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Sharon McCone is a series of novels written by Marcia Muller, an American author. The books star Sharon McCone, a private investigator whose story began in 1977 with Edwin of the Iron Shoes.

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Order of Sharon McCone Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Edwin of the Iron Shoes ( By: Marcia Muller) 1977 Description / Buy
2 Ask the Cards a Question ( By: Marcia Muller) 1982 Description / Buy
3 The Cheshire Cat's Eye (Short Story) ( By: Marcia Muller) 1983 Description / Buy
4 Games to Keep the Dark Away ( By: Marcia Muller) 1984 Description / Buy
5 Leave a Message for Willie ( By: Marcia Muller) 1984 Description / Buy
6 Double (By: Marcia Muller, Bill Pronzini) 1984 Description / Buy
7 There's Nothing to Be Afraid Of ( By: Marcia Muller) 1985 Description / Buy
8 Eye of the Storm ( By: Marcia Muller) 1988 Description / Buy
9 The Shape of Dread ( By: Marcia Muller) 1989 Description / Buy
10 There's Something in a Sunday ( By: Marcia Muller) 1990 Description / Buy
11 Trophies and Dead Things ( By: Marcia Muller) 1990 Description / Buy
12 Where Echoes Live ( By: Marcia Muller) 1991 Description / Buy
13 Pennies On a Dead Woman's Eyes ( By: Marcia Muller) 1992 Description / Buy
14 Wolf in the Shadows ( By: Marcia Muller) 1993 Description / Buy
15 Till the Butchers Cut Him Down ( By: Marcia Muller) 1994 Description / Buy
16 A Wild and Lonely Place ( By: Marcia Muller) 1995 Description / Buy
17 The Broken Promise Land ( By: Marcia Muller) 1996 Description / Buy
18 Both Ends of the Night ( By: Marcia Muller) 1997 Description / Buy
19 While Other People Sleep ( By: Marcia Muller) 1998 Description / Buy
20 A Walk Through the Fire ( By: Marcia Muller) 1999 Description / Buy
21 Listen to the Silence ( By: Marcia Muller) 2000 Description / Buy
22 Dead Midnight ( By: Marcia Muller) 2002 Description / Buy
23 The Dangerous Hour ( By: Marcia Muller) 2004 Description / Buy
24 Vanishing Point ( By: Marcia Muller) 2006 Description / Buy
25 The Ever-Running Man ( By: Marcia Muller) 2007 Description / Buy
26 Burn Out ( By: Marcia Muller) 2008 Description / Buy
27 Locked In ( By: Marcia Muller) 2009 Description / Buy
28 Coming Back ( By: Marcia Muller) 2010 Description / Buy
29 City of Whispers ( By: Marcia Muller) 2011 Description / Buy
30 Looking for Yesterday ( By: Marcia Muller) 2012 Description / Buy
31 Skeleton in the Closet ( By: Marcia Muller) 2012 Description / Buy
32 The Night Searchers ( By: Marcia Muller) 2014 Description / Buy
33 Merrill-Go-Round (Short Story) ( By: Marcia Muller) 2014 Description / Buy
34 Tell Me Who I Am (Short Story) ( By: Marcia Muller) 2016 Description / Buy
35 Someone Always Knows ( By: Marcia Muller) 2016 Description / Buy
36 The Color of Fear ( By: Marcia Muller) 2017 Description / Buy
37 The Breakers ( By: Marcia Muller) 2018 Description / Buy
38 Ice and Stone (By: Marcia Muller) 2021 Description / Buy
39 Circle in the Water (By: Marcia Muller) 2024 Description / Buy

Order of Sharon McCone Collections

# Read Title Published Details
1 The McCone Files ( By: Marcia Muller) 1995 Description / Buy
2 McCone and Friends ( By: Marcia Muller) 1999 Description / Buy
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Order of Sharon McCone Collections

# Read Title Published Details
1 The McCone Files ( By: Marcia Muller) 1995 Description / Buy
2 McCone and Friends ( By: Marcia Muller) 1999 Description / Buy
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The book found Sharon working her first case as a staff investigator for All Souls Legal Cooperative. The death of an elderly dealer as well as recurring vandalism drive Sharon to put her investigative hat on in order to find a murderer that could be intent on killing again.

Sharon McCone is more than just another female private detective. There is a general consensus that Marcia Muller created the first liberated female private detective of note for the modern era, laying the tracks for the likes of Kinsey Millhone and Tess Monaghan to find their place in the literary arena.

Sharon is written as a down to earth, savvy, hard-nosed detective whose toughness emanates from the years she spent as a rowdy Scottish-Irish brat in San Diego. Escaping the turmoil of her family and finding peace in Berkley where she finished College, Sharon finds work at a legal co-op managed by an idealistic lawyer.

The Sharon McCone series has undergone many a change over the years, primarily because it has been running for so long and readers can only read the same old similarly structured stories for so long before growing bored.

Over time, Sharon has gained intimate relationships, taken on apprentices and manifested a psychological depth she didn’t have before. The supporting cast has also grown, creating a massive web of intertwining back stories around Sharon’s friends and families.

The books have been accused of taking on an excessively soapy format, but the series survives because its protagonist is not only compelling but engaging.

Sharon McCone Awards

For her efforts as the writer of the Sharon McCone books, Marcia Muller has received numerous awards, this including the Anthony Award and the Shamus award for Wolf in the Shadows and Locked In. She has also been nominated for an Edgar award and a Dilys award for books like Listen to the Silence.

Best Sharon McCone Books

Marcia Muller has written so many Sharon McCone Books that one would be hard-pressed to rank them all in the order of their quality, though most Marcia Muller fans consider these to be the best books in the series:

Listen to the Silence: PI Sharon McCone receives word that her father has died. The processes of scattering his ashes and sharing her grief progress as expected. However, it is the issue of sorting through his belongings that presents a challenge, especially when Sharon makes a life-changing discovery.

There is a conspiracy afoot, one that Sharon must resolve before the bullet of a killer puts her down.

This is the twentieth book in the Sharon McCone series. The book begins with Sharon attending a wedding. However, the joyous occasion is ruined by news of her father’s death. The grim occurrence is only further complicated when Sharon learns that she is adopted. She then undertakes a journey to learn about her origins.

The Ever-Running Man: The Ever-running man is a sinister fellow that has crafted a reputation for littering various offices with explosives, and Sharon McCone has been tasked with finding him. Sharon understands the stakes of the game because she already narrowly survived an explosion of his engineering at her offices.

With the ever-running man now targeting all those persons connected to Sharon’s security firm, she doesn’t have long to track him down. On a personal level, it occurs to Sharon that her husband, who is already intensely private, might be involved with some dark secrets.

Sharon cannot help but wonder whether her marriage can survive the corruption at the center of the security firm. But she is still determined to save her husband.

The 24th novel in the Sharon McCone series depends on a lot of coincidences to make the story work. The book forces Sharon and her husband to delve into one another’s businesses, a line they have always avoided crossing.

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What Is The Next Book in The Sharon Mccone Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Sharon Mccone Series. The newest book is Circle in the Water and was released on April, 23rd 2024.

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