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James was born in 1961, in Chicago, Illinois. He has six siblings, and his parents raised them all in Chicago and the countryside, of Canada. He attended Missouri University and graduated in 1985 as a doctor specialized in veterinary medicine.

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Order of The Banned and the Banished Series James Clemens

# Read Title Published Details
1 Wit'ch Fire ( By: James Clemens) 1998 Description / Buy
2 Wit'ch Storm ( By: James Clemens) 1999 Description / Buy
3 Wit'ch War ( By: James Clemens) 2000 Description / Buy
4 Wit'ch Gate ( By: James Clemens) 2001 Description / Buy
5 Wit'ch Star ( By: James Clemens) 2002 Description / Buy
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James quickly outgrew his stay in Canada and spread his wings across the ocean to the warm weather of the alluring sun and sand shores of Sacramento, California, where he set up his veterinary practice. James currently lives in Nevada overlooking the scenic Sierra Mountains and a serene atmosphere. He has written two fantasy books namely; The Banned and the Banished series and The Godslayer Chronicles.

The Banned and the Banished is different from most fantasy as it is written from a unique point of view. Elena is born as the “w’itch of spirit and stone”, born as the fulfillment of a prophecy and from three powerful, deadly mages. At just thirteen years old, she must quickly learn to harness her powers in order to resist the powers of the Dark Lord. Like a lot of other fantasy novels she is the last hope to defeat the Dark Lord and must do so with her rag-tag group of sidekicks. It may be a trope, but it is done especially well here by James Rollins.

Best The Banned and the Banished Books

Wit’ch Fire: From a beautiful new voice in a dream, enters a band of champions, a world in danger, and a remarkable, courageous woman whose extraordinary magical powers of enchantment stirs up old, hidden wickedness. On a critical night five centuries earlier, the heroine made an urgent decision, abandoning everything to safeguard the sanity and the last expectation of goodness in the land of Alasea. On the fateful night of doom, a young girl comes of age into the bequest of lost power. However, ahead of the new dawn, she’s soon to inherit an evil force.

Meanwhile, the Dark Lord releases his winged beasts to capture the new witch and snatch from her the budding charms she possesses. Escaping the evil dark powers, Elena finds herself in the midst of unexpected friends. She traverses towards her destiny into the company of god-sent allies who arrive fully armed and ready to rescue her into safety. Helped by a one-man-warrior and a weird astrologer, Elena assembles a band of outcasts, the despised, and the bandits, to fight the relentless powers of evil and protect a once-powerful empire, and the beautiful land of Alasea.

The Wi’tch heavily borrows from the concept of The Lord of the Ring where the heroine, in this case, is on a long and dangerous mission to save the world from evil forces of darkness with the help of united characters, and wild creatures. The beautiful young girl has a sealed fate as the powers of Darkness encompass her in an attempt to snatch her skills and overturn her destiny. Luckily, Elena doesn’t have to fend off the enemy alone.

James Clemens’ presents an easy to read a fantasy novel that is pleasant and fast-paced. It has sophisticated and captivating characters, even for a thirteen-year-old heroine, the narrative didn’t disappoint. She handles herself extremely well; enduring unimaginable dark forces and manages to overcome evil with the help of unexpected new friends. The book doesn’t end in suspense, so regardless of the possibility of a second book series, it leaves readers satisfied with a solid and convincing ending. Overall, the Wi’tch is brilliantly awesome, looking forward to more books from James in the future.

Wit’ch Storm: Some have criticized this book for it’s simple plot that is easily recognizable in fantasy. Elena and her group must travel to a lost city where they can retrieve a magical item that is the key to defeating the Dark Lord. That has definitely happened in other fantasy stories, but this one stands out because it’s done very well. The story is well told, fast moving and keeps you turning the page despite it’s familiarity.

The thing that really makes this book stand out from the hundreds of other fantasy stories telling a similar tale is the mix of characters. The heroes have flaws, the villains are sympathetic and there is enough originality added to the fantasy tropes to make it feel fresh. The book also does a good job of keeping you grounded with silly, immature humor (which makes sense considering the main character’s age) and gory violence that keeps you on edge.

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What Is The Next Book in The Banned And The Banished Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Banned And The Banished Series. The newest book is Wit\'ch Star and was released on January, 12th 2002.

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