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Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James is a series of novels written by Deborah Crombie. Deborah began publishing the books in 1993. The series follows a superintendent in Scotland Yard and his wife, who is also a Detective inspector.

Order of Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James Series

1A Share in Death1993Description / Buy
2All Shall Be Well1994Description / Buy
3Leave the Grave Green1996Description / Buy
4Mourn Not Your Dead1996Description / Buy
5Dreaming of the Bones1997Description / Buy
6Kissed a Sad Goodbye1999Description / Buy
7A Finer End2001Description / Buy
8And Justice There Is None2002Description / Buy
9Now May You Weep2003Description / Buy
10In a Dark House2004Description / Buy
11Water Like a Stone2007Description / Buy
12Where Memories Lie2008Description / Buy
13Necessary as Blood2009Description / Buy
14No Mark Upon Her2011Description / Buy
15The Sound of Broken Glass2013Description / Buy
16To Dwell in Darkness2014Description / Buy
17Garden of Lamentations2017Description / Buy
18A Bitter Feast2019Description / Buy
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Working side by side, the two solve seemingly impossible crimes, and murders.

Deborah Crombie was taught to read by her grandmother when she was four. After some difficulties in her education that saw her drop out of High School at sixteen, Deborah was eventually able to graduate with a Biology Degree.

The Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James series can be traced all the way back to the trip Deborah took to England after university. She fell in love with Britain and even immigrated to the country after marrying Peter Crombie, her first Husband.

A Share in Death, Deborah’s first book, came together in 1993 after she moved to Dallas, and then took a trip to Yorkshire. The book found Superintendant Duncan Kincaid enjoying a week’s holiday in a luxurious timeshare.

When he encounters a murder, not even the challenging local constabulary will stop him from doing his duty and finding the perpetrators of the heinous crime. Sergeant Gemma James, his young assistant, comes along for the ride.

Deborah only writes Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James novels and she has achieved a lot of success as a result. Her books have been published in numerous countries. The lover of tea, cocktails, cooking and reading, not to mention bird watching travels to England several times a year to mine ideas for her books.

Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James Awards

Deborah Crombie’s first book in this crime series earned her Agatha and Macavity nominations in 1993 (Best First Novel). She went on to be shortlisted for the Edgar Award for Best Novel for Dreaming of the Bones, her fifth book in the Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James series.

She eventually won the Macavity Award for Dreaming of Bones and Where Memories Lie, though she was even more honored to have her books included in the list of best mysteries of the century by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association.

Best Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James Books

Deborah Crombie’s crime series has continued to dominate many bestseller lists, with some of the best books she has written in the series including the following:

Mourn Not Your Dead: Commander Alastair Gilbert from the metropolitan Police is beaten to death. The crime at Holmbury St Mary isn’t one that Superintendant Duncan Kincaid wants to investigate. It doesn’t help that his feelings for Sergeant Gemma James are a little tangled.

In an investigation that is so sensitive, he cannot afford to be overwhelmed by personal matters.

The murder in this book finds Duncan and Gemma struggling to define their relationship. Gemma doesn’t like the fact that they are getting so close. Both of them know that if their personal relationship breaks down, their professional relationship will suffer.

Deborah does a great job of plotting this crime novel. The book is pretty traditional as far as police procedurals go. The characters are surprisingly realistic; Deborah avoids overly melodramatic scenarios. She is a very visual author, with realistic dialogue.

Where Memories Lie: Detective Inspector Gemma James’ neighbor needs help. Erika Rosenthal and her husband were refugees who fled from Nazi Germany. Erika is very suspicious about a piece jewelry that was stolen from her a long time ago and which suddenly appears at a London Auction house.

Erika thinks the theft might be connected to the death of her husband. She asks Gemma to look into his suicide and the jewelry theft. For Gemma, tracing the theft of the jewelry means digging into the monied societies of London. But before she can do anything, the case, which has gone cold, must first be put back on the books.

For that, she will need the help of her partner Duncan Kincaid.

Erika has been a part of Gemma’s life for quite a while now, the rock she can rely on when things get tough. As such, she is more than ready to come to her aid when Erika’s demons come back to haunt her.

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What Is The Next Book in The Duncan Kincaid/gemma James Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Duncan Kincaid/gemma James Series. The newest book is A Bitter Feast and was released on October, 8th 2019.


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