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Author Lauren Royal became a writer after winning an essay contest in third grade, the essay would later be printed in a major published newspaper. This thrilled her, and she would manage a jewelry store for fourteen years because she was convinced that it is hard to get a novel published. The company, which expanded into a bigger chain with seven stores to it, was later bought by a bigger chain. This allowed her to focus much more on her kids and writing and reading that would help her get novels published. Royal used her time as a jeweler to write about a heroine, in one of her series, who worked as a jeweler. Along with her daughter Devon, she adapts some of her steamier romances into sweeter, cleaner novels for younger readers. Royal lives in the southern part of California and enjoys the Ducks (hockey) and Angels (baseball), two local sports teams. A book called “Forever Amber”, a book that she took from her uncle’s collection changed her life and it made her enjoy reading restoration era romance. As a reader, she reads a lot of historical books, but also likes Robert A. Heinlein and Ira Levin.

Order of Chase Brides Series

1The Earl's London Bride 2000Description / Buy
2The Marquess's Scottish Bride 2000Description / Buy
3The Duke's Reluctant Bride 2001Description / Buy
4The Viscount's Wallflower Bride 2002Description / Buy
5The Baron's Heiress Bride 2003Description / Buy
6The Laird's English Bride 2016Description / Buy
7The Gentleman's Scandalous Bride 2016Description / Buy

Order of Chase Family Series

1Amethyst 2000Description / Buy
2Emerald 2000Description / Buy
3Amber 2001Description / Buy
4Forevermore 2012Description / Buy
5The Jewel Trilogy 2012Description / Buy

Order of Regency Chase Brides Series

1Corinna 2015Description / Buy
2Juliana 2015Description / Buy
3Alexandra 2015Description / Buy

Order of Regency Chase Family Series

1Lost in Temptation 2012Description / Buy
2Tempting Juliana 2012Description / Buy
3The Art of Temptation 2012Description / Buy

Order of The Flower Trilogy Series

1Violet 2002Description / Buy
2Lily 2003Description / Buy
3Rose 2003Description / Buy
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Her novels have reached bestseller lists on the New York Times and USA Today. She writes the “Chase Family” series, “Regency Chase Family” series, “Regency Chase Brides” series, “Chase Brides” series. Lauren’s work is historical romance with some humor thrown in, set in the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries in Scotland and England. These are the Restoration and Regency periods.


For those reading this who would like to read some of Royal’s books, this section will help by showing you some works to look at first.

Violet: This is the first novel from the “Flower” trilogy and is set in England in the year 1673. Violet, a member of the Ashcroft family, does not plan on marrying anyone; she listens and follows the family motto (which is question convention) quite closely. She figures that anyone who wants to marry her, would only be after the large inheritance or her sisters. Her sisters are much more beautiful than she is, and she would much rather make herself smarter than risking heartbreak. Ford Chase has worked six years trying to marry a woman who winds up marrying someone else. He gives up on women as a result. He wants to develop the first ever watch with a minute hand and explore the sciences. His young niece is forced on him, something that is an annoying and unwelcome disturbance. That is until his intelligent neighbor Violet comes over to help him.

Amber: This is the third novel from the “Jewel” trilogy and is set in England and Scotland in 1668. Kendra Chase’s male siblings have all been telling her it is time that she get married, and they have presented her with all kinds of mates they think are suitable. Kendra, however, does not agree. An outlaw holds up the coach that she is riding on, and it changes everything. They are caught in a compromising embrace and as a result her brothers insist that they wed. But really, she thinks, to an outlaw? The so called outlaw is named Patrick Caldwell and is the Duke of Amberly, and is known as the Black Highwayman. He is pulling off crimes to right past wrongs for his king. Things grow complicated for him when he is compelled to marry the woman he hardly knows.

Lost in Temptation: This is the first book in the “Regency Chase Family” series and is set in England in 1815. Lady Alexandra Chase is the oldest of three sisters, and she has always done that which was expected of her. A man she has loved since she was in girlhood returns, she hopes that the man her brother has fixed her up with does not propose to her. Until her love tells her he will not marry her, she will decline any offers from her current suitor. Tristan Nesbitt last saw her when he was a commoner, who had no hope to marry a marquess’s daughter. Almost a decade later, he returns as Lord Hawkridge, something that should make him quite a catch for the woman that stole his heart. His good name, however, has recently been smeared in England; making his marrying Alexandra quite hard because it would ruin both her good reputation and her family. This makes him stay far away from her, as he thinks that it is safer for her.

When Does The Next Lauren Royal book come out?

Lauren Royal doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Gentleman's Scandalous Bride and was released on December, 24th 2016. It is the newest book in the Chase Brides Series.

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