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Homelanders are a series of young adult thriller novels written by best-selling American author Andrew Klavan. The author began the publication of Homelanders series in 2009 when The Last Thing I Remember the debut novel in the series was published. The series consists of four primary novels and a collection of series titled The Homelanders published in 2012. Stephen King recognized Andrew Klavan as one of the most original crimes and suspense author since the time of Cornell Woolrich.

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Order of The Homelanders Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Last Thing I Remember ( By: Andrew Klavan) 2009 Description / Buy
2 The Long Way Home ( By: Andrew Klavan) 2009 Description / Buy
3 The Truth of the Matter ( By: Andrew Klavan) 2010 Description / Buy
4 The Final Hour ( By: Andrew Klavan) 2011 Description / Buy
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Klavan has received several awards and various nominations in the many mystery-genre award ceremonies. Mrs. White, the novel that Klavan wrote under the pen name Margaret Tracy won an Edgar Award in 1984 for the Best Paperback Original. The author’s second win came in 1989 when his book Trapdoor written under the pseudonym Keith Peterson was nominated for the Best Paperback Original.


These are two best books in the Homelanders series by Andrew Klavan, The Last Thing I Remember (2009), and The Final Hour (2011).

The Last Thing I Remember: This is the first novel in Homelanders series and one of the best books in the series. The story introduces Charlie West who wakes up and finds himself strapped to a chair. He cannot remember what got him into the situation he is in and whats happening as well. To him, all this is a nightmare and not knowing what to do, he panics. He listens to three men speaking outside planning on what they are going to do to him.

The last thing that Charlie remembers is receiving a phone call from a beautiful girl, going to Karate and going to bed on September night, but that is all now in the past, and the only thing that he can now do is to escape. However, escaping is not as easy as you think it is, and even if he manages to escape, will he have the courage to figure out what had happened to him? Will he be able to find out filter the truth in all these chaos or will the turmoil hurt his mental ability? Could the confusion result to his death?

The Last Thing I Remember is a great thriller and a brilliant start to a promising series. Charlie’s mission in this book is what had happened to him and how he got himself in all this trouble. The last thing he can remember was spending an ordinary day at school when he demonstrated to the whole school of his karate skills, and then the girl of his dreams asked him out and then met with an old friend. However, are all of his memories true? In search of what had happened to him, along with the way, Charlie meets with many new characters such as detective Rose, the crazy Jane, and Mrs. Simmons.

Andrew Klavan is a great author and the intensity, and the suspense he adds on this book is one you have probably never experienced before. Each little detail in the novel is vividly described, and this will leave you forming pictures in mind of each single detail listed in the book. The characters in the story are well defined such that they make one feel as if he/she is a part of the story. The plot flows perfectly, and this creates suspenseful moments and dramatics scenes.

The Final Hour: The fourth novel in Homelanders series, and it follows Charlie Weston his attempt to save a city from a terrorist group that he had sworn to shutter down its operation. Charlie is a James Bond version teenager and the story starts out like the television series “Prison Break,” then to Top Gun and concludes with a “Mission Impossible” like scenes. Even though Charlie is just but a young boy, one whose reputation was once ruined when he was accused of murder and his memory erased.

Charlie finds himself held a prisoner in Abingdon prison surrounded by inmates who their only job is to murder and guards who are supposed to protect but instead beat the inmates like piñata. For Charlie, he may not survive the prison life, but he must live if he intends to save the lives of innocent Americans. With his memories slowly returning, at one point he realizes that he is the only one person with the details of where and when the Great Death, (a planned terror attack by the homelanders) will occur. Moreover, in a race against time, Charlie must find a way to escape and save the innocent Civilians.

What Is The Next Book in The Homelanders Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Homelanders Series. The newest book is The Final Hour and was released on July, 19th 2011.

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