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The Sun Coast Chronicles is a series of novels written by Terri Blackstock. The books are categorized as Christian suspense. The first novel in the series, Evidence of Mercy, finds Lynda Barrett looking to sell her most prized possession.

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Order of Sun Coast Chronicles Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Evidence of Mercy ( By: Terri Blackstock) 1995 Description / Buy
2 Justifiable Means ( By: Terri Blackstock) 1996 Description / Buy
3 Ulterior Motives ( By: Terri Blackstock) 1996 Description / Buy
4 Presumption of Guilt ( By: Terri Blackstock) 1997 Description / Buy
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A young lawyer seemingly approaching the end of her rope, Barrett is forced to sell her plane to settle some debts. And the prospective buyer is a rich and arrogant playboy who decides to take the plane out for a test flight. The result is a crash that changes their lives and their contentious relationship forever.

The two characters face hardships that force them to appreciate the impact a higher power can have in their lives.

The preceding novels in the Sun Coast Chronicles follow a similar pattern. Terri doesn’t necessarily repeat herself but there is a singular theme running throughout these books. The Sun Coast series is categorized as suspense because a lot of bad things happen to the heroes of the different books.

Terri creates a number of terrible villains that are out to get the heroes, and one cannot help but fear for the safety and the future of Lynda Barrett and the like when they attract the ire of the unsavory side of humanity.

Terri endeavors to show her protagonists and her readers the darker aspects of human nature. She shows her characters just how low they can be brought. But during those trials, Terri allows the light of God to shine through their lives.

She shows them that God’s power can move even the most wicked of hearts, causing these heroes to understand that, just because the bad guys look like they are winning doesn’t mean that the divine will directing their lives has stopped operating.

The heroes of the Sun Coast Chronicles are designed to challenge Christian readers. Some of them show a strength and a determination to do good that will leave audiences feeling ashamed of their passive approach to life.

Because Terri always endeavors to make her heroes relatable, her books also work to make her readers realize that it is within their power to rise above the evil of this life and to maintain their moral values in a challenging world.

Terri Blackstone has made a living out of producing popular Christian fiction. The author grew up in an Army Family, so she was always on the move. When she finally took to writing, the author first tried her hand at producing romance novels for publishers like HarperCollins. It wasn’t long before she experienced a spiritual awakening that drove her to engage with the Christian literary markets.

Best Sun Coast Chronicles Books

The Sun Coast Chronicles are reminiscent of Terri’s other Christian suspense novels, though that doesn’t make them any less enjoyable, with some of the best books in the Sun Coast Chronicles series including:

Evidence of Mercy: When Lynda Barrett agrees to take Jake Stevens for a test flight, she doesn’t expect her life to drastically change. The young lawyer is driven to sell her prized Piper Aircraft to settle some financial issues.

Fortunately, a wealthy and arrogant buyer is ready to take the plane off her hands, but only after he takes it out for a test flight. The resulting disaster tells Lynda that someone is out to kill her. Jake must adjust his view of life after the crash ruins his body and leaves him with little hope of ever walking again.

Both Lynda and Jake begin to appreciate the effect a higher power can have on the dark side of human nature.

Justifiable Means: Young and beautiful Melissa Nelson needs Detective Larry Millsaps’ help to get the man who assaulted her convicted. Larry is ready to help but the information Melissa is harboring gets him suspicious.

Once he initiates his investigation, Larry learns things about Melissa and her attacker that create conflict between his Christian convictions and his determination to stick to the letter of the law.

Larry knows that he must do everything in his power to keep Melissa out of prison even as evidence begins to mount against her this while keeping her safe from a psychopathic stalker.

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What Is The Next Book in The Sun Coast Chronicles Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Sun Coast Chronicles Series. The newest book is Presumption of Guilt and was released on April, 22nd 1997.

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