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Nicholas Sparks refers to a bestselling American man of letters who doubles up as a filmmaker. The penman’s birth name is Nicholas Charles Sparks. A man in his early fifties, Sparks was born in December 1965 and his place of birth is Omaha upon Nebraska in the US. Presently, Sparks is a North Carolina resident. For his O-Levels, Nicholas Sparks attended the Fair Oaks-based Bella Vista High School wherein he was in the class of 1984. For his undergraduate education, Nicholas Sparks attended University of Notre Dame after securing himself an athletic scholarship wherein he pursued business finance and was in the class of 1988. At the latter institution, Sparks excelled in track and field.

Order of Calhoun Family / Notebook Series

1The Notebook 1996Description / Buy
2The Wedding 2003Description / Buy

Order of Jeremy Marsh & Lexie Darnell Series

1True Believer 2003Description / Buy
2At First Sight 2004Description / Buy

Order of Nicholas Sparks Standalone Novels

1Message in a Bottle 1988Description / Buy
2A Walk to Remember 1999Description / Buy
3The Rescue 2000Description / Buy
4A Bend in the Road 2001Description / Buy
5Nights in Rodanthe 2002Description / Buy
6The Guardian 2003Description / Buy
7Dear John 2006Description / Buy
8The Choice 2007Description / Buy
9The Lucky One 2008Description / Buy
10The Last Song 2008Description / Buy
11Safe Haven 2010Description / Buy
12The Best of Me 2010Description / Buy
13The Longest Ride 2012Description / Buy
14See Me 2015Description / Buy
15Two by Two 2016Description / Buy
16Every Breath 2018Description / Buy
17The Return 2020Description / Buy
18The Wish 2021Description / Buy

Order of Nicholas Sparks Non-Fiction Books

1Wokini (Short Story) ( With: Billy Mills) 1990Description / Buy
2Three Weeks with My Brother ( With: Micah Sparks) 2004Description / Buy
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Nicholas Sparks started writing novels while still studying at University of Notre Dame. Subsequently, he penned his earliest novel, entitled The Passing, in 1985 though it never got published. Four years later, Sparks penned another novel named The Royal Murders and it was not published too. Chagrined by the false start and coupled with futile attempts to secure jobs in publishing houses, Sparks drifted from one job to another. Nicholas Sparks’ breakthrough came in 1990 when he co-authored a book with famed American Olympic athlete Billy Mills. The ensuing instant success greatly motivated him.

Nicholas Sparks’ bibliography consists of standalone books and two duologies. Sparks, who was then aged 28, authored the first book in The Notebook series within half a year. Long story short, The Notebook series is a duology. There are as much as 188 editions of the first book in the series, of which the first edition was initially published in 1996, titled The Notebook; this book is shelved under the fiction, adult fiction, romance (especially contemporary romance sub-genre), women’s fiction (particularly chick lit sub-genre), and adult fiction genres.

Noah Calhoun is the featured protagonist in Nicholas Sparks’ 1996 book named The Notebook. Noah Calhoun, who is a tricenarian, is a poetry-loving Southerner. Calhoun, a World War Two returnee, is living a typical farm life. He is reinstating a plantation while reliving the fond memories he had with an old flame during his teenage.

The turning point in The Notebook duology, The Notebook, is the moment Calhoun’s one-time lover (named Allie Nelson) chances upon news report about Calhoun’s reinstate reinstatement of the plantation and tracks him down. As such, Calhoun reunites with Nelson after more than a decade; surprisingly, Nelson sacrifices her engagement to a well-off attorney at the altar of her love for Calhoun. The ensuing love triangle will leave romantics mulling over this acclaimed book.

Nicholas Sparks Awards

In 2013, Nicholas Sparks clinched the Family Choice Award (in the babies and parenting, and children categories); Sparks won courtesy of his books in Novel Learning Series: both the 2006 book titled Dear John and the 2001 novel entitled A Bend in the Road. In 2009, Nicholas Sparks clinched the Goodreads Choice Awards, in the Chick Lit category, thanks to his 2008 book named The Last Song.

Nicholas Sparks Books into Movies

There are film adaptations of Nicholas Sparks’ books. Adaptations: 2004 film titled The Notebook, starring Ryan Gosling who acts as Noah Calhoun; 2013 film titled Safe Haven, starring Julianne Hough who plays as Katie Feldman; 2016 film The Choice, starring Teresa Palmer (portrays Gabby Holland) and Benjamin Walker (acts as Travis Parker); 2015 film The Longest Ride, starring Scott Eastwood (portrays Luke Collins) and Britt Robertson (portrays Sophia Danko); 2014 film Best of Me features James Marsden (appears as Dawson Cole) and Michelle Monaghan (acts as Amanda Collier).

2012 film The Lucky One, starring Zac Efron who portrays Logan Thibault; 1999 film Message in a Bottle, starring Robin Wright (acts as Theresa Osborne) and Kevin Costner (acts as Garret Blake); 2002 film A Walk to Remember, starring Mandy Moore (Jamie Sullivan) and Shane West (Landon Carter); 2010 movie The Last Song, starring Miley Cyrus who portrays Veronica ‘Ronnie’ Miller; 2008 film Nights in Rodanthe, starring Diane Lane (portrays Adrienne Willis); and 2010 movie Dear John, starring Channing Tatum (appears as John Tyree) and Amanda Seyfried (portrays Savannah Curtis).

Best Nicholas Sparks Books

These are the best books in Nicholas Sparks’ bibliography. The first is The Notebook—has already been mentioned.

Dear John: A rebellious school drop-out called John joins the military and her lover is awaiting the end of his military service to marry. Unfortunately, September 11 attacks prompts John’s re-enlisting, driving a wedge between the two lovers.

The Last Song: A teenage girl’s life is jeopardized by her parents’ damnable divorce.

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When Does The Next Nicholas Sparks book come out?

Nicholas Sparks doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Wish and was released on September, 28th 2021.

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