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Net Force is a series of fantasy fiction novels by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik. Steve Perry the science fiction writer and television scriptwriter was the original writer of the series. The original series was shelved in 2006, before it was launched in 2013. The first novel in the series was the 1998 published “Net Force” that went on to achieve massive popularity among the fantasy and science fiction fan base.

Order of Net Force Series

1Net Force (By: Tom Clancy, Steve Pieczenik, Steve Perry)1998Description / Buy
2Hidden Agendas (By: Tom Clancy, Steve Pieczenik, Steve Perry)1998Description / Buy
3Night Moves (By: Tom Clancy, Steve Pieczenik, Steve Perry)1999Description / Buy
4Breaking Point (By: Tom Clancy, Steve Pieczenik, Steve Perry)2000Description / Buy
5Point of Impact (By: Tom Clancy, Steve Pieczenik, Steve Perry)2001Description / Buy
6CyberNation (By: Tom Clancy, Steve Pieczenik, Steve Perry)2001Description / Buy
7State of War (By: Tom Clancy, Larry Segriff, Steve Pieczenik, Steve Perry)2003Description / Buy
8Changing of the Guard (By: Tom Clancy, Larry Segriff, Steve Pieczenik, Steve Perry)2003Description / Buy
9Springboard (By: Tom Clancy, Larry Segriff, Steve Pieczenik, Steve Perry)2005Description / Buy
10The Archimedes Effect (By: Tom Clancy, Larry Segriff, Steve Pieczenik, Steve Perry)2006Description / Buy
11Dark Web (By: Tom Clancy, Steve Pieczenik, Jerome Preisler)2019Description / Buy
12Eye of the Drone (Short Story) ( By: Jerome Preisler)2020Description / Buy
13Attack Protocol ( By: Jerome Preisler)2020Description / Buy
14Threat Point ( By: Jerome Preisler)2021Description / Buy

Order of Net Force Explorers Series

1Virtual Vandals ( By: Diane Duane)1998Description / Buy
2The Deadliest Game ( By: Bill McCay)1998Description / Buy
3One is the Loneliest Number ( By: Diane Duane)1999Description / Buy
4The Ultimate Escape ( By: Marc Cerashi)1999Description / Buy
5End Game ( By: Diane Duane)1999Description / Buy
6Cyberspy ( By: Bill McCay)1999Description / Buy
7The Great Race ( By: Bill McCay)1999Description / Buy
8Shadow of Honor ( By: Mel Odom)2000Description / Buy
9Private Lives ( By: Bill McCay)2000Description / Buy
10Safe House ( By: Diane Duane)2000Description / Buy
11Gameprey ( By: Mel Odom)2000Description / Buy
12Duel Identity ( By: Bill McCay)2000Description / Buy
13Deathworld ( By: Diane Duane)2000Description / Buy
14High Wire ( By: Mel Odom)2001Description / Buy
15Cold Case ( By: Bill McCay)2001Description / Buy
16Runaways ( By: Diane Duane)2001Description / Buy
17Cloak and Dagger ( By: John Helfers, Russell Davis)2002Description / Buy
18Own Goal ( By: Diane Duane)2002Description / Buy
19Death Match ( By: Diane Duane)2003Description / Buy
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The Net Force series is set in the future where computers are the ultimate superpowers. As such, the people who can control the computers control the world and all of humanity. A special branch of the US government that was intended to be a force for tackling terrorist activity and increasing crime on the internet has become the biggest enforcement agency. They now create and enforce Net Laws using the Net Force a super security agency working for the FBI.

“Net Force”, the first novel in the series is set a few years after the establishment of Net Force the ultimate computer security agency within an agency. What is most interesting is that much of it is set in a futuristic world where everyone uses the internet for a variety of activities. It is not long before the Net Force director died leaving a vicious struggle for survival. Alex wins the decisive battle and takes the reins.

He soon finds that leading Net Force is not as easy as it seemed from the outside, as he is now a bigger target than most, making his life more dangerous, even as he now has more perquisites. What follows is a hair-raising novel of evading assassination, an investigation into his predecessor’s killer, and a dangerous game of trying to flush out a saboteur determined to hack Net Force for his own evil ends. Net Force is the classic Clancy novel with the twists and turns, violence, suppression, and intrigue that have made Clancy the colossus that he is in fantasy fiction.


The Net Force series of novels were adapted into a movie known as Netforce in 1999. The Greengrass Productions produced film starred Alex Michaels in the lead role of Scott Bakula. The film won three Primetime Emmy Award nominations in 1999 and a Golden Reel in 2000.


The Net Force series of novels is one of the most popular of the Tom Clancy series of novels. Nonetheless, the most popular of the Net Force series of novels are:

Net Force: The first novel in Tom Clancy’s Net Force series is one of the best novels in the series. Introducing an exhilarating futuristic world where computers rule the world, the novel has all the weapon jargon, romance, mysterious murders, car chases, virtual reality, and political intrigues typical of a Clancy novel.

The Archimedes Effect: The tenth novel in the series is a phenomenal book that demonstrates the high-tech capacities and intelligence of Net Force. Terrorists finally manage to burst into a well-protected army base after bypassing all safeguards. The successful attack on Fort Stephens gives them the intelligence that leads to several other successful attacks on other military bases. Teaming up with the National Guard and Army Intelligence, Net Force puts all its resources to work to try to determine, track down, and outmaneuver its most cunning opponent yet.

Springboard: The ninth novel in the series is an exhilarating novel with an explosive start that will keep the reader engrossed from the first page to the last. A hacker attacks one of the most secret of the Pentagon’s war games resulting in its shut down. Net Force is called in to track down the hacker, but political intrigue comes into play when DOD tries to take over Net Force. It is not long before Net Force tracks the hacking to General Wu, a high-ranking officer in the People Liberation Army of China. Net Force now has to send out a team to either take out or capture the Macao based general intent on destroying the internet and while at it destroy western civilization too.


Many fans of the Net Force series of novels also liked the “Tom Clancy’s Op-Center” Series of novels by Jeff Rovin. Similar to the Net Force series these novels feature a top-secret organization known as Op-Center that protects the American people from internal and external enemies.

Net Force series fans also loved the “Tom Clancy’s Power Plays” Series by Jerome Preisler. These novels feature Roger Gordian a powerful international businessman that constantly finds himself fighting to protect his business interests from being destroyed or taken over by political interests, terrorists, and gangs in a ruthless marketplace.

What Is The Next Book in The Net Force Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Net Force Series. The newest book is Threat Point and was released on November, 30th 2021.

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