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Barkery & Biscuits Mystery is a novel series written by a bestselling American author of romance, mystery and thrillers novels. The author’s first fiction work was featured in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and was the winner of Robert Fish Memorial Award for the category of Best First Mystery Short Story of the year. Since then, the author has had more novellas and short stories published.

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Order of Barkery & Biscuits Mystery Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Bite the Biscuit ( By: Linda O. Johnston) 2015 Description / Buy
2 To Catch a Treat ( By: Linda O. Johnston) 2016 Description / Buy
3 Bad to the Bone ( By: Linda O. Johnston) 2017 Description / Buy
4 Pick and Chews ( By: Linda O. Johnston) 2018 Description / Buy
5 For a Good Paws ( By: Linda O. Johnston) 2019 Description / Buy
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Linda has written two cozy mystery series, the Barkery and Biscuits Mysteries and the Superstition Mysteries featuring dogs. Linda began the publication of Barkery and Biscuits Mysteries series in 2015 when Bite the Biscuit, the series debut novel was published.


These are three best books in Barkery & Biscuits series- Bite the Biscuit, To Catch a Tread and Bad to the Bone

Bite the Biscuit: In the first book in the series, the author introduces the readers to Carrie, a part-time vet tech working at a local office. When her best friend has to leave town to look after her sick mother, Carrie purchases her bakery and divides it into two stores- a Barkery and a bakery.

While Carrie might be learning the tactics of baking for human, but she is a pro at making delicious and healthy dog snacks and determined to make her new business thrive. She does have the aid of two assistants she inherited from her previous employers, and her business is doing pretty well until the day one of her competitor’s ends up dead the day that she and Carrie argued at the store. Since Carrie is the prime suspect, she takes it upon herself to prove that she is innocent before she is arrested.

Bite the Biscuit is an intriguing first series installment with all the elements of a good and cozy mystery and with an engaging and quirky character in a small town setting with a wide array of suspects. The mystery will keep you guessing from the first page to the last. You will fall in love with Carrie’s dog and how the author does a fantastic job of showing how important Biscuit is to Carrie.

The relationship that exists between Carrie and her mother is fantastic. Overall, this is a sweet, cute, cozy mystery. There are various romantic possibilities in the story, but the author doesn’t push Carries into anything in this debut novel- it’s like she is testing out the chemistry. Additionally, the secondary characters in the book are fascinating, the storyline itself is amazing, fast-paced and an overall quick read.

To Catch a Treat: The second book in Barkery & Biscuits mystery by Linda Johnston. In the second book, Carrie continues her job as a vet tech at a local office and as the business owner of the local bakery/bakery. Once again, she finds herself entangled in a murder case only that this time around she is not the suspect, but her Brother Neal’s fiancé Janelle is.

You will love Linda’s characters and how she manages to explore Neal and Carrie’s relationship in the second book. Besides the murder case, the dognapping galore in this story will keep you hooked to the last page. The characters from the previous novel are presents, but the author also adds more about Carrie’s love life that was omitted in the first book but also new players are also introduced.

Bad to the Bone: The third series installment is narrated in first person perspective in the voice of Carrie Kennerly. There is a lot of puppy love in this book, and each of the characters in the book is inevitably a dog lover.

The lead character Carrie still works as a part-time vet technician and also runs a bakery that caters to animal clientele. While working at a clinic, Carrie developed a unique line of dog treats and has been in talks with VimPets rep Jack about the possibility of adding her treats to one of her best inventory lines.

Even though the two have gone out on a few dates in the past, their relationship in this novel is purely professional. Then, Wanda, another VimPets representative makes her way to town claiming to have an intimate relationship with Jack and steps on the toes of other townsfolk. But when she winds up dead, the police have their focus on Billi and Jack. Will Carrie use her sleuthing skills and prove that Jack and Billi innocence?


If you like Barkery & Biscuits Mystery series then you will enjoy reading these other two book series. “Superstition Mystery” Series by Linda O. Johnston and “A Dewberry Farm Mystery” by Karen MacInerney.

What Is The Next Book in The Barkery & Biscuits Mystery Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Barkery & Biscuits Mystery Series. The newest book is For a Good Paws and was released on May, 8th 2019.

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  1. This series combines two of my favorite subgenres, foodie mysteries and pet mysteries, and does it with style. As a dog lover, this is the perfect series for me. The books are easy read, not too violent or filed with sex and bad language which is a positive by me. The best part of this series is the recipes!

    While reading you are often put into an impossible dilemma: keep reading this great story or stop reading and make the great recipe! Sometimes its really hard to keep reading when you are just so hungry!.

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