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Vi Keeland is a bestselling American author that writes romance. Keeland believes that writing is her calling, even though it took her a while to find her footing in the publishing arena.

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1 First Thing I See 2013 Description / Buy
2 The Baller 2016 Description / Buy
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5 Beautiful Mistake 2017 Description / Buy
6 Sex, Not Love 2018 Description / Buy
7 The Naked Truth 2018 Description / Buy
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22 The Game 2023 Description / Buy
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24 The Unraveling 2024 Description / Buy

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1 Scrooged (Short Story) ( With: Penelope Ward) 2019 Description / Buy
2 The Christmas Pact ( With: Penelope Ward) 2019 Description / Buy

Vi Keeland Anthologies

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1 Felony Ever After 2016 Description / Buy
2 Christmas in the City 2019 Description / Buy
3 All Wrapped Up for the Holidays 2019 Description / Buy
4 Sleighed 2022 Description / Buy
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As a child, Keeland was an avid reader. She would like to tell people that classic authors like James Joyce and Emily Bronte influenced her. But in truth, she preferred more adult content.

Keeland was more interested in the likes of Danielle Steel and Kristen Ashley. She wouldn’t hesitate to crown C.S. Lewis as the greatest author of all time. The Chronicles of Narnia is still one of her favorite novels. However, she would also add Sylvia Day and John Grisham to that list.

E.L. James was a gamechanger for Keeland. First of all, she read and enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey. Secondly, the author credits James for making erotica a mainstream genre.

Fifty Shades inspired her to add her own erotica to the list. It took Keeland three months to finish her manuscript. After writing and editing it, she left it alone for a few months.

The author was convinced that the book had errors, but she was too close to the story and characters to see them. So, she stepped away and returned after two months to perform the final edit.

The writing process was every bit as fun as Keeland expected. However, marketing and networking presented several challenges. Fortunately, self-publishing on Kindle was relatively straightforward.

At the time, the author did not expect the manuscript to kickstart her writing career. The manuscript wasn’t the first story she had ever written. Keeland was in college when she decided to fill a spiral notebook with ideas that never saw the light of day.

She never finished that first story because life got in the way. In the years that followed, she got a husband, three kids, and a job as an attorney. Keeland isn’t one of those authors that despised her day job.

She enjoyed the work she did as a lawyer. But it did not fulfill her. And she knew that she wouldn’t be happy until she surrendered to her desire to write fiction.

Keeland did just that in 2012. At the time, she just wanted to cross the accomplishment off her bucket list. The author was ecstatic when she finally completed the manuscript.

But a few months later, Hurricane Sandy rolled in and upended Keeland’s life. Even though the family lost so much, the incident showed the author what was important. She decided to make writing a priority.

Vi Keeland Awards

Keeland has won Audie and Australian Romance Readers Awards.

Vi Keeland Books into Movies

Passionflix turned ‘Dry Spell,’ ‘Scrooged,’ and ‘The Merry Mistake’ into movies.

Best Vi Keeland Books

The author is grateful to her husband because he believed she would succeed in publishing even when Keeland doubted herself. Keeland’s best books include:

Stuck-Up Suit: Soraya’s first impression of Graham was poor. When she first saw him, Graham was barking at someone on the phone. Even though he looked like a deity in human form, Soraya was not amused.

But then Graham dropped his phone while leaving the train, and Soraya took it. She called some of the numbers on the phone, took a dirty picture or two, and then returned the phone a few days later.

The last thing she expected was for Graham to text her back. Soraya could hardly believe her luck. Graham was nothing like her. In fact, she wasn’t sure she even liked him as a person. And yet, she had fallen for him even though they had never met.

Bossman: She wasn’t Chase Parker’s biggest fan. He found her in the bathroom hallway, talking to her best friend and looking for a way to escape a terrible date.

Parker used several colorful words to describe her before beating her down with dating advice she hadn’t asked for. Fortunately, she had the strength of will to fight back, and she did so by telling Parker to mind his own business.

When she returned to her miserable date, the last thing she expected was for Parker to come over with his hot date. The rest of the night was surprisingly entertaining as Parker regaled them all with fake stories about her childhood.

Within a month, she would realize that Parker was her boss, and everything would change.

When Does The Next Vi Keeland book come out?

The next book by Vi Keeland is The Unraveling and will be released on July, 9th 2024.

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