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Ted Bell has had an illustrious career as an award-winning creative director in the advertising world, and currently as a bestselling novelist. Bell grew up in Florida and attended the Randolph-Macon College, Virginia. Bell started working in the seventies at Doyle Dane Bernbach in New York as an advertiser and as a junior copywriter. Ted sold his first screenplay in Hollywood by age 25.

Order of Nick McIver Adventures Through Time Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Nick of Time ( By: Ted Bell) 2000 Description / Buy
2 The Time Pirate ( By: Ted Bell) 2010 Description / Buy
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In 1982, he started working as a creative director at Leo Burnett Co., Chicago and rose through the ranks to become the CCO, and President, in 1986, at age 40. He has worked with prestigious advertising companies such as Young & Rubicam, London, and officially retired in 2001 to indulge in full-time writing.

He has won numerous New York Times Bestsellers for his creative writing skills such as The Alex Hawke series and the Nick of Time series. Bell was awarded an honorary Doctorate degree from Kendall College in Michigan. He is an associate English Literature Professor at Southern College in Florida. He also served as an advisor to the Domestic Relations Undersecretary at the U.S. Department of State. He works and writes traversing between his two homes in Maine and in San Francisco.

Ted Bell, also worked as a visiting academic at Cambridge University and resident writer at Sussex College in Sydney as a full-time writer. So far, he has written nine back-to-back New York Times Bestsellers. His books are read worldwide and recognized as international bestsellers, published in 17 different countries in the world including Japan, Russia, and Israel. Ted is the sole American spy novelist published in Russia in the local Russian language.

Best Nick McIver Adventures Books

Nick of Time: England, 1939, WWII has just begun and the hero, Nick and his sister, Kate, start collecting crucial information for their leader as he attempts to warn his country of the looming attack from the Germans. Nick discovers a more peculiar thing than the imminent war threatening to unleash in England. Captain Billy Blood is an evil villain, who captures young children and holds them for obnoxious ransom, but he has also discovered an expensive time machine, the one nick had spotted earlier. Lord Hawke joins hands with Nick to rescue his kids in the ruthless hands of Billy Blood.

Nick must fight the cruel sea pirate in a frantic effort to save his family and his home from destruction. Nick of Time is an action-packed read at the behest of World War II. Nick is spirited, audacious, and filled with youthful charm. His sister, Kate, is equally charming and intelligent. The two siblings live with their family in a small Channel on Greybeard Island. The protagonist spends his days sailing in the sea and develops a sharp sense of the surrounding reef and topography.

During one of his sails, Nick discovers a puzzling chest, from 1805 sent by his predecessor Captain Nicholas McIver, from the Royal Navy. Kate and Nick join forces with Lord Alexander Hawke, and his associate Commander Hobbes. Nick of Time contains a bit of historical fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi. The book draws compelling characters and captures the attention of all readers both young and old. It brings forth strong emotions and a deep love and devotion for family values, for one’s country and loyalty.

The Time Pirate: World War II escalates to 1940, and The Nazis have invaded Nick’s Channel Islands home, and England at large. Nick discovered an old W WI fighter plane and took to the skies. He is determined to fly, though he doesn’t know how to, he risks his life to capture armed patrol boats and armed German soldiers trying to infiltrate England. He somehow tries to thwart extremely dangerous bomb attacks over German airfields after dark.

In the meantime, the evil pirate, Billy Blood, still tries to seize the coveted time machine and returns to Greybeard Island. He captures Kate, and takes her to Port Royal, Jamaica, in 1781.Billy makes a hard proposition and compels Nick to travel to Jamaica and exchange the time machine for his sister Kate.

From the ruthless battlefields of world war and the brutal German occupation of English territories, this novel narrates the adventurous tales of Nick McIver as he fights to preserve his homeland and balance the two wars entirely dependent on him.

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What Is The Next Book in The Nick Mciver Adventures Through Time Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Nick Mciver Adventures Through Time Series. The newest book is The Time Pirate and was released on January, 1st 2010.

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