kentucky is the name of one of Fern Michaels’ most popular series. The books are not new creations, though, at least not completely. Rather, they are a continuation of an earlier series of novels.

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Order of Kentucky Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Kentucky Rich ( By: Fern Michaels) 2001 Description / Buy
2 Kentucky Heat ( By: Fern Michaels) 2002 Description / Buy
3 Kentucky Sunrise ( By: Fern Michaels) 2002 Description / Buy
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It all began in the Texas series before continuing through to the Vegas series. This is where Fern first introduced the Colemans and the Thorntons, transforming them into families of legendary renown amongst her fans.

The Kentucky trilogy was designed to explore the lives of the next generation of the Colemans and the Thorntons. The Kentucky series is set around the Kentucky horse racing industry, hence the name of the series.

The accomplished women of this horse-racing world take center stage as they fight to achieve their dreams even while overcoming those who seek to stop them. Nealy Coleman tends to take center stage in most of the books, a woman who run away with her illegitimate child when she was young, only to return decades later as a rich and sophisticated woman.

Kentucky Rich, the first book in the series, finds Nealy Coleman trying to rescue Josh Coleman’s horse racing empire with her children in tow.

Fern Michaels sees herself in characters like Nealy. Fern was born Mary Ruth Kuczkir in 1933. The author had to overcome great odds when her husband told her to go get a job when her last child finally started going to school.

At this time, she had no real skills to speak of, which means she had no idea where to start looking for a job or who would even hire her. So, rather than looking for a job, Fern decided to try her luck at writing; success didn’t manifest immediately, though.

In fact, Fern’s first manuscript was rejected. However, she got lucky with her second one, eventually selling it and taking her first step on the path to becoming a bestselling author.

Dozens of Fern Michaels’ novels have made it to the New York Times bestseller list, and Fern is more than proud of her accomplishments. The Kentucky series finds Fern writing even more empowered and willful female characters who refuse to give up despite their challenges.

Best Kentucky Series Books

Because the Kentucky series utilizes characters from previous trilogies, any readers curious about the Kentucky series might have to give the Texas and Vegas series a read in order to enjoy everything that the Kentucky series has to offer, with some of the best books in this trilogy including the following:

Kentucky Rich: Nealy Coleman slipped away in the middle of the night thirty years ago and took her illegitimate child with her, leaving behind the family business. And now she is back, rich, sophisticated and a dominant force in the world of racing.

And she doesn’t return alone, bringing her daughter Emmie along. The Colemans and Thorntons are shaken to the core, especially when Nealy’s appearance begins to unearth buried secrets about the family.

Kentucky Rich brings the Colemans and the Thorntons back to the fro once more. When she was seventeen, Nealy’s father threatened to take her two-year-old daughter to an orphanage. So Nealy ran away with the help of her brothers.

The book tries to portray Nealy as the perfect woman, one that has beauty, brains and power. Nealy doesn’t always elicit empathy, though, not with her frequent fits of rage.

Kentucky Heat: Nothing matters to Nealy as much as her horses; so she has no qualms about throwing her children off the farm when their actions cost her a horse with endless potential. Nealy’s world is shaken.

With her family broken, Nealy turns to her ex-husband’s law partner and soon finds that Hatch Littletree is a difficult man to resist.

This book paints Nealy in a negative light. She chooses to elevate her horses over the fate of her family and makes very questionable decisions that affect the future of her empire and the lives of everyone else around her.

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What Is The Next Book in The Kentucky Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Kentucky Series. The newest book is Kentucky Sunrise and was released on October, 1st 2002.

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