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Reincarnationist Books are a series of paranormal thrillers written by popular American thriller and suspense novelist M.J. Rose. The first novel in the Reincarnationist series of novels was “Reincarnationist” that was first published in 2007 to be followed by five more titles culminating in the 2014 published “Collector of Dying Breaths”.

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Order of Reincarnationist Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Reincarnationist ( By: M.J. Rose) 1999 Description / Buy
2 The Memorist ( By: M.J. Rose) 2008 Description / Buy
3 The Hypnotist ( By: M.J. Rose) 2009 Description / Buy
4 The Book of Lost Fragrances ( By: M.J. Rose) 2012 Description / Buy
5 Seduction ( By: M.J. Rose) 2013 Description / Buy
6 The Collector of Dying Breaths ( By: M.J. Rose) 2014 Description / Buy
7 The Laughing Buddha: Malachai Samuels vs. D.D. Warren (Short Story) (By: Lisa Gardner, M.J. Rose) 2015 Description / Buy
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The Reincarnationist series of novels are part love story, historical fiction, and modern day thriller narratives. They combine the aspects of religious belief and historical fiction in their modern day and historical settings. The novels alternate between ancient epochs such as Rome the Civil War and 20th century New York, and present day Rome and New York to make for a fascinating combination of narratives.

“Reincarnationist” the first novel in the series tells the story of Josh Ryder a photojournalist in New York. Ryder survives a terrorist’s bomb to find himself having some of the most bizarre of hallucinations. He has vivid memories of his life as a pagan Roman priest, who had a then dangerous affair with one of the Vestal Virgins named Sabina. An amorous congress with one of the virgins is such a serious transgression that both lovers would be put to death if they were found out. The hallucinations that include images of furtive liaisons and scents of sandalwood and jasmine become even more common. Things get even weirder as he now has visions of what seems like a familiar Roman burial chamber with a coffin of a woman with a wooden box.

Fast forward to the present and several murders take the reader into an intricate maze connected to ancient Indian and Egyptian memory stones and gems. With the stones, a wearer can attain the next step of incarnation, which would set the modern and ancient worlds on a collision course. What follows is an excellently written and plotted paranormal that repeated over the course of the series, has fast catapulted M.J. Rose into the ranks of the best in the genre.


The Reincarnationist series of novels was made into a series named “The Past Life”. Adapted by Warner Bros, the series of novels follows ex NYPD detective Price Whatley and his partner Dr. Kate McGinn, that help their clients fix their current life problems by digging into their former ones.


Reincarnationist: The first novel in the series is the best novel in the series having been the basis for the “Past Life” adaptation of the series of the novel. It is a great novel for anyone fascinated with the concept of reincarnation, with its innovative and twisting plot that moves back between modern New York and Rome and ancient Rome.

A touch of the religious through an analytical look at the triumph of Christianity in the Empire, makes for an interesting historical read. The novelty of how it comes to eradicate the last representation of the ancient Roman religion as represented by the Vestal virgins, would intrigue any historical fantasy buff.

The Collector of Dying Breaths: This is a riveting read in the series set in present day France and 16th century France. The two epochs are so excellently woven together that sometimes one may never notice the back and forth between the two. Jac L’Etoile the leading mythologist in modern day France has just stumbled on a collection of one of the best Florentin perfumes of the 16th century, named the dying breaths. Jac believes that her rare find has the elusive eternal life elixir, which tens of mythologists have been looking for, for years.

Seduction: Another excellent novel in the Reincarnationist series of novels is the fifth title “Seduction” that has some of the most intriguing of plots and characters. It is well written tale of a grieving woman that finds Victor Hugo’s lost journal that reawakens a centuries old mystery. What follows is an atmospheric and intricately plotted narrative full of spellbinding suspense to enthrall any historical fantasy fiction lover.


Fans of the Reincarnationist series of novels also enjoy the “Celtic Brooch” series of novels by Katherine Lowry Logan. These are time travel romantic series about characters that go back in time, to experience love in pivotal times in history such as the World Wars, the Civil War, and 20th century New York.

Most people that love the Reincarnationist series enjoy the “Aspect of Crow” series of novels by Jeri Smith-Ready. The novels are contemporary science fiction and fantasy novels featuring Rhia, a woman with an intimate connection with death, which allows her to move between two worlds.

What Is The Next Book in The Reincarnationist Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Reincarnationist Series. The newest book is The Laughing Buddha: Malachai Samuels vs. D.D. Warren and was released on January, 6th 2015.

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