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The members of the McCafferty family are the lead characters in the McCaffertys series of novels by best-selling contemporary romance and romantic suspense novelist Lisa Jackson. The first McCafferty to make an appearance was Thorne, who is the lead in “The McCaffertys: Thorne”, first published in 2000.

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Order of The McCaffertys Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Thorne / Best-Kept Secrets ( By: Lisa Jackson) 2000 Description / Buy
2 Matt ( By: Lisa Jackson) 2001 Description / Buy
3 Slade ( By: Lisa Jackson) 2002 Description / Buy
4 Randi / Best-Kept Lies ( By: Lisa Jackson) 2004 Description / Buy
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The McCaffertys are three siblings named Thorne, Matt, Slade, and their sister Randi. The McCaffertys brothers are serial philanderers who have vowed off relationships. Nevertheless, they use their charm to get with any woman that takes their fancy. Their sister Randi is a beautiful girl who does not believe in love, until a threat to her life forces her into the arms of a man who sweeps her off her feet with extraordinary love and romance.

“The McCaffertys: Thorne” the first novel in the McCafferty’s series of novels is a delightful novel about Thorne McCafferty, a millionaire CEO with a reputation. Thorne has made a name for himself as a ruthless, rugged, and rich man that would never be caught dead on the altar, let alone a relationship. He now finds himself in the unusual position of having a woman take complete possession of his mind and heart. He had come back to Montana for business, and had never expected to find any romance, until he bumped into Nicole Stevenson, his former flame turned ravishing beauty.

What follows is a delightful romance novel as Thorne struggles to focus on the purpose for his visit and failing. He fails to keep his hands off the charming beauty and surprises himself when he starts thinking there might be something more than a night of passion on the horizon. It is a delightful novel showcasing the exceptional romantic suspense writing skills of Lisa Jackson, that has won her many fans over the years.


The McCaffertys: Thorne: The first novel is one of the most beloved in the series by Lisa Jackson. The novel is an enjoyable novel with its real and down to earth tones that is at the same time racy and hot, spicy and hot. Jackson incorporates almost everything you would love to have in a romantic suspense to enthrall any fan of the genre. The novel is a brilliant portrayal of Montana with amazing characters that are well-developed to fit their settings. The novel is not overdone or rushed as the author takes the time to ensure the reader is engaged throughout as she expands on every element in the narrative.

The McCaffertys: Matt: The second novel in the series is an equally enthralling narrative in the series introducing Matt McCafferty. Matt has been used to having his way with women given his famous McCafferty charm. However, he may just have meet his match in Kelly Dillinger, the beautiful police officer who is in charge of the hit-and-run case involving his sister. Her all business attitude and indifference to his charms are an affront to his ego, making him even more determined to get her. The more she is indifferent the more determined he becomes in his quest to make her his. Despite all his bravado, she had somehow managed to get beneath his tough romance free heart and capture his soul, as he finds himself pleading for passion.

Slade: The third novel of the series is one of the series’ most popular featuring Slade McCafferty. Slade has for the longest time been a confirmed bachelor that had been too busy with other things to be bogged down by love and romance. Ten years ago, he had taken the innocence of Jamie Parsons, only to break her heart. Now back in his hometown as a confident and successful lawyer, he never expected that seeing the all grown up Parsons would arouse such strong emotion and passion in him. Even though he had erased the memory of their relationship, something about Parsons made the professional lawyer ache for more than a night of passion.


Fans of the McCaffertys series of novels also recommend the “Hawk’s Way” series of novels by Joan Johnston. These are romantic suspense novels about rugged men from rural America, who never thought they could ever love until passion grips their hearts like a vice.

Many fans of the McCaffertys series also loved the “That Special Woman” Series of novels by Christine Rimmer. The lead characters in the novels are men who want nothing to do with love, until they meet some of the most passionate of women that ignite their protective and romantic nature, softening their hardened cores to love.

What Is The Next Book in The Mccaffertys Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Mccaffertys Series. The newest book is Randi / Best-Kept Lies and was released on July, 2nd 2004.

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