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Born in the year 1946 in Edinburg, Scotland Graham Masterton is an accomplished author known for the Katie Maguire book series. Masterson’s grandfather is one Thomas Thorne Baker, the inventor of DayGlo.

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Order of Harry Erskine Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Manitou ( By: Graham Masterton) 1976 Description / Buy
2 Djinn ( By: Graham Masterton) 1978 Description / Buy
3 Revenge of the Manitou ( By: Graham Masterton) 1979 Description / Buy
4 Burial ( By: Graham Masterton) 1991 Description / Buy
5 Manitou Blood ( By: Graham Masterton) 2005 Description / Buy
6 Blind Panic ( By: Graham Masterton) 2009 Description / Buy
7 Plague of the Manitou ( By: Graham Masterton) 2015 Description / Buy
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Furthermore, Baker was also the first man to ever transmit news photographs wirelessly. After undergoing training as a newspaper reporter, Graham Masterton, became an editor for Mayfair, a British Men’s Newspaper. While working for Mayfair, Graham Masterton encouraged Burrough, to develop a number of philosophical and scientific articles, which later on went to become the critically acclaimed novel, Wild Boys.

After Graham turned 24 years, he became the executive director for Penthouse Forum and Penthouse Magazines. During this period, Graham Masterson began working on sex how-to-books, including How to Drive-a-Man-Wild in Bed, which managed to sell more than 3 million copies worldwide.

Manitou Books into Movies

In the year 1977, the feature film, Manitou premiered worldwide. The adaptation of the first installment of the Manitou book series received nothing but praise from viewers and critics as well.

Best Manitou Series Books

The Plague of the Manitou: Despite the fact that many websites including Goodreads are yet to indicate a book series number on The Plague of the Manitou, this book is a continuation of the adventures and escapades of Harry Erskine. Harry Erskine is a man who has come face to face with pure evil on more than one occasions and managed to get away.

While The Plague of the Manitou is the 7th installment in the Manitou book series, it still can be read as a standalone novel. Harry Erskine, is a bonafide con-artist, who pretends to have the ability to read and predicting the future for old ladies and gentlemen with rich backgrounds. Many of these old ladies and gentlemen, do not have any other way of spending their time and money. As luck would have it, Harry Erskine is normally present at the right moments.

Instead of actual scares, the Plague of the Manitou is filled with lots of gross-out moments. Thus, to make through this novel, one needs to have a strong stomach. In the Plague of the Manitou, author Graham Masterton introduces the readers an infectious disease expert, Dr. Anna Grey. After the outbreak of a mysterious disease at a local elementary school, Dr. Anna Grey begins to do her own analysis to establish what was causing the outbreak.

However, before Anna Grey could do any further research, Dr. Anna Grey becomes shocked when one of the patients begin to talk after dying. The patient utterances, were much similar to that of her lover, a few hours later during her post-mortem analysis. Author Graham Masterton signature blend of horror, humor and sex are in fine form, together with the brilliantly described moments in human history.

The Manitou: The Manitou begins when a young girl approaches the self-proclaimed fortune teller, Harry Erskine with an extremely disturbing dream, where he could connect with his aunt. When a woman enters one of the leading hospitals with a growing tumor, the doctors begin to conduct a series of x-rays. After a series of analysis, the doctors become shocked to learn that what they initially thought was a tumor was a living creature; a fetus developing inside a tumor.

From this moments onwards, several grisly and eerie occurrences begin to occur, when the fetus begins to think it was under attack, due to the number of x-rays that it was put through. During the planned surgical procedure, numerous complications begin to arise, and Harry eventually finds himself in a supernatural circumstance. Overall, the Manitou is a masterpiece filled with a likeable cast of heroes and a set of chilling villains.

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What Is The Next Book in The Harry Erskine Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Harry Erskine Series. The newest book is Plague of the Manitou and was released on August, 1st 2015.

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