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The Human Division is a series of science fiction books authored by an American author of humor, science fiction and fantasy books John Scalzi. The Human Division series is set in the Old Man’s War universe. Scalzi began the series publication in 013 when The B-Team was published, and since then more than a dozen sequels have been released.

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Order of Human Division Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The B-Team ( By: John Scalzi) 2013 Description / Buy
2 Walk the Plank ( By: John Scalzi) 2013 Description / Buy
3 We Only Need the Heads ( By: John Scalzi) 2013 Description / Buy
4 A Voice in the Wilderness ( By: John Scalzi) 2013 Description / Buy
5 Tales From the Clarke (Short Story) ( By: John Scalzi) 2013 Description / Buy
6 The Back Channel (Short Story) ( By: John Scalzi) 2013 Description / Buy
7 The Dog King (Short Story) ( By: John Scalzi) 2013 Description / Buy
8 The Sound of Rebellion (Short Story) ( By: John Scalzi) 2013 Description / Buy
9 The Observers ( By: John Scalzi) 2013 Description / Buy
10 This Must Be the Place (Short Story) ( By: John Scalzi) 2013 Description / Buy
11 A Problem of Proportion (Short Story) ( By: John Scalzi) 2013 Description / Buy
12 The Gentle Art of Cracking Heads (Short Story) ( By: John Scalzi) 2013 Description / Buy
13 Earth Below, Sky Above (Short Story) ( By: John Scalzi) 2013 Description / Buy
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These are two best books in Human Division series by John Scalzi, The B-Team, We Only Need the Heads, The Human Division and The Back Channel.

The B-Team: The first book in Human Division series, introduces the reader to a science fiction realm with technology capable of halting aging, people can jump through space, implant computers are inserted to people ’s brains, where a person can survive a jump through the void with only oxygen supply and a flexible suit.

The story opens up when a diplomatic ship termed to be a low-tier is sent to take care of an emergency situation. Another ship is sent to settle a treaty with a race that has been reluctant to speak to human was blown up, and so the diplomatic ship is sent on the last minute not only to take care of the negotiations but also to find out what happened to the previous ship.

The first book in the series can be read as a standalone novel on its own while building towards more fast-paced action and hinting much bigger conflict in the other books. The story features interesting and diverse characters.

We Only Need the Heads: The third book in Human Division books by John Scalzi tries to answer some question from the previous book in the series. In this book, it is finally revealed that the colony from the second book in the series is there in non-compliance of a treaty. In response, Ambassador Abumwe is requested to broker a treaty with the two races who own the universe. While Harry Wilson is still on the planet, his original mission is to clear out the unsanctioned colony- and the task is not simple.

The people in the first section who sent the ambassador on this sticky task seem to contradict their decision, giving her orders to go against the instincts that favored her so well in The B-Team. Left to trust her own devices, who knows whether the ambassador could have salvaged this disaster?

The Human Division: Following the events that took place in The Last Colony, John Scalzi beautifully narrates the story of the struggle to maintain the unity of the human race.

The people of earth are now aware that the Human Colonial Union has always kept them in the dark regarding the deadly universe around them. For many years the Colonial Union has defended the people of earth against hostile alien attacks, deliberately keeping Earth a source of military recruits and ignorant backwater. Now the colonial union secrets are known to everyone, and in response, many alien races have now formed new alliances known as the Conclave to fight against the CU. The Conclave has invited the people of earth to join them in the fight against the CU, and for a betrayed and shaken Earth, the choice is not always easy.

Against such threats, managing the very survival of Colonial Union is not an easy task. It will take political cunning and diplomatic finesse: the B-Team headed by Lt. Harry Wilson to resolve the matters. As the story picks up, the reader is able of seeing how the humanity fares in a world filled with other living races and without a growing an expanding military force to destroy them.

The Back Channel: The Conclave is an alliance formed by four hundred alien races who want to see the Colonial Union and anyone inside it blasted to extinction. But to avoid a dispute that the two sides cannot afford, General Tarsem Gau, the leader of the conclave appoints Hafte Sorvalh to handle an emerging diplomatic situation with the humans before an inevitable war erupts.


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What Is The Next Book in The Human Division Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Human Division Series. The newest book is Earth Below, Sky Above and was released on April, 9th 2013.

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