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The Max Holt book series is a collection of off-center stories penned by New York Times best-selling author Janet Evanovich. The prolific author gained fame for the Stephanie Plum series, also written in the same vein.

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Order of Full/Max Holt Series By: Janet Evanovich, Charlotte Hughes

# Read Title Published Details
1 Full House (By: Janet Evanovich, Charlotte Hughes) 1981 Description / Buy
2 Full Tilt (By: Janet Evanovich, Charlotte Hughes) 2002 Description / Buy
3 Full Speed (By: Janet Evanovich, Charlotte Hughes) 2003 Description / Buy
4 Full Blast (By: Janet Evanovich, Charlotte Hughes) 2004 Description / Buy
5 Full Bloom (By: Janet Evanovich, Charlotte Hughes) 2005 Description / Buy
6 Full Scoop (By: Janet Evanovich, Charlotte Hughes) 2006 Description / Buy
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Requests from avid fans of Stephanie Plum prompted her to write the Max Holt set of books. The co-author of the series is Evanovich’s long-time friend, Charlotte Hughes. Evanovich published the original Full House books under a pen name, Steffie Hall in 1989. She and Hughes infused the original story with new elements. The result of their efforts are books that engage readers more than the original.

The series kicks off with Full House, an atypical love story about a deceitful man, a stubborn woman, and a confused genius. All three are dysfunctional; they make a volatile combination. Evanovich and Hughes have filled the book with everything that makes up a successful novel-unforgettable sex, quirky characters, humor, and suspense.

Full House surrounds scheming, footloose Nick Kaharchek, who encounters Bille Pearce, an excellent example of stability. Billie is everything the edgy Nick tries to avoid, yet he finds her inexplicably fascinating. Their meeting leads to a story full of tantalizing seduction, madcap hilarity, and eternal love.

Best Max Holt Books:

The Max Holt series has experienced phenomenal growth. Evanovich and Hughes continued the series with six more books surrounding idiosyncratic newspaper editor Jamie Swift and reliable millionaire Max Holt. The two drive each other batty, but there is no denying the sparks that fly between them.

Full Speed: In Full Speed, the third book of the series, we find Jamie at the center of the story of her lifetime. She tracks down millionaire playboy Holt and backs him into a corner. Jamie eventually forces him to take her on as a partner.

The pair encounters a crooked minister, an unscrupulous mobster gang, and a smart-mouthed computer genius. Of course, there is true love that never ends.

The series has garnered rave reviews. Readers appreciated the connectivity between the novels and discovering how the relationship between Max and Jamie developed.

Full Blast: Like the other books in the series, Full Blast will not disappoint readers. The fourth book in this set surrounds a mysterious heat wave that has spiked everyone’s sex drive. It affects Jamie and Max, who have a task resisting the urge to rip the clothes off each other.

What happens next is a role reversal for Max and Jamie; Max is now the trouble magnet. It seems to hound him, and it makes Jamie feel that he is all wrong for her.

Meanwhile, the unrelenting need for sex pervades the town. The bakery sells aphrodisiac-laced brownies, and the lingerie shop touts edible underwear, The increased need for sex affects animals; Jamie’s dog, Fleas, finds himself avoiding the advances of the amorous French poodle next door.

Things come to a head when someone murders Beaumont’s more troublesome citizens. Max and Jamie uncover secrets, and the sexual tension between them builds again.

Readers praised Evanovich and Hughes for bringing the characters to their full potential. They consider it the most sexually intriguing book of the collection.

Full Bloom: Evanovich and Hughes tease the senses of readers once again, but the story’s center is not Max and Jamie. This novel has all the thrills of the other Max Holt books.

Peaches are ripe for the picking in Beaumont, and not in the literal sense. A new entrepreneur, Annie Fortenberry, comes to town. She has taken over her grandmother’s Peach Tree Bread and Breakfast, which is to host Max Holt’s wedding. Single and temptingly available, she is a man’s delicious peach.

Rumors of a prank-playing ghost dog fill the B and B. To add to Annie’s troubles, a new man, Wes Bridges, arrives with an eye on her and the establishment’s master suite. The man is all testosterone and slowly wears Annie down.

Annie soon discovers that someone has killed her ex-husband, which dampens their romance. She must find his killer and put her relationship with Wes back on track. The book also features an encounter between Jamie’s dog Fleas, and a strange orange cat.

Other Book Series You May Like

Evanovich has more to offer her fans. You may want to explore her other books if the romance and suspense in the Max Holt series are not enough for you.

The “Stephanie Plum” Series: Evanovich introduces readers to Stephanie Plum in the book, One for the Money, Trenton native Plum is out of work and has a car in dire need of restoration. Strapped for cash, she links up with her cousin, Vinnie and assists him with nailing bail jumpers. Her first mission as a bounty hunter is to apprehend Joe Morelli, an ex-cop who has a murder charge. The impulsive Stephanie must rein in her reckless tendencies before Joe gets to her. Readers loved its humor and non-stop action.

Two for The Dough follows the pilot book. Like the first, it has no end of thrills and spills. In this book, Stephanie tracks Kenny Mancuso, a fugitive who has just killed his best friend. She finds out that he is distantly related to Joe Morelli, who has an excessive libido and has a frustrating habit of disrupting her investigations. Assisted by her friend Ranger and her grandma, Mazur, she tries to shake Morelli and another nasty adversary. The irreverent humor of the book was a huge draw for many readers.

The “Fox & O’Hare” series: Evanovich produced the Fox & O’Hare series with Lee Goldberg, television writer for Monk;

In the book Pros and Cons, they introduce us to special agent Kate O’Hare and sexy international con-artist Nicholas Fox, who calls himself the King of Hostile Takeovers. Kate discovers his plot rob a penthouse belonging to a venture capitalist; she is almost sure of arresting him. Her task is to convince her superiors that the wedding planner who is organizing the ceremony about to take place in the apartment is Nicholas Fox.

Their adventures continue in The Heist. Kate has garnered a reputation for being disciplined and tenacious. Her friends consider her obsessed. The seductive Nick enjoys the thrill of being pursued by an attractive woman. He is so intrigued by Kate that he convinces the FBI to give him a job alongside her. The two work together to nail a banker on a private Indonesian island. The mission tests Nick’s skills and Kate’s patience. The novel the high-speed car chases, and titillating romance that readers crave.

Evanovich’s books tantalize, entertain and delight. To explore more of her writing, do go through the lists on this site.

What Is The Next Book in The Full/max Holt Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Full/max Holt Series. The newest book is Full Scoop and was released on April, 4th 2006.

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