Dean Koontz Books

Dean Koontz is a prolific American writer of fictional thriller-horror novels. He has spawned dozens of books in his real name and under aliases such as Brian Coffey, Leigh Nichols, K.R Dwyer, Leonard Chris, Deanna Dwyer, David Axton, Owen West, Aaron Wolfe and Richard Paige.

From 1965, Dean started off with Sci-Fi and Short fictions before graduating to thriller-horror where his true calling was found. He is famously known for the Frankenstein series that got adapted into a movie in 2004. There were many other adaptations of Koontz books that came before and after Frankenstein, showing just how witty the author is in crafting compelling storylines.

Order of 77 Shadow Street Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Moonlit Mind 2011
2 77 Shadow Street 2011

Order of Ashley Bell Series

# Read Title Published
1 Last Light 2015
2 Final Hour 2015
3 Ashley Bell 2015

Order of Black Bat Mystery Series

# Read Title Published
1 Blood Risk 1973
2 Surrounded 1974
3 The wall of masks 1996

Order of Dean Koontz Anthologies

# Read Title Published
1 Strange Highways 1995
2 The Book Of Counted Sorrows 2003

Order of Dean Koontz Childrens Books

Order of Dean Koontz Non-Fiction Books

Order of Dean Koontz Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Star Quest / Doom of the Green Planet 1968
2 The Fall Of The Dream Machine / The Star Ventures 1969
3 Fear That Man / Toyman 1969
4 Dark Symphony 1970
5 Hell's Gate 1970
6 Dark of the Woods/Soft Come the Dragons 1970
7 Beastchild 1970
8 Anti-Man 1970
9 The Crimson Witch 1971
10 Demon Child 1971
11 Legacy of Terror 1971
12 Warlock 1972
13 Starblood 1972
14 The Flesh in the Furnace 1972
15 Children of the Storm 1972
16 Dance with the Devil 1972
17 The Dark Of Summer 1972
18 A Darker Heritage 1972
19 Darkness in My Soul 1972
20 Time Thieves 1972
21 Chase 1972
22 Demon Seed 1973
23 Shattered 1973
24 A Werewolf Among Us 1973
25 The Haunted Earth 1973
26 Hanging on 1973
27 After the Last Race 1974
28 Strike Deep 1974
29 After the Last Race 1975
30 Nightmare Journey 1975
31 The Long Sleep 1975
32 Invasion 1975
33 Dragonfly 1976
34 Night Chills 1976
36 Icebound 1976
37 The Vision 1977
38 The Face of Fear 1977
39 The Key to Midnight 1979
40 Whispers 1980
41 The Voice of the Night 1980
42 The Funhouse 1980
43 The Eyes of Darkness 1981
44 The Eyes of Darkness 1981
45 The Mask 1981
46 The House of Thunder 1982
47 Phantoms 1983
48 Darkfall 1984
49 The Servants of Twilight 1984
50 Twilight Eyes 1984
51 The Door to December 1985
52 Strangers 1986
53 Watchers 1987
54 Shadowfires 1987
55 Lightning 1988
56 Trapped 1989
57 Midnight 1989
58 The Bad Place 1990
59 Cold Fire 1991
60 Hideaway 1992
61 Mr. Murder 1993
62 Dragon Tears 1993
63 Winter Moon 1993
64 Dark Rivers of the Heart 1994
65 Intensity 1995
66 Ticktock 1996
67 Tick Tock 1996
68 Sole Survivor 1997
69 False Memory 1999
70 From the Corner of His Eye 2000
71 One Door Away from Heaven 2001
72 Watchers & Mr Murder 2001
73 By the Light of the Moon 2002
74 The Face 2003
75 The Taking 2004
76 Life Expectancy 2004
77 Velocity 2005
78 The Husband 2006
79 The Darkest Evening of the Year 2007
80 The Good Guy 2007
81 Your Heart Belongs to Me 2008
82 Relentless 2009
83 Breathless 2009

Order of Dean Koontz's Frankenstein Graphic Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Prodigal Son 2011
2 Storm Surge 2016

Order of Dean Koontz's Frankenstein Series

# Read Title Published
1 Prodigal Son 2005
2 City of Night 2005
3 Dead and Alive 2009
4 Frankenstein 2009
5 The Dead Town 2011

Order of Innocence Series

# Read Title Published
1 Wilderness 2013
2 Innocence 2013

Order of Moonlinght Bay Series

# Read Title Published
1 Fear Nothing 1998
2 Seize the Night 1998

Order of Odd Thomas Graphic Novels Series

# Read Title Published
1 In Odd We Trust 2008
2 Odd Is on Our Side 2010
3 House of Odd 2012

Order of Odd Thomas Series

# Read Title Published
1 Odd Thomas 2003
2 Forever Odd 2005
3 Brother Odd 2006
4 Odd Hours 2008
5 Odd Interlude 2012
6 Odd Apocalypse 2012
7 Deeply Odd 2013
8 You Are Destined To Be Together Forever (Short Story) 2014
9 Saint Odd 2015

Order of Santas Twin Series

Order of The City Series

# Read Title Published
1 The City 2014
2 The Neighbor (Short Story) 2014

Order of Trixie Koontz Series

Order of What the Night Knows Series

# Read Title Published
1 What the Night Knows 2010
2 Darkness Under the Sun 2010


# Read Title Published
1 Detours 2016
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The Odd Thomas series has the graphic novels In Odd We Trust, Odd is On Our Side and House of Odd. These three are prequels to the very first published novel Odd Thomas, and chronogically would be read before that.

There were also Odd Thomas Webisodes(Odd Passenger 1-4) which would be read after Brother Odd and before Odd Hours.

Dean Koontz Awards

With his prolific nature and ability to captivate the reader from beginning to end, it’s no surprise that Dean was bound to scoop several accolades in his career. His 1986 book ‘Strangers’ became an instant hit and was nominated for the World Fantasy Award in 1987. 2007 saw his book ‘Brotherly Odd’ score Editor’s Choice in the Listen Up awards. In 2013, Koontz received memorable mentions for two of his books; a Young Adult nominee for the High School Book Award (Iowa) for the book Only the Night Knows and the top pick in the RT Book Review of 2013 for the book Deadly Odd.

2015 was a golden year for Koontz as well having won the Goodreads Choice Awards, in the Horror category, for his book Saint Odd. Nonetheless, the biggest achievement in Dean’s career has to be the privilege of scooping top positions on the New York Best Seller list as well as big screen adaptation of several of his books. One of his novels also managed to provide the lead storyline for a popular video game.

Dean Koontz Books into Movies

The first book adaptation for the big screen was the 1977 novel, Demon Seed. Its box-office success gave Dean instant exposure to Hollywood moviemakers, and two years later a second movie came from his book ‘The Intruder’. From 1988 through to 2000, 12 movies made it to the big screen borrowing plot concepts from his books Watchers (Watches I, Watchers II and Watchers Reborn), The Face of Fear (movie and play), Whispers, The Face of Fear, The Servants of Twilight, Hideaway, Intensity, Mr Murder and Phantoms.

The list continues with a 2000 movie release from his book Sole Survivor and the novella Black River in the year after, from his book under the same name. 2004 was the highlight with the release of Frankenstein the movie adapted from his four series books. Besides the Hollywood big screens, Dean Koontz brilliant works have also birthed concepts for video games like the 2012 video game ’77 Shadow St.’ named accurately after the book. Odd Thomas is the most recent movie adaptation released in 2013, unraveling the plot from his 2003 book.

Best Dean Koontz Books

Here are two of the best Dean Koontz books as reviewed by his fans and credible book review sites;

Watchers: This 1987 book was the biggest success in Dean’s writing career; he even confessed in an interview that it was a book he really enjoyed writing. The story unfolds in a classified government laboratory where two mutant creatures are released into the wild; a super-intelligent dog and a grotesque looking beast that wreaks total chaos wherever it goes. The main characters are a man and woman whose love story gets entwined with the two odd creations from the government facilities. Dean Koontz wittingly tosses the reader from one scene to another with a powerful blow of suspense that keeps you glued to the end. Watches is the only book in Deans collections to have earned three unique movie adaptations from the same concept.

Odd Thomas: This 2003 book carried the same unique characters as watchers, namely a unique and well-crafted plot, engaging characters and Koontz’s favorite dose of suspense and surprise. The story is centered around the protagonist, Odd Thomas, who’s ordinary life as a short-order chef isn’t as ordinary as he wants everyone to believe. Thomas has psychic powers of speaking with the dead, and he must use this ability to stop a foreboded calamity that will befall the town. His life of heroism classes with the tale of love between him and his uber hot girlfriend, Ms. Stormy. Odd Thomas became an instant New York Times bestseller, and subsequently as a box-office sensation in the 2013 movie adaptation.