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The “Vampire Hunters” series by Heather Graham is historical fiction with vampires. The series is set during the Civil War.

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Order of Vampire Hunters Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Night of the Wolves ( By: Heather Graham) 2009 Description / Buy
2 Night of the Vampires ( By: Heather Graham) 2009 Description / Buy
3 Bride of the Night ( By: Heather Graham) 2011 Description / Buy
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The series started in the year 2009, when the first novel in the series “Night of the Wolves” was released.


For those looking to get into the “Vampire Hunters” series by Heather Graham, this section will help you with that. It will go over the novels “Night of the Wolves”, “Night of the Vampires”, and “Bride of the Night”.

Night of the Wolves: This is the first novel in the “Vampire Hunters” series that was released in 2009. Alexandra Gordon is on the hunt for her father’s murderer and has been guided by some visions that she has been having. It takes Alexandra Gordon back to Victory, Texas, and finds herself in the arms of a fearsome lawman named Cody Fox. He was a dedicated soldier in the war fought against evil men, and he wears his scars with honor. At the same time, he holds something shameful against Alexandra (who is someone that does not miss much). What they have together is unstoppable and happens quickly, but it is something that may just end up costing Alexandra her life. There is an ancient evil that has awakened, and is going after townsfolk after it gets dark. If Cody wants to protect Alex, he has to pick between fighting the devil and the beautiful woman that has the ability to kiss his tormented soul to healing.

Night of the Vampires: This is the second novel in the “Vampire Hunters” series that was released in the year 2010. Cole Granger fought in the war to bring peace to a world that was divided by both evil and war. The extraordinary talents that he has are chosen by the president so that he can prevent something that the president prediction from coming true. There will be nothing and no one to get in his way from getting the job done. Even the young and gorgeous woman that is mysterious and is claiming she is his comrade’s sister. He cannot determine whether or not she is an ally or an enemy. He must keep her close to him, quite close. Megan Fox has a quest that she wants to work on, which is to find out about the secret that is in her family. This secret leads to some vampire riots in the state of West Virginia. To find out what she needs, not to mention clear her own name, her and Cole have to join forces. They cannot disguise their strong attraction and the feelings that they have for one another; even as they work undercover to get justice. Cole does not trust easy, and when Megan finds out the grim and dark truth that he has been hiding, is she able to trust him to believe what she has to say?

Bride of the Night: This is the third novel in the “Vampire Hunters” series that was released in the year 2011. Tara Fox, a vampire, may just destroy a nation. That is what Finn Dunne (who is a Pinkerton detective) thinks about her. He captures her on a ship that is going north, and thinks that she is on a mission to kill President Lincoln. She is the most attractive assassin he has ever gone up against, that is for sure, but he will not be kept from doing his duty. Tara has always been caught in two worlds, not really fitting in either one. She was a vampire and grew up and born in Key West, and has many friends who are human. Many of whom who are also fighting in the Civil War. Not to mention dying in it. She has some strange dreams that she believes are abstract visions. She must go to Washington, D.C. and protect Lincoln, no matter what. This is what the visions have told her to do. Finn is not going to trust her, even though he has seen some things. If Tara has to go through Finn or bring in back up so that she can save Lincoln; she is going to do whatever takes. Even if she has to give up her own heart to do it.


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What Is The Next Book in The Vampire Hunters Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Vampire Hunters Series. The newest book is Bride of the Night and was released on March, 6th 2011.

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