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Dana Stabenow is an American writer of mystery and science fiction who was born on March 27, 1952. A majority of the books that Dana Stabenow has written have been set in Alaska, which happens to be her home state. Stabenow was raised by a single mother, who used to work as a fish tender.

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Order of Star Svensdotter Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Second Star ( By: Dana Stabenow) 1991 Description / Buy
2 A Handful of Stars ( By: Dana Stabenow) 1991 Description / Buy
3 Red Planet Run ( By: Dana Stabenow) 1995 Description / Buy
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Stabenow attended the renowned Alaska University and graduated in the year 1973, with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. Second Star was her first novel, which was published by Ace Science Fiction in the year 1990. Two other science fiction novels later in followed the book. In the year 2007, Dana Stabenow was named as the Alaska Artist of the Year during the Governor’s wards for Arts and Humanities.

Star Svendotter Books Awards

Despite the fact that none of the Star Svendotter books have been nominated for any major literary awards, Dana Stabenow has received several literary awards such as the Governor’s Award.

Star Svendotter Books into Series

None of the books in Star Svendotter has been adapted for a screenplay.

Best Star Svensdotter Books

Second Star: The first installment in the Star Svensdotter by Dana Stabenow. In this installment, author Star Svensdotter has managed to build an extremely interesting world, where the earth has reached its expiration date, thus off earth stations are being engineered for colonization. Earth’s resources are being transported from asteroid belts and the moon. These projects are expected to return their start-up expenses with interests.

Earlier in the book, things were going extremely well. However, things began to change when the Betelgeuse was detected. The message changed lots of things on earth. Humans decided to take space exploration a little bit more serious. Humans began to look outward seriously, not with the heady buoyancy of the earlier days but with deliberate caution. Humans knew that something was out there and one day, they will be heading to earth.

Author Dana Stabenow introduces the readers to the protagonist, one Esther Star Svensdotters. Star’s job entails the supervision of the American Alliance’s very first O’Neal cylinder; an extremely huge space hub that is more than capable of supporting several thousands of colonists. It is only a few weeks before the capsule is commissioned and Star will be damned if the Luddite terrorists, military or squabbling bureaucrats takeover or stand in the way.

Author, Dana Stabenow has done an excellent job of developing the characters in such a manner that the readers cannot help but be concerned about the issues that each of these characters faces, as well as cheer upon their successes. The author’s strong points are the likable characters.

Second Star has been written in such a manner that the reader keeps on reading to find out what happens next. Despite the fact that this installment was written more than two decades ago, the book still manages to hold on pretty well.

A Handful of Stars: As the second book in the Star Svensdotter book series, A Handful of Stars takes the energy from Second Star and runs away with it. Despite the fact that A Handful of Stars is the second book in the series, it still can be read as a standalone novel. Entering into Star’s world is just like entering into Worlds of Heinlein. In this installment, Star and her entourage embark on another adventure inside the asteroid belt. The group is expected to establish a new remote mining site for the freshly completed Terranova, which has been orbiting the earth.

The establishment of the mining site is going to provide the much-needed raw materials that were going to be used to enlarge the habitat. Meeting new characters, finding new friends as well as confronting old and new enemies ensure that Star and her entire team are always busy. Many at times, Star likes to encourage her people to seek new and groundbreaking ways to build their enterprises, which will play a key role in the provision of monetary support for the costly mining plans. Star has no option but to make a decision that will prove to be more costly.

Other Book Series You May Like

If you are a fan of novels by Dana Stabenow, then you are going to fall in love with “Kate Shugak” book series. The first installment in the book series is A Cold Day for Murder, which introduces the readers to Kate Shugak. In this installment, the protagonist Kate Shugak returns to the Alaskan North, after she retired from the District Attorney’s office in Anchorage. When a ranger disappears, she is asked to look into the disappearance.

What Is The Next Book in The Star Svensdotter Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Star Svensdotter Series. The newest book is Red Planet Run and was released on January, 8th 1995.

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