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The name Op-Center refers to a series of novels written by Jeff Rovin. The concept was created by Steve Pieczenik and Tom Clancy. Because Tom is the bigger brand, people always associate the Op-Center series with his name, for better or for worse.

Order of Tom Clancy's Op-Center Series

1Op-Center (By: Tom Clancy, Steve Pieczenik)1995Description / Buy
2Mirror Image ( By: Jeff Rovin)1995Description / Buy
3Games of State ( By: Jeff Rovin)1996Description / Buy
4Acts of War ( By: Jeff Rovin)1996Description / Buy
5Balance of Power ( By: Jeff Rovin)1998Description / Buy
6State of Siege ( By: Jeff Rovin)1999Description / Buy
7Divide and Conquer ( By: Jeff Rovin)2000Description / Buy
8Line of Control ( By: Jeff Rovin)2001Description / Buy
9Mission of Honor ( By: Jeff Rovin)2002Description / Buy
10Sea of Fire ( By: Jeff Rovin)2003Description / Buy
11Call to Treason ( By: Jeff Rovin)2004Description / Buy
12War of Eagles ( By: Jeff Rovin)2005Description / Buy
13Out of the Ashes ( By: George Galdorisi)2014Description / Buy
14Into the Fire ( By: Dick Couch, George Galdorisi)2015Description / Buy
15Scorched Earth ( By: George Galdorisi)2016Description / Buy
16Dark Zone ( By: George Galdorisi)2017Description / Buy
17For Honor ( By: Jeff Rovin)2018Description / Buy
18Sting of the Wasp ( By: Jeff Rovin)2019Description / Buy
19God of War ( By: Jeff Rovin)2020Description / Buy
20The Black Order ( By: Jeff Rovin)2021Description / Buy
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The Op-Center series revolves around an organization known as the National Crisis Management Center. Simple called Op-Center by those who know about, this agency is designed to fight foreign and domestic threats to the United States.

The Operation is administered by Director Paul Hood who watches over his team as they monitor the goings on of the world and take steps to initiate counterstrikes when a threat comes to light.

Most of the action of the ground is executed by a paramilitary response team simply known as Striker Team. The series began publication in 1995 with Op-Center, the first book in the series which found Director Hood working to prevent the machinations of a new player working to bring about a new world order.

The Op-Center series seemingly died in 2005 but it was resurrected in 2014. The reboot suggested that the NCMC had been shut down because it was no longer necessary. Plenty of American security agencies had risen to perform the task that NCMC had been mandated to pursue, and they were doing such an amazing job that the existence of the NCMC made no sense.

The arguments found sympathy with the President of the United States who shut the Agency down despite the arguments raised by Paul Hood. When a terrorist plot sees several NFL stadiums destroyed, leaving myriads of American bystanders dead, the competence of the country’s security agencies is called into question. They were unable to prevent the attack because they lacked crucial information.

The president realizes the vital role the NCMC can still play and orders their re-commissioning as a 21st-century organization. Admiral Chase Williams is selected as the new director. He crafts two response teams: one that is trained to carry out overseas missions and another which deals with domestic situations.

If you have read a Tom Clancy novel, then you know what to expect from this series. Categorized as military fiction, the series spends a lot of time providing descriptions about weapons and vehicles.

There’s also plenty of action, adventure, and thrills.

It is worth noting that the concept of the Net Force was first introduced in an Op-Center novel before the Tom Clancy idea was developed into its own series.

Op-Center Books into Movies/TV

A television movie based on the Op-Center series was produced in the mid-1990s. The movie, which was directed by Lewis Teague and starred Harry Hamlin and Linda Frost, began as a four-hour miniseries that was eventually edited into an action movie.

Best Op-Center Books

This series is a fairly standard collection of Tom Clancy novels, with the best books in the series including:

Scorched Earth: General Bob Underwood has an important job to do. He wouldn’t be going to al-Bukamal in Syria if he didn’t have obligations to fulfill as special presidential envoy to a coalition purposed towards fighting ISIL.

When Bob’s convoy is ambushed, he stands little chance. His bodyguard dies brutally while Bob is taken by mysterious men. Not only does the president eventually learn that ISIL has his general but he watches in horror as Bob is beheaded live.

The fact that ISIL could successfully assault Bob’s heavily armored envoy shocks the world. Clearly, there is more to ISIL than meets the eye. This is proven true when an ISIS Leader’s son dies in America’s retaliatory strikes and he goes on the warpath.

The Op-Center is called upon to protect the United States from the rage of a grieving father.

War of Eagles: The Op-Center is called upon to investigate a series of attacks seemingly aimed at capping Chinese interests abroad. It begins with the explosion of a freighter carrying illegal workers, and things only escalate from that point onward.

The Op-Center is struggling to identify and stop the threat. However, the removal of Commander Paul Hood from the head of the Op-Center complicates matters.

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What Is The Next Book in The Tom Clancy's Op-center Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Tom Clancy's Op-center Series. The newest book is The Black Order and was released on June, 1st 2021.

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  1. I’ll pretty much read anything with the Tom Clancy stamp on the front cover and that’s why I checked out Op-Center. Where this book differs from some of the others is the expert writers brought in.

    Dick Couch and George Galdorisi have amazing military backgrounds and can probably tell you stories that will make your head spin. The fact that they worked together on this series takes it to another level and brings the realism you come to expect from a Tom Clancy novel. Great stuff.

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