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Christmas Stories is a series of novellas written by Anne Perry. Anne Perry is a bestselling author best known for works like the William Monk Series and the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt books.

Order of Christmas Stories Series

1A Christmas Journey2003Description / Buy
2A Christmas Visitor2004Description / Buy
3A Christmas Guest2004Description / Buy
4A Christmas Secret2006Description / Buy
5A Christmas Beginning2007Description / Buy
6A Christmas Grace2008Description / Buy
7A Christmas Promise2009Description / Buy
8A Christmas Odyssey2010Description / Buy
9A Christmas Homecoming2011Description / Buy
10A Christmas Garland2012Description / Buy
11A Christmas Hope2013Description / Buy
12A New York Christmas2014Description / Buy
13A Christmas Escape2015Description / Buy
14A Christmas Message2016Description / Buy
15A Christmas Return2017Description / Buy
16A Christmas Revelation2018Description / Buy
17A Christmas Gathering2019Description / Buy
18A Christmas Resolution2020Description / Buy
19A Christmas Legacy2021Description / Buy
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The Christmas Stories novellas are an interesting creation. They are basically small books that use characters from both the Monk and Thomas Pitt series. Rather than a recurring set of protagonists, Anne Perry instead takes supporting characters from her Pitt and Monk novels and places them in unique situations.

The characters are forced to either put their pre-existing sleuthing skills to good use or learn some much needed sleuthing skills to resolve a problem emerging around Christmas, typically a heinous crime for which only Anne’s chosen hero is well equipped to solve.

Anne’s approach to writing the Christmas Stories novellas has been welcomed by most of her fans because she takes characters that play minor role in her other books and then puts them in the driving seat, making them the protagonists of their own story and using the opportunity to either develop them or unveil unknown facets of their lives.

The novellas have allowed Anne Perry’s mystery world to grow, giving more context to characters some readers have probably never given much thought to.

It all began with a Christmas Journey, the first book in the Christmas Stories novellas which was published in 2003 and featured Lady Vespasia Cumming from the Thomas Pitt series.

A Christmas Visitor followed in 2004, this time throwing Mathematician and Inventor Henry Rathbone from the William Monk series into the limelight. Since then, the Christmas Story novellas have become commonplace in Anne Perry’s every expanding world.

Best Christmas Stories Books

The Christmas Stories Novellas have most been a hit, drawing attention from readers that are curious to see Anne Perry’s worlds expand, with some of the best titles in the Christmas Stories series including the following:

A Christmas Journey: A winter Chill has enveloped the Berkshire countryside. It is Christmas time and everyone gathered at Applecross is looking forward to a delicious weekend filled with intrigue and some passionate romance, complemented by mistletoe, candlelight, and roaring fires.

Misfortune is the furthest thing from the minds of the well-born guests in attendance. Even Vespasia Cumming-Gould, a clever aristocrat, and budding sleuth is completely caught off-guard by the death of a young woman, whose apparent suicide elicits shock and awe.

Things take an even more interesting turn when another woman is held partly responsible for the shocking events and ostracized. Gwendolen Kilmuir, determined to expiate her guilt, makes for the Scottish Highlands in the hopes of speaking to the dead girl’s mother and bringing her back for the funeral.

Vespasia accompanies Gwendolen, the journey giving her insight into the victim and the forces that ultimately forced her hand.

A Christmas Journey is effective in its attempts at exploring the snobbier aspects of aristocratic life in Victorian England. Concepts like the Expatiation of a crime prove curious and intriguing, though this book isn’t long enough to provide readers intimate insight into Anne Perry’s world, especially the emotions surrounding the dead girl and those who seemingly drove her to commit suicide.

A Christmas Secret: Christmas holds no allure for Mariah Ellison, the cantankerous Grandmama from the Thomas Pitt Series. Some unexpected Christmas vacation plans on the part of the Pitts drive Ellison to ran away to the provincial Romney Marshes of Caroline and Joshua Fielding, parents to her daughter.

There Ellison meets Maude Barrington, cousin to Joshua, who is friendly enough but also displays some mannerisms and impropriety that push Grandmama too far. Things take a curious turn when Maude fails to wake up and Ellison begins to smell foul play.

While this book seemingly places Ellison in a situation to solve a murder, Anne Perry uses the opportunity to reveal to Grandmama some unexpected truths about herself.

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What Is The Next Book in The Christmas Stories Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Christmas Stories Series. The newest book is A Christmas Legacy and was released on November, 2nd 2021.

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  1. I like these books because Perry takes lesser-known characters from her other books and develops them and really lets them shine. That, combined with the Christmas aspect, make these a favorite for me. Great reads on your own, but even greater to read then discuss with your peers. Lots to unpack since the books connect with others in Perry’s universe.

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