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The Secret series is a set of novels by one of the most successful of British writers, Enid Blyton. The first novel in the Secret series was “The Secret Island”, first published in 1938. The series of novels is among some of the most popular children’s books in a generation. In total, there are five books in the series, which were published between 1938 and 1953. They are seen as a precursor to Blyton’s better-known series of adventure books for children, The Secret Seven, and also The Famous Five.

Order of The Secret Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Secret Island ( By: Enid Blyton) 1938 Description / Buy
2 The Secret Of Spiggy Holes ( By: Enid Blyton) 1940 Description / Buy
3 The Secret Mountain ( By: Enid Blyton) 1941 Description / Buy
4 The Secret Of Killimooin ( By: Enid Blyton) 1943 Description / Buy
5 The Secret Of Moon Castle ( By: Enid Blyton) 1953 Description / Buy
6 The Secret Valley ( By: Enid Blyton) 2016 Description / Buy
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Mike, Nora, Peggy, are three siblings that run away from strict guardians to go live by themselves. They have been living with their guardians after their parents were among the passengers lost and presumed dead in a plane crash. They head out to a secret island on the guardian’s expansive property, and using the branches of a willow tree construct a new home for themselves.

The first book in Enid Blyton’s Secret series of books is The Secret Island. In it, we are introduced to the main protagonists in the series, Peggy Arnold, her twin siblings, Mike and Nora, and Jack, an orphaned book, who they meet near the start of the book. The central plot is that the Arnold children believe they have lost their parents in a plane crash, so they are sent to live with their aunt and uncle, who do not treat them too well at all. Due to the mean nature of the adults, Peggy, Mike and Nora set out to run away. With Jack’s help, they head off to a small island off the coast, where they build a shelter and try to survive. The book follows the children as they try to survive on the secret island, and also try to evade being found by the police and other adults searching for them.

Life is not as easy as they first thought it would be, as they suffer a lot of hardship in the winter, even as they have a lot of fun and happiness living on their own. Jack is always the one who comes up with many practical ideas and know how to keep them fed. Mike is Jack’s deputy, while the girls sew, make tea, cry, and generally do all the wrong things. What follows is a tale that ends in happily ever after, with the kids reunited with their parents, the Uncle and Aunt scolded for being too harsh on them, and Jack adopted into the family. The go lucky and adventurous nature of the novel just goes to show why Blyton was voted Britain’s best loved author at the 2008 Costa Book Awards.

The second book in the Secret series, The Secret of Spiggy Holes, introduces more characters to the series, who would go on to feature in other books. The first being Miss Dimity, a family friend who goes on holiday with the Arnold family to the Cornish coast. The second character we meet is Paul, the Prince of Baronia, who has been kidnapped and is being held in a nearby castle. The children find Paul and try to rescue him, as well as evade capture from the kidnappers.

The fourth book in the Secret series, The Secret of Killimoin, is actually set in the land of Baronia. In this book, the children set out to try and stop a gang of bandits robbing people throughout the countryside of Paul’s realm. It is not the first book in the Secret series to be set abroad, as the third book in the Secret series, The Secret Mountain, is set in the continent of Africa.


In 1997, The Secret series of novels were adapted into a TV series by the same name that aired between 1997 and 1998 in the UK. The one season series was produced by Cloud Nine Entertainment and starred Daniel James as the lead character of Jack Trent.


The Secret Island: The first novel is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed novels in the Secret series of novels. Originally written as a serial in 1938, the novel will take the reader back to the good old days of childhood, when every children’s novel had a happy ending.

The Secret of Moon Castle The fifth novel in the Secret series of novels is one of Blyton’s best novels. Starting out in typical Blyton fashion, it has the four children, Nora, Mike, Peggy and Jack and the Prince of Baronia, their friend. The King of Baronia has just invited all of them to stay at Moon Castle. Even as they have much fun in the castle from eating sponge cakes, homemade chocolates, hot scones and éclairs, this is no ordinary castle. They start to notice many spooky happenings such as musical instruments playing by themselves, books flying off the shelves, weird noises in the hallways, and strange lights burning in the tower rooms. Making use of Gothic props and the supernatural, this is a solid tale of adventure that you would want to read if you were ten or just want to revisit your childhood.

The Secret Mountain: The third novel of The Secret Series of novels is another marvelous novel in the series. Nora, Peggy, and Mike’s parents have been kidnapped and are being held in the Secret Mountain deep in Africa. Together with Prince Paul and some of their friends, the children travel to Africa to find and rescue them. However, it is no walk in the park as they do not know where the mountain is or if the strange red-haired people in the vicinity are dangerous or not.


Many fans of the Secret Island series of novels also recommend the “Chalet School” series of novels by Elinor M. The novels follow the adventures of the inhabitants of the Chalet School in the Austrian Tyrol. Fans of the Secret Island series of novels also enjoy the “Farthing Wood” series of novels by Colin Dann. These novels tell the story of cooperation, and tolerance among a group of forest animals that have come together for the sake of friendship and survival.

Secret FAQs

Q: Who writes the Secret series of books?

A: The Secret series was written by Enid Blyton.

Q: What is the first book in the Secret series?

A: The first book in Enid Blyton’s Secret series is The Secret Island, which was published in 1938, first as a serial, then as a full-length novel.

What Is The Next Book in The Secret Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Secret Series. The newest book is The Secret Valley and was released on January, 1st 2016.

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