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Military intelligence officers are assigned various tasks which, in terms of occupational hazards, are not for the lily-livered. In their quest for gathering information or offering security services, assignments which transcend geographical boundaries, the specialists find themselves globe-trotting. In the context of providing security, there is a unique breed of agents which, to someone who is not keen enough or not knowing what he is looking for, hides in plain sight. Such is the professional demeanor of the main character in the Marc Portman series.

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Order of Marc Portman Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Watchman ( By: Adrian Magson) 2014 Description / Buy
2 Close Quarters ( By: Adrian Magson) 2015 Description / Buy
3 Hard Cover ( By: Adrian Magson) 2016 Description / Buy
4 Dark Asset ( By: Adrian Magson) 2017 Description / Buy
5 A Hostile State (By: Adrian Magson) 2021 Description / Buy
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Marc Portman is, ordinarily, the title of the series; it doubles up as the name of the featured protagonist in the “Marc Portman” series of books authored by British penman Adrian Magson. The main character contained therein is the go-to specialist in the context of deep cover operations. There are about five editions of the first book in the aforementioned series but the first one was originally published in early 2014; the first book is titled The Watchman and the action-packed series is shelved under the suspense, mystery, and spy (thriller) fiction genres.

Protagonist Marc Portman has a laundry list of occupations. These include, one, being a close protection operative, and, two, a deep cover agent. What’s more, he has been to many different locations by virtue of his job. For instance, he has been to the volatile region encompassing the Kenyan and Somalia boundary, to Ukraine, and Russia. By the same token, he has brushed shoulders with different hostile agents and suchlike specialists who can ably match his professionalism. The intelligence agencies involved in the Marc Portman series include the Military Intelligence (Section 6) of the UK and the Central Intelligence Agency of the US.

The first book in the Marc Portman series, The Watchman, chronicles protagonist Marc Portman’s sojourn into the unruly Somalia region as a behind-the-scenes close protection operative of two deep cover agents; the two agents have been sent to the said region as negotiators wherein they are mandated to facilitate the release of western nationals kidnapped by Somalia criminals running a kidnap for ransom scheme. Incidentally this book’s title is based on the cryptonym of Marc Portman. By being sent to protect the negotiators, the MI6 operator, who sees the negotiating mission as possibly ill-fated, hopes to cushion the treasured agents against the prospect of death. By and by, Portman notices that the MI6 has been deceived. The intriguing plot confirms Adrian Magson’s writing deftness. No wonder he featured in the Debut Dagger shortlist.

Marc Portman Awards

Adrian Magson has been penning attention-grabbing literary works ever since he was, in 2001, shortlisted for the Debut Dagger thanks to the Crime Writers’ Association.

Marc Portman TV Shows/Movies

The book titled Red Station, which the author produced in 2010 and is the first one in the Harry Tate series, is currently being adapted for the screen. The said book’s film rights were bought by Benderspink; this production company, which is based in Los Angeles, belongs to two American film producers called JC Bender and Chris Spink.

Best Marc Portman Books

Generally, the entire list of books in the Marc Portman series is notable. Even then the following is a selection of the best two books in the series.

The Watchman: Expectedly, the first book in the series, The Watchman, accounts for the highest number of ratings and thus the best out of the three books.

Close Quarters: The other noteworthy book in the serialized Marc Portman is Close Quarters. This book, which was initially published in January 2014, is the second in order in the series. Hereby, Marc Portman’s undercover mission is unprecedentedly dangerous. He has been contracted by the CIA to bring back home a US government delegate looking for facts in Ukraine; unfortunately for the delegate; he has not only been arrested but the country is about to witness a civil war. The antagonists include regional thugs, special operations forces, expert assassins, and secessionists.

Other Series of Books You May Like

Those who read the Marc Portman series also read the following related series. The first one is titled “Nick Foley” and is authored by Jeffrey Wilson. It features ex-Navy Seal Nick Foley and biologist Chen Dazhong, American and Chinese nationals, respectively; Foley is escaping from a troublesome past while Dazhong is prospecting for a better life.

The second one, “Ryan Lock” series, is penned by Sean Black; the featured protagonist, Ryan Lock, is a former military close protection operative. Another noteworthy series which attracted the attention of the readers is entitled Callum Doyle and is authored by penman David Jackson; it features protagonist Callum Doyle, a homicide detective in the New York Police Department.

What Is The Next Book in The Marc Portman Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Marc Portman Series. The newest book is A Hostile State and was released on May, 4th 2021.

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