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Kelley Quinn is the featured protagonist in the Winter series authored by prolific American woman of letters Elin Hilderbrand. The earliest book portraying Kelly Quinn was originally published in 2014 called Winter Street. Incidentally, this series of book is shelved under the fiction, women’s fiction (particularly chick lit sub-genre), and romance genres.

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Order of Winter Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Winter Street ( By: Elin Hilderbrand) 2014 Description / Buy
2 Winter Stroll / Christmas on Nantucket ( By: Elin Hilderbrand) 2015 Description / Buy
3 Winter Storms ( By: Elin Hilderbrand) 2016 Description / Buy
4 Winter Solstice ( By: Elin Hilderbrand) 2017 Description / Buy
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Kelley Quinn is in the hospitality industry. Quinn is the proprietor of an inn, aptly called Nantucket’s Winter Street Inn; he and his wife operates it. On the context of family life, Quinn has had two marriages: Mitzi and Margaret Quinn; he has fathered four children, three sons and a daughter. First, he begat three children with his first and ex-wife, who is called Margaret Quinn; Margret is a newscaster. They are Patrick who is a prosperous and somewhat hideous broker, Kevin who serves as a bartender, and a daughter called Ava who is an educator. His current wife is called Mitzi; they have a son together. The son is named Bart and is currently serving in the United States Marine Corps.

The first book in the Winter series, Winter Street, is set in the run-up to the festive season and is set in the backdrop of Nantucket Island upon Massachusetts. Kelley is expecting a family reunion and lots of merrymaking. Contrary to Kelley’s expectations, the Christmas is damnable and there is a plethora of problems. First, Kelley bumps into wife Mitzi in a compromising situation–kissing–with the person acting as the Santa Claus during the yearly celebrations conducted at the inn. Secondly, his eldest son Patrick might be jailed for his involvement in insider trading. Thirdly, Kevin has been courting a French housemaid on the sly and, worse still, he has impregnated her. Ava is in a romantic affair with the man of her dreams; unfortunately, her marriage life seems bleak because the presumed Mr Right is giving scant credence to her. Lastly, Bart has been posted to the battlefield in Afghanistan and his fate is unknown in the wake of an escalating military involvement. All in all, it is a nightmarish situation for Kelley Quinn.

Margret’s position in the broadcasting industry grants her access to reports on Bart’s welfare in Afghanistan battlefields, thereby necessitating her visit to the chaotic inn. Kelley Quinn looks up to his former partner Margret Quinn as his solution to the dysfunctional family.

Winter Series Awards

The books in the Winter Series are yet to win awards. However, in 2008, Elin Hilderbrand’s 2007 standalone book entitled Barefoot was nominated for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award in the Best Novel category.

Best Winter Series Books

The Winter Series is a trilogy; as such, there are not many books for comparison and contrasting. However, the first two books are the best in the Winter Series, based on the warm reception by readers and book reviewers.

Mark You: The first book in the series has already been discussed.

Winter Stroll: This book was also published in 2014 and is the second book in the Winter Series, chronologically. This book, which is basically a reflection of Kelley Quinn a year later, expounds on the damned events in the previous book. Kelley is estranged from Mitzi. The frosty relationship between Kelley and Margaret has thawed; moreover, the news presenter has been using her position to attract clients to Kelley’s inn. Ava is in a stable relationship with a workmate. Kevin and the maid are now parents of baby Genevieve.

Genevieve is being baptized and the Quinns are preparing to celebrate it. Mitzi gets wind of it and attends without being invited, throwing a spanner in the works. Then other lovers start showing up, something that augurs bad for the Quinns and their inn.

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What Is The Next Book in The Winter Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Winter Series. The newest book is Winter Solstice and was released on October, 3rd 2017.

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  1. There is too much going on in the first book alone for me to handle! Just read that description above – YIKES!

    Although I’m normally a fan of fun at Christmas and “woohoo everything is great because it’s Christmas”, this book just didn’t cut it for me. Its simplicity was almost childlike, borderline insulting to anyone who tried to get through it. Don’t ask me how the author managed to make the storyline complicated yet childish, but that’s exactly what happened here.

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