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William E. Butterworth Griffin IV can be described in many different ways, especially since he is not only a well respected and a distinguished author, but has a very strong military background that he shares in his books. Today, he is well known in the publication community as the #1 best selling author. It is also important to note that his novels have been translated into more than 10 different languages including Chinese, Japanese, Hungarian, and Hebrew.

Order of Badge of Honor Series

1Men in Blue 1988Description / Buy
2Special Operations 1989Description / Buy
3The Victim 1991Description / Buy
4The Witness 1992Description / Buy
5The Assassin 1993Description / Buy
6The Murderers 1994Description / Buy
7The Investigators 1998Description / Buy
8Final Justice 2002Description / Buy
9The Traffickers ( With: William E. Butterworth IV) 2009Description / Buy
10The Vigilantes ( With: William E. Butterworth IV) 2010Description / Buy
11The Last Witness ( With: William E. Butterworth IV) 2013Description / Buy
12Deadly Assets ( With: William E. Butterworth IV) 2015Description / Buy
13Broken Trust ( With: William E. Butterworth IV) 2016Description / Buy
14The Attack ( With: William E. Butterworth IV) 2019Description / Buy

Order of Brotherhood of War Series

1The Lieutenants 1982Description / Buy
2The Captains 1982Description / Buy
3The Majors 1983Description / Buy
4The Colonels 1983Description / Buy
5The Berets 1985Description / Buy
6The Generals 1986Description / Buy
7The New Breed 1987Description / Buy
8The Aviators 1988Description / Buy
9Special Ops 2001Description / Buy

Order of Clandestine Operations Series with William E. Butterworth IV

1Top Secret 2014Description / Buy
2The Assassination Option 2014Description / Buy
3Curtain of Death 2016Description / Buy
4Death at Nuremberg 2017Description / Buy
5The Enemy of My Enemy 2018Description / Buy

Order of Honor Bound Series with William E. Butterworth IV

1Honor Bound 1994Description / Buy
2Blood and Honor 1996Description / Buy
3Secret Honor 2000Description / Buy
4Death and Honor ( With: William E. Butterworth IV) 2008Description / Buy
5The Honor of Spies ( With: William E. Butterworth IV) 2009Description / Buy
6Victory and Honor ( With: William E. Butterworth IV) 2011Description / Buy
7Empire and Honor ( With: William E. Butterworth IV) 2012Description / Buy

Order of Men at War Series

1The Last Heroes 1985Description / Buy
2The Secret Warriors 1985Description / Buy
3The Soldier Spies / Give Me Liberty 1986Description / Buy
4The Fighting Agents / Into Enemy Hands 1987Description / Buy
5The Saboteurs 2006Description / Buy
6The Double Agents 2007Description / Buy
7The Spymasters 2012Description / Buy

Order of Presidential Agent Series with William E. Butterworth IV, Brian Andrews, Jeffrey Wilson

1By Order of the President 2004Description / Buy
2The Hostage 2006Description / Buy
3The Hunters 2007Description / Buy
4The Shooters 2008Description / Buy
5Black Ops 2008Description / Buy
6The Outlaws ( With: William E. Butterworth IV) 2010Description / Buy
7Covert Warriors ( With: William E. Butterworth IV) 2011Description / Buy
8Hazardous Duty ( With: William E. Butterworth IV) 2013Description / Buy
9Rogue Asset ( With: Brian Andrews, Jeffrey Wilson) 2021Description / Buy

Order of The Corps Series

1Semper Fi 1986Description / Buy
2Call to Arms 1987Description / Buy
3Counterattack 1990Description / Buy
4Battleground 1991Description / Buy
5Line of Fire 1992Description / Buy
6Close Combat 1993Description / Buy
7Behind the Lines 1996Description / Buy
8In Danger's Path 1999Description / Buy
9Under Fire 2002Description / Buy
10Retreat, Hell! 2003Description / Buy

Order of W.E.B. Griffin Standalone Novels

1No French Leave 1960Description / Buy
2Comfort Me with Love (Short Story) 1960Description / Buy
3Hot Seat 1961Description / Buy
4Court Martial 1962Description / Buy
5Hell on Wheels 1962Description / Buy
6The Love-Go-Round 1962Description / Buy
7The Girl in the Black Bikini (Short Story) 1962Description / Buy
8Where Do We Go From Here 1962Description / Buy
9Once More with Passion 1964Description / Buy
10Warrior's Way 1964Description / Buy
11Make War In Madness 1965Description / Buy
12Air Evac 1967Description / Buy
13Helicopter pilot 1967Description / Buy
14Bryan's dog 1967Description / Buy
15l'il wildcat 1967Description / Buy
16Fast Green Car 1969Description / Buy
17Racing To Glory 1969Description / Buy
18Marty and the Micro-Midgets (Short Story) 1970Description / Buy
19Moving West On 122, A Novel 1970Description / Buy
20The Fastest Funny Car 1970Description / Buy
21Fast and smart (Short Story) 1970Description / Buy
22Susan and Her Classic Convertible 1970Description / Buy
23The Twelve Cylinder Screamer (Short Story) 1970Description / Buy
24Steve Bellamy;: A novel, 1970Description / Buy
25Crazy to Race 1971Description / Buy
26Return to Racing 1971Description / Buy
27My Father's Quite a Guy, a Novel, 1971Description / Buy
28Yankee Boy 1971Description / Buy
29Drag Race Driver 1971Description / Buy
30Team Racer 1972Description / Buy
31Dateline 1972Description / Buy
32The narc, 1972Description / Buy
33Long Ride on a Cycle 1972Description / Buy
34Yankee Driver 1973Description / Buy
35Sky-Jacked (Short Story) 1973Description / Buy
36Race car team, 1973Description / Buy
37Dave White & the electric wonder car 1974Description / Buy
38Return to Daytona 1974Description / Buy
39The Roper Brothers And Their Magnificent Steam Automobile 1976Description / Buy
40The Tank Driver 1978Description / Buy
41Next Stop, Earth (Short Story) 1978Description / Buy
42The Hotel Mystery (Short Story) 1979Description / Buy
43Under The Influence 1979Description / Buy
44Slaughter by Auto 1980Description / Buy
45Leroy and the Old Man 1980Description / Buy
46The Wiltons 1980Description / Buy
47Flunking Out 1981Description / Buy
48The air freight mystery 1981Description / Buy
49A Member Of The Family 1982Description / Buy
50Hot Wire 1982Description / Buy
51The Selkirks 1982Description / Buy
52Moose, the Thing, and Me 1982Description / Buy
53Wrecker driver (Short Story) 1990Description / Buy
54Wheel of a Fast Car 2000Description / Buy

Order of M*A*S*H Series as William E. Butterworth III

1M*A*S*H Goes to Maine 1972Description / Buy
2MASH Goes to New Orleans 1975Description / Buy
3Mash Goes To Paris 1975Description / Buy
4MASH Goes to London 1975Description / Buy
5Mash Goes to Morocco 1976Description / Buy
6MASH Goes to Las Vegas 1976Description / Buy
7MASH Goes to Hollywood 1976Description / Buy
8Mash Goes to Miami 1976Description / Buy
9MASH Goes to San Francisco 1976Description / Buy
10Mash Mania 1977Description / Buy
11Mash Goes Texas 1977Description / Buy
12MASH Goes to Moscow 1977Description / Buy
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Because of his notoriety, he has sold 50 million of his books and is featured in a number of different prestigious Journals and publications including The New York Times. W.E.B. also has a diverse background, that starts in the state of Philadelphia and New York City, Leaving the suburbs in 1946, he became part of the U.S. army, after enlisting. It was at this time, that he received basic training along with counterintelligence training in the state of Maryland. He did very well in the army since he was assigned a number of different prominent positions including being placed on an army staff that supported the U.S. Constabulary under the command of I.D. White (General). In 1951, Griffin was in active duty in the Korean war. Since that time, he has served in a number of different prestigious roles including being appointed in a leadership position in the Publication Division.

Along with the extremely rich background that this author has brought to the table, he has been able to write over 50 epic novels in 7 series. All of the novels that he has written has been reported as being on the best selling list of New York Times, Wall Street and the Publisher’s Weekly. Because his list of best selling novels is extraordinary long, we will only brief you on three of his best selling books that people are reading all over the U.S and abroad. These copies have been translated and published in 10 different languages. So, the interest in his work transcends the boundaries of language, while also grabbing the attention of the reader and then walks them into many different types of journeys into the military and its operations .

W.E.B. Griffin Awards:

Over the course of his military and career as an author, he has received a number of different notable awards. Some of the more noteworthy are listed in the information below.

– 1991 Distinguished Service Award
– 1999 News Media Award from the Veterans of Foreign Wars

Best W.E.B. Griffin Books:

Clandestine Operations: CLANDESTINE OPERATIONS is a part of his newest series. With this book, the author takes the viewers in a path that take down a deadly espionage of the Cold War. For those of you who like a thrill, it gives reader a look at the initial start of the CIA, a top secret organization that has been founded to support the U.S. government initiatives. This book can also be described as an incredible mixture of intrigue, diplomacy along with a bit of romance. This writer takes the reader through the actual horrors of the war. Each reader will also have a chance to see the role of intelligence agents in ensuring the army is led to victory.

Presidential Agent: It is not uncommon for people on the outside of various kinds of organizations to want to take a peek at what is going on in many internal organizations. Therefore, he decides to use the President Agent in order to do just that. The Presidential Agent can be described as a cutting-edge insider’s look into a wide variety of different topics, which consists of covert operations in foreign lands, the battle of counter-terrorism, intel and politics.

Honor Bound: Honor bound is also a favorite of many who enjoy reading war stories and how they come out at the end. With this novel, the writer takes the reader through the operations of OSS agents. The reader follows these agents to their assignment into neutral Argentina. Their assignment is to secretly infiltrate and undermine German operations in this country.

W.E.B. Griffin FAQ

Q: Is Griffin a penname?

A: It is one of fourteen pennames for William E. Butterworth III. During the old days he would write pretty much non-stop, publishing three or four books per year. Libraries with limited budgets would not want to buy four books from a single author so Butterworth used a series of pennames to trick them into doing so. Other names included Edmund O. Scholefield, that borrowed from the middle name of his children.

Q:: How did he settle on W.E.B. Griffin?

A: William Butterworth wrote eleven book book adaptions of the movie/TV series M*A*S*H* and when he decided to move into other genres he knew he needed a different name so that readers wouldn’t be let down expecting one thing and getting another. The name got great success and ended up sticking.

The actual name Griffin was taken from the mythical creature called the griffin that has the wings of an eagle and the loins of a lion. Griffin has said that this is how most colonels see themselves so the name was perfect and fitting.

Q:Are there two W.E.B. Griffins?

A: Yes, or sort of. W.E.B. Griffin is a penname for William E. Butterworth III and his co-author/son is William E. Butterworth IV. To make things easier, many people refer to them as “Three” and “Four”. The books will often be published as W.E.B Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV. So there is only one W.E.B. Griffin, but he works closely with his son.

When Does The Next W.E.B. Griffin book come out?

The next book by W.E.B. Griffin is W. E. B. Griffin Rogue Asset and will be released on December, 7th 2021. It is the newest book in the .


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  1. I suppose I’m one of the millions of WEB Griffin fans the greatly enjoyed the books the were authored by WEB and/or WEB and William Butterworth IV. When WEB passed away I have mourned the fact that IV has not continued writing books under either his name or WEB’s name, much like the Tom Clancy books. I think IV would continue the great story lines of his father. I am looking forward to the printing of the next book Rouge Asset, which I believe will be another excellent book co-authored by WEB and IV. I hope to see more books authored by IV written along the storylines of WEB. I think both were/are excellent authors. Frankly, I was a wee bit angry when WEB passed away. In my mind he was great and I really enjoyed his books.

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