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Scott Mariani is a British author born in 1968 in St. Andrews, Scotland. Mariani attended Oxford University where he studied modern languages and Film studies. Eventually moving to Wales, Mariani worked a number of jobs, from translator to freelance journalist. Some people do not even know that Mariani worked as a professional musician at one point.

Order of Ben Hope Series

1The Alchemist's Secret 2007Description / Buy
2The Mozart Conspiracy 2008Description / Buy
3The Doomsday Prophecy 2009Description / Buy
4The Heretic's Treasure 2009Description / Buy
5The Shadow Project 2010Description / Buy
6The Lost Relic 2011Description / Buy
7The Sacred Sword 2012Description / Buy
8The Armada Legacy 2013Description / Buy
9The Forgotten Holocaust 2015Description / Buy
10The Nemesis Program 2015Description / Buy
11The Martyr's Curse 2015Description / Buy
12The Cassandra Sanction 2016Description / Buy
13Star of Africa 2016Description / Buy
14The Devil's Kingdom 2016Description / Buy
15The Babylon Idol 2017Description / Buy
16The Bach Manuscript 2017Description / Buy
17The Moscow Cipher 2018Description / Buy
18The Rebel’s Revenge 2019Description / Buy
19Valley of Death 2019Description / Buy
20House of War 2019Description / Buy
21The Pretender's Gold 2020Description / Buy
22The Demon Club 2020Description / Buy
23The Pandemic Plot 2021Description / Buy
24The Crusader’s Cross 2021Description / Buy

Order of Ben Hope Short Stories/Novellas

1Passenger 13 (Short Story) 2011Description / Buy
2Bring Him Back (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy
3The Tunnel (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy

Order of DI Tom McAllister Series

1The Cage 2021Description / Buy

Order of Vampire Federation Series

1Uprising 2010Description / Buy
2The Cross 2011Description / Buy

Order of Scott Mariani Short Stories/Novellas

1House of Malice 2013Description / Buy
2DECOY 2014Description / Buy

Order of Scott Mariani Non-Fiction Books

1How to Write a Thriller 2007Description / Buy
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The idea of Mariani’s most popular protagonist, ex-SAS Major and former theology student Ben Hope, came to him while he was out walking in Wales. The character has been referred to as a blend of Jason Bourne and James Bond. Hope’s purpose in life is to rescue children that have been kidnapped by nefarious forces.

Mariani’s love for history is clearly manifested in his bestsellers where historical events play a significant role, this along with myths and conspiracy theories about concepts like the elixir of life. Ben Hope’s popularity emanates from the fact that he is just a normal and highly fallible individual that frequently becomes embroiled in action and adventure.

Scott Mariani’s interests include archery and astronomy.

Scott Mariani Books to Movies

Mariani’s Ben Hope series was optioned for film. Mariani has suggested that he would like to see either Jason Statham or Clive Owen play the lead role. For Mariani, the perfect actor for the Ben Hope character must be someone that can manifest strength and toughness even while bringing an extra layer of sensitivity and vulnerability to the table.

Best Scott Mariani Books

Scott Mariani’s books have topped many bestseller lists. The author’s books have struck a chord in the hearts of readers looking for decent action/adventure stories, some of the best books to come from the author including the following:

The Alchemist’s Secret: Ben Hope has devoted his life to rescuing kids that have been kidnapped. Perhaps, this is the former elite SAS soldier’s attempt at putting his tragic past behind him. When Ben is tasked with locating an ancient manuscript, he realizes that his success could save a dying child even while thrusting him into the deadliest quest he has ever encountered.

Those looking for the manuscript seem to believe that it holds the formula for the elixir of life. It is claimed that the brilliant alchemist Fulcanelli discovered the means for crafting the elixir of life decades ago. Ben soon learns that all manner of evil-intentioned individuals are hunting this most precious creation.

Chief amongst these hunters is a shadowy organization called Gladius Domini that will stop at nothing to unlock the secrets of immortality. Standing by Ben’s side is an attractive American Scientist known as Doctor Roberta Ryder.

Racing from Paris to the ancient Cathar Strongholds of the Languedoc, Ben is compelled to follow a deadly trail that brings to the fro secrets hundreds of years old.

Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code probably started this trend of adventurous stories that delve into those more curious aspects of history. Indeed, fans of Dan Brown, and even those readers who like the idea of Dan Brown without actually enjoying his books, will gravitate towards The Alchemist’s Secret.

The book is a fast and easy read. Ben Hope is a highly competent individual that uses the skills of his past to save kidnapped children. One such attempt at saving a child by locating a manuscript draws Ben Hope into a dangerous game of myths and conspiracies centered on the search for immortality.

This book is very fast-paced and, truth be told, it is unlikely that you will remember it once you are done reading it. But you are, none the less, guaranteed to have a good time.

The Armada Legacy: The news that Doctor Brooke Marcel has been kidnapped finds former SAS Major Ben Hope at home in Normandy, giving him possibly the worst news he could ever receive. Ben’s frantic search for his ex-girlfriend leads him through Ireland, the Spanish Mountains, and even Peru’s rainforests.

Ben is fairly certain that Brooke’s disappearance is connected to a sunken 16th-century Spanish warship and the wealth associated with its salvage. Ben endeavors to unravel the web of corruption and brutal murder.

This is the perfect book to read for anyone that is new to Scott Mariani’s books. The novel isn’t anything special. In fact, it doesn’t really stand out from the seven books in the series that came before.

However, it features all the hallmarks of a Scott Mariani Ben Hope novel, this including action, adventure, conspiracies and an awesome treasure.

When Does The Next Scott Mariani book come out?

The next book by Scott Mariani is The Crusader’s Cross and will be released on November, 25th 2021. It is the newest book in the Ben Hope Series.

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