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Whispers from Mirrowen is a series of epic fantasy novels written by Jeff Wheeler. The books follow the exploits of a small group of heroes fighting to save the world.

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Order of Whispers from Mirrowen Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Fireblood ( By: Jeff Wheeler) 2013 Description / Buy
2 Dryad-Born ( By: Jeff Wheeler) 2014 Description / Buy
3 Poisonwell ( By: Jeff Wheeler) 2015 Description / Buy
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Kenatos is introduced in Fireblood, the first novel in the Whispers from Mirrowen series as a land devastated by a plague. A long time ago, a magic wielder called Tyrus rose up and attempted to rid Kenatos’s kingdoms of the plagues once and for all.

Having determined that the answer lay somewhere within the deadly scourgelands, Tyrus assembled a band and led them on an expedition into the mysterious territory. The expedition ended in failure.

Tyrus’ entire crew was slaughtered, falling to the power of mysterious minions that littered the Scourgelands. By the time the plot of the Whispers from Mirrowen series kicks off, Tyrus has been banished from Kenatos by the Arch-Rike, the figure that rules Kenatos.

But despite his previous failures, Tyrus holds onto hope that he will one day stop the plagues and overcome the Arch-Rike’s rule.

The Whispers from Mirrowen series initially focuses on the character of Annon. Annon is Tyrus’ nephew and he has the fireblood, a special type of magic that allows him to manipulate fire.

The innate magic has always made Annon a target, which is why he spent so much of his life hidden away. Annon’s time to shine comes when his uncle Tyrus calls upon him to undertake a dangerous mission to recover a hidden treasure.

Tyrus reveals to Annon that he has a twin sister called Hettie and that the hidden treasure in question will help them buy her freedom. Annon agrees to undertake the mission, joining Hettie and venturing into unknown lands, unaware that Tyrus is actually using them to accomplish his dream of bringing the plagues to an end.

The powerful druid adds to their numbers a warrior by the names of Paedrin. Together, the trio faces incredible odds, ignorant of the fact that everything they do is designed to frustrate the purposes of the Arch-Rike.

The focus eventually shifts to Phae, an orphan girl that has the fireblood as well as an additional ability that lets her steal memories. Unaware of her intimate connection to Tyrus, Phae joins Hettie, Annon, and Paedrin for the final leg of their journey to free Kenatos from the clutches of the Arch-Rike.

The Whispers from Mirrowen novels have been praised their rich fabric of culture, tradition, and religions. As is often the case with Jeff Wheeler’s works, the core message of the Mirrowen books is informed by the author’s strong religious beliefs.

Though, many a reader has commended Wheeler for preaching in the Mirrowen series without getting too heavy-handed, as is often the case with the author’s Muirwood novels.

Best Whispers from Mirrowen Books

The Mirrowen books are considered by many to be some of the most impressive Jeff Wheeler has written because of their fast pace, complicated plots and deep characters, with some of the best titles in the series including:

Fireblood: Tyrus of Kenatos is a prisoner in his own tower, the result of his past failures. Tyrus tried to save the land from devastating plagues by mounting an expedition into the Scourgelands. But he failed and his entire bad perished.

Only Tyrus survived and now, he wants to take on the plagues once more. To achieve his purpose, Tyrus recruits his nephew, a young man called Annon that has the fireblood magic.

Tyrus talks Annon into seeking out a treasure that will supposedly help him buy his twin sister Hettie’s freedom. In truth, Tyrus is using the pair to achieve his own ends. He sends a warrior monk to accompany them on a quest that will pit them against Kenatos’ ruthless ruler.

Dryad-Born: Phae is an orphan that possesses fireblood magic. If that wasn’t dangerous enough, Phae has another ability that allows her to steal memories. Phae does not realize that her combination of abilities makes her a potent weapon against Kenatos’ ruthless ruler, a fact that makes her the target of a menacing assassin.

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What Is The Next Book in The Whispers From Mirrowen Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Whispers From Mirrowen Series. The newest book is Poisonwell and was released on February, 24th 2015.


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  1. Jeff Wheeler does great work again with this series. Although I was a little bored by the third book, I think teens as well as pre-teens would be entertained during the whole series. The heroine is an amazing character, and Wheeler once again creates a fantastical world that is complex and enthralling.

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