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The name Ben Hope refers to a series of novels written by Scott Mariani. It is also the name of the series protagonist.

Order of Ben Hope Series

1The Alchemist's Secret2007Description / Buy
2The Mozart Conspiracy2008Description / Buy
3The Doomsday Prophecy2009Description / Buy
4The Heretic's Treasure2009Description / Buy
5The Shadow Project2010Description / Buy
6The Lost Relic2011Description / Buy
7The Sacred Sword2012Description / Buy
8The Armada Legacy2013Description / Buy
9The Forgotten Holocaust2015Description / Buy
10The Nemesis Program2015Description / Buy
11The Martyr's Curse2015Description / Buy
12The Cassandra Sanction2016Description / Buy
13Star of Africa2016Description / Buy
14The Devil's Kingdom2016Description / Buy
15The Babylon Idol2017Description / Buy
16The Bach Manuscript2017Description / Buy
17The Moscow Cipher2018Description / Buy
18The Rebel’s Revenge2019Description / Buy
19Valley of Death2019Description / Buy
20House of War2019Description / Buy
21The Pretender's Gold2020Description / Buy
22The Demon Club2020Description / Buy
23The Pandemic Plot2021Description / Buy
24The Crusader’s Cross2021Description / Buy

Order of Ben Hope Short Stories/Novellas

1Passenger 13 (Short Story)2011Description / Buy
2Bring Him Back (Short Story)2013Description / Buy
3The Tunnel (Short Story)2015Description / Buy
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Ben Hope is fairly typical as far as action heroes are concerned. Like many protagonists in the thriller genre, Ben has a military past. As a former SAS operative, Ben Hope is a pretty capable combatant. More importantly, like his many counterparts in the genre, Ben cannot seem to stay out of trouble.

When Ben is first introduced to readers in The Alchemist’s Secret, he has put as much distance between himself and his military background. Ben Hope was a pretty competent operative once upon a time. However, some unsavory business forced him to abandon that life.

As one might expect from an action hero, it is the sort of tragedy he doesn’t talk about; sufficing to say, Ben has skeletons in his closet and they have defined the decisions he has taken since leaving the SAS.

That includes becoming a consultant that spends his days helping children that have been kidnapped. It isn’t always obvious that Ben has a soft spot, not with his relatively rough demeanor.

When Ben learns that he could save a child by locating an ancient manuscript, he gladly undertakes the task. He doesn’t realize that the manuscript in question has the formula for the elixir of life and that some really bad men want it.

Ben definitely doesn’t realize that he is about to start a whole new chapter of his life, one that will find him saving the world by keeping ancient secrets, tools, and artifacts out of the hands of some very nasty people.

Ben Hope doesn’t always seek out trouble. Most of the time, he is just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or he simply happens to know the wrong people. People have described the character as a cross between James Bond and Jason Bourne.

The villains he comes across would definitely fit perfectly into the James Bond universe. However, Ben Hope is a little more aggressive and bombastic in his approach to dealing with his opponents, which invites comparisons to Jason Bourne.

The author, Scott Mariani, was a student of Film and Modern Languages. A graduate of Oxford University, Scott worked in music, did some translating and pursued numerous other odd jobs before he finally became a full-time writer.

The author was walking in West Wales one day when the idea of Ben Hope came to him. Scott wanted to create a traditional action-adventure that had a little more depth to his character.

Best Ben Hope Books

Opinions surrounding the Ben Hope books tend to vary mostly because the series tends to remind readers of Dan Brown’s novels, with some of the best books including:

The Heretic’s Treasure: The fourth book in the Ben Hope series centers on an ancient treasure that has been protected for thousands of years but which one man will seek to unearth.

Akhenaten is a prominent figure in Egyptian history. He considered the Sun god to be the one true deity and he forced his people to abandon all their gods as a result. The actions did not sit well with his people who branded him a heretic.

The so-called Heretic’s treasure was hidden away by three high priests. They wished to save it for future generations, scattering clues all over that could be used to locate it when the time came.

In the present day, Ben Hope starts out looking for the murderer of his friend’s son. It isn’t long before he is pulled into the hunt for the Heretic’s Treasure.

The Lost Relic: Ben Hope doesn’t know why criminals are out to acquire a worthless Goya Sketch. He didn’t plan to get involved. It all began when he almost ran over a young boy, this while he was in Italy to visit a former SAS colleague. Then he accepted an invitation to attend a gallery exhibition only to be drawn into a deadly mission.

The sixth novel in the Ben Hope series kicks off with the former SAS Operative witnessing the robbery of a gallery. This draws him into a conspiracy involving British Organized Crime and a Russian Gang.

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People also really enjoy the “Matt Drake Series” by David Leadbeater. Matt Drake is a former SAS Operative who runs around the world engaging in adventures involving mythical artifacts and seemingly supernatural mysteries.

What Is The Next Book in The Ben Hope Series?

The next book in the The Ben Hope Series by Scott Mariani is The Crusader’s Cross and will be released on November, 25th 2021.

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