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The Notebook is a series of romance novels written by a bestselling American author of romance, literature and fiction novels Nicholas Sparks. Sparks began the publication of Notebook series in 1996 when the first book by the same name was published. The second book in the series The Wedding was published in 2003. The author wrote the six for six months at the age of 28.

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Order of Calhoun Family / Notebook Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Notebook ( By: Nicholas Sparks) 1996 Description / Buy
2 The Wedding ( By: Nicholas Sparks) 2003 Description / Buy
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The series debut novel was featured in The New York Times Best Seller List, in the first week after it was released. The hardcover version was a bestseller for more than one year. During an interview, the author stated that he was inspired to write the series by the grandparents of his beloved wife who had been married for more than 60 years and in the first book, Sparks tries to express the long romantic love life of that couple.


The first book in the series, Notebook was adapted into a 2004 American romantic drama starring Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling and directed by Nick Cassavetes. The film received mixed reviews however it performed exemplary at the box office- the movie also received several awards and nominations. The movie won eight Teen Choice Awards, an MTV Movie Award, and a Satellite Award.

In 2012, ABC Family aired an extended version of the film with deleted scenes added by into the original storyline.

The notebook was also adapted into a 2012 Hindi-language Indian Movie. The Indian Bollywood movie titled Zindagi Tere Naam directed by Ashu Trikha featured Ranjeeta and Mithun Chakraborty playing the lead roles, and the movie is a matured love story. Even though the film aired in 2012 in limited prints, it was initially completed in 2008.


These are two best books in Notebook series by Nicholas Sparks. The Notebook (1996) and The Wedding (2003).

The Notebook: A man with a dwindling and torn notebook opens in his lap. A woman is undergoing morning ritual that she can’t explain until he starts to read her slowly- The Notebook is a chilling tale about the strength of love, a story of a miracle that will stick with you for eternity.

Set in the scenic coastal town of North Carolina in 1946, the novel kicks off with the tale of Noah Calhoun, a Southerner after returning home from the Second World War. Noah, a man in his early thirty’s, is restoring a plantation home to its former glory but he is haunted by the gorgeous images a girl he had met fourteen years back, a girl he fell in love with like no other.

Unable to find the girl and yet unwillingly to forget the time they had spent together, and without any other alternative, Noah is only forced to live only with memories- until the day she comes back to town.

Allie Nelson, in her late twenty’s, is now in relationship with another man but soon discovers that the initial passion she once felt for Noah has not yet dimmed even after those many years. But still, the obstacles that ended their relationship many years ago remain and the gap between their worlds is too wide to ignore. With her marriage only a few weeks away, Allie is prompted to face her hopes for the future,- one that she can only shape.

Just like a mystery within a mystery, the story of Allie and Noah is just but a start. As their story unfolds, it becomes something but distinct, something with higher stakes. The effects are a profoundly touching story of love itself, fundamental changes, and tender moments that affect everyone. Shining brightly with a charm hardly found in the current literature, The Notebook is a novel that established Nicholas Sparks as a classic narrator with unique insight into human emotions.

The Wedding: After three decades of marriage, Wilson Lewis, the child of Noah and Allie is prompted to accept that romance has gone out of his marriage. Desperate to get his wife back, he must figure out how to make her fall in love once again.

Despite the excellent example set by his parents, Wilson is a man unable to express his emotions. As a prominent estate attorney, he has provided good for his family and now with his daughter’s upcoming marriage; he is forced to face the fact that he and his wife have grown apart. Wilson is sure for one thing- that love for his wife has intensified over the years, and the only task at hand now is to find a way to get back to the woman he has always loved.


If you like The Notebook series by Nicholas Sparks, then you will love these two book series, “The Locket Trilogy” by Richard Paul Evans and “Cedar Cove” by Debbie Macomber.

What Is The Next Book in The Calhoun Family / Notebook Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Calhoun Family / Notebook Series. The newest book is The Wedding and was released on January, 3rd 2003.

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