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The name Deep Black refers to a series of novels written by Stephen Coonts. The name also refers to a secret organization within the confines of the Deep Black Series.

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Order of Deep Black Series By: Stephen Coonts, Jim DeFelice, William H. Keith Jr.

# Read Title Published Details
1 Deep Black (By: Stephen Coonts, Jim DeFelice) 2003 Description / Buy
2 Biowar (By: Stephen Coonts, Jim DeFelice) 2004 Description / Buy
3 Dark Zone (By: Stephen Coonts, Jim DeFelice) 2004 Description / Buy
4 Payback (By: Stephen Coonts, Jim DeFelice) 2005 Description / Buy
5 Jihad (By: Stephen Coonts, Jim DeFelice) 2007 Description / Buy
6 Conspiracy (By: Stephen Coonts, Jim DeFelice) 2008 Description / Buy
7 Arctic Gold (By: Stephen Coonts, William H. Keith Jr.) 2009 Description / Buy
8 Sea of Terror (By: Stephen Coonts, William H. Keith Jr.) 2010 Description / Buy
9 Death Wave (By: Stephen Coonts, William H. Keith Jr.) 2011 Description / Buy
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The Deep Black novels tell the story of Charlie Dean, a skilled operative that was once a sniper for the Marines. Dean has since found work with the National Security Agency. When Cyber threats arise and attempt to bring forth chaos, it falls upon the shoulders of a team of special agents operating under the umbrella of Deep Black to protect world peace.

Charlie and his team bring a techno edge to the fight against terror. Specializing in covert operations that are purposed towards eliminating the Cyber threats in question, Charlie is brought on board because he has the competency to execute nearly impossible assignments.

The Stephen Coonts novels are very reminiscent of the author’s other international thrillers. You have a highly capable alpha male that always comes through when the world is threatened. The bad guys seem to know his name, and the smart ones have a healthy respect for him. And the women always give him a second look, not because he is especially handsome but because of the confident and gruff exterior that he presents.

Deep Black, the first novel in the Deep Black series, allows readers to see Charlie Dean in action for the first time when a spy plane on an information gathering mission is blown out of the sky. The incident sees Charlie and his team deployed to Russia to investigate, thus leading to the discovery of a plan to assassinate the Russian president.

The Russians are not especially interested in asking a United States Security Agency for help. But Deep Black doesn’t exactly ask for permission when they deploy with the intention of safeguarding the democracy of Russia.

Key to Charlie Dean’s efforts is Lia DeFrancesca, a former Delta Force Trooper. Tough as nails and pretty foul-mouthed, Lia shares a connection with Charlie, though the attraction between them is rarely verbalized.

These books have been criticized for being somewhat of a step down from the Jake Grafton series. In fact, some of Stephen Coonts’ fans think he gave everything he had to offer as an author to the Jake Grafton books and that, with the Deep Black novels, he is clearly struggling and failing to reproduce the thrills and the tension.

Best Deep Black Books

The Deep Black Books tend to attract positive reviews from first-time fans of Stephen Coonts because they are less likely to compare the series with Coonts’ earlier works, with some of the best books in the Deep Black Series including:

Deep Black: No one knows whether or not the downing of a spy plane collecting information on a new Russian Weapon was an accident. There are those who think that the first shot in the third World War might have been fired.

Either way, a covert operations team called Deep Black is deployed to investigate. Charlie Dean teams up with Lia DeFrancesca as the ex-Marine Sniper and the former Delta Force Trooper try to get to bottom of things.

The team discovers that someone is out to kill the Russian President, throwing the Nation’s democracy back into the Stone Age. Deep Black has no intention of letting that happen and they make it their mission to prevent the coup.

The mission gets complicated when Charlie learns that one of the passengers on the destroyed spy plane survived. It becomes a race to find him before the information he knows falls into the wrong hands.

Biowar: Doctor James Keagan is gone. He was last seen at his upstate New York home and now, no one can find him. This is problematic because James is the most renowned germ warfare expert in the world.

The presence of a dead man in the wake of James’ disappearance piques the interest of his friend, Charlie Dean, an NSA Operative. Charlie makes it his mission to investigate James’ associates in the company of Lia Francesca with the hopes of finding his friend.

The investigation brings to light a terrorist threat looking to unleash a centuries old virus.

Other Book Series You May Like

The “Jake Grafton” Series by Stephen Coonts is another great series. These books tell the story of a fighter pilot who starts his military career fighting in the skies during the Vietnam War and then proceeds to engage in numerous adventures once the war ends, rising through the ranks of the military in the process.

You may also enjoy the “Tommy Carmellini” Series by Stephen Coonts. These books follow the exploits of a jewel thief who becomes a CIA operative and begins to contend with threats against the country, learning the ropes of being a CIA agent along the way.

What Is The Next Book in The Deep Black Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Deep Black Series. The newest book is Death Wave and was released on November, 29th 2011.

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