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Secret Seven is among the numerous literary series in Enid Blyton’s bibliography. Blyton was a British national whose given name was Enid Mary Blyton. Blyton’s birthplace was East Dulwich district upon Southwark, in London, and date of birth was August 1987; Blyton, who wrote children’s books and mysteries and fantasy, has since passed on; she died on November 1968. In the more than four decades that she wrote voraciously, Blyton end up authoring hundreds of books ranging from standalone books and series of books to character and continuation books to education and recreation books. Blyton, who also used the pseudonym Mary Pollock in her work, has thousands of short stories to her credit. The Secret Seven series is one of Blyton’s most popular series of books, along with the Famous Five series, the Noddy series and the Malory Towers series, amongst many others. The Secret Seven series is a series of 17 books based around seven children named Peter, Janet, Jack, Barbara, George, Pam and Colin, along with Scamper the dog. Like Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series and her Five Find-Outers series, the Secret Seven solve mysteries and help catch bad guys by solving clues.

Order of The Secret Seven Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Secret Seven ( By: Enid Blyton) 1949 Description / Buy
2 Secret Seven Adventure ( By: Enid Blyton) 1950 Description / Buy
3 Well Done, Secret Seven ( By: Enid Blyton) 1951 Description / Buy
4 Secret Seven on the Trail ( By: Enid Blyton) 1952 Description / Buy
5 Go Ahead Secret Seven ( By: Enid Blyton) 1953 Description / Buy
6 Good Work, Secret Seven ( By: Enid Blyton) 1954 Description / Buy
7 Secret Seven Win Through ( By: Enid Blyton) 1955 Description / Buy
8 Three Cheers, Secret Seven ( By: Enid Blyton) 1956 Description / Buy
9 Secret Seven Mystery ( By: Enid Blyton) 1957 Description / Buy
10 Puzzle for the Secret Seven ( By: Enid Blyton) 1958 Description / Buy
11 Secret Seven Fireworks ( By: Enid Blyton) 1959 Description / Buy
12 Good Old Secret Seven ( By: Enid Blyton) 1960 Description / Buy
13 Shock for the Secret Seven ( By: Enid Blyton) 1961 Description / Buy
14 Look Out, Secret Seven ( By: Enid Blyton) 1962 Description / Buy
15 Fun for the Secret Seven ( By: Enid Blyton) 1963 Description / Buy
16 The Secret Seven Collection 2: Books 4-6 (By: Enid Blyton) 2019 Description / Buy
17 The Secret Seven Collection 3: Books 7-9 (By: Enid Blyton) 2019 Description / Buy
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Blyton authored Secret Seven after publishing Famous Five series and Five Find-Outers. The various characters in the Secret Seven series allegedly appeared more than two decades prior to the publication of the Secret Seven series. Arguably, the characters in that series might have appeared as early as 1924. Inarguably, some of the child characters, especially Peter and Janet, appeared in Blyton’s 1947 book entitled At Seaside Cottage which predates the publication of the series. Even then Blyton formally introduced the seven characters in 1949.

The first book in the Secret Seven series was released in 1949 and was called The Secret Seven. In it, we are introduced to the main characters in the series, as well as a mystery of a group of men taking a prisoner into an abandoned house. Jack enlists his friends to help find out what is going on in the abandoned house, and the Secret Seven must solve the clues to work out who the prisoner is and who the men are that are keeping the hostage captive.

One of the best-loved books in the Secret Seven series is Good Work Secret Seven, which was released in 1954. It is set around Bonfire Night, and it starts with the Secret Seven meeting in the shed in Peter and Janet’s back garden. Colin enters the shed and tells the gang that he overhead a group of men shouting in the bushes, and after they had left, he found their notebook, detailing a crime they had committed, stealing items from a cricketer. However, it turns out to be a ruse by the ever-annoying Susie. The real mystery starts when Peter and Janet’s dad’s car is stolen while they are inside. As their dad doesn’t want to contact the police about the theft, it is left to the Secret Seven to puts the clues together and solve the mystery of who the two men are, and why they stole the car. And also, just who is Q8061?

Alternatively known as Secret Seven Society, the Secret Seven denotes a group comprising of seven adolescent investigators, led by a certain Peter. A secret code and badges are the things needed to be grant entry at their discreet meeting location. One of the adolescents misplaces his badge, prompting him to search for it. While looking for the badge helter skelter, the group member chances upon a vehicle. He then overhears a conversation and something making a cry of distress. Camouflaged, the seven investigators resolve to investigate the mysterious event in this gripping, truth-seeking book.

Secret Seven Awards

A research carried out in the late 2000s at the request of Costa Book Awards proves that no other UK author is loved or popular than Enid Blyton, especially in the juvenile literature category. What’s more, Blyton is the seventh all-time bestselling writer in the context of fiction books. Boy’s Club of American gave Blyton a literary prize, courtesy of her book named Mystery Island.

Secret Seven Books into Movies and TV Shows

Numerous books authored by Blyton have film adaptations. Her Noddy series became a 1992 TV series named Noddy Toyland Adventures, starring actress Susan Sheridan who appears as Noddy. Sean McCann portrayed Noah Tomten in the 2000 TV series called The Noddy Shop. David Kaye was Noddy is an animated series titled Make Way for Noddy. Louis Ashbourne portrayed Noddy in a 2016 series named Noddy, Toyland Detective while Alberto Ghisi acts as Noddy in Say It with Noddy (2005 TV series).

In the Famous Five, Famous Five 2, and Famous Five 3 films that were produced in 2012, 2013 and 2014, actress Valeria Eisenbart starred. Alexis Jackson (as Dinah) and David Taylor (acts as Jack) are among the film starring in a 1996 TV series based on Blyton’s Adventure series. Clara Johnson is the protagonist in a 2008 animated series named Famous Five: On the Case. In the 2010 film Hanni & Nanni, Sophia Munster and Jana Munster starred.

Best Secret Seven Books

The first three books in Secret Seven series are the best. The first book is The Secret Seven.

The Secret Seven Adventure: Hereby, the Secret Seven Society chance upon a mysterious man stealing pearls from a manor and the group’s quest for recovering the pearls leads them to a circus.

Well Done, Secret Seven: The group bumps into a runaway in their new hideout; the group is reconciling snippets of information gathered from that person to understand what prompted him to bolt.

Other Book Series You May Like

Readers who liked Secret Seven series also liked these ones. The first is called “Hardy Boys”, authored by collective pen name Franklin W. Dixon. Joe Hardy and Frank are the protagonists; they are investigating different mysteries including suspicious deaths and violence.The second is named “The Wishing-Chair” series, a duology authored by Enid Blyton. It revolves around a winged, magic chair that the protagonists can ride. The third is titled “The Killer Cat” series, penned by Anne Fine. It is all about a carefree pet cat whose feral instincts rankle with its owner.

Secret Seven FAQs

Q: Who wrote the Secret Seven books?

A: Enid Blyton wrote the Secret Seven series of books?

Q: What is the first book in the Secret Seven series?

A: The first book in Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven series is called The Secret Seven.

Q: What are the names of the Secret Seven?

A: The Secret Seven are Peter, Janet, Jack, Barbara, George, Pam and Colin, along with Scamper the dog.

What Is The Next Book in The Secret Seven Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Secret Seven Series. The newest book is The Secret Seven Collection 2: Books 4-6 and was released on June, 6th 2019.

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