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Firstborn is a series of Christian Fiction novels written by Karen Kingsbury. The books explore the romantic journey of Dayne Matthews and Katy Hart, a man and a woman from starkly diverse backgrounds.

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Order of Firstborn Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Fame ( By: Karen Kingsbury) 2005 Description / Buy
2 Forgiven ( By: Karen Kingsbury) 2005 Description / Buy
3 Found ( By: Karen Kingsbury) 2006 Description / Buy
4 Family ( By: Karen Kingsbury) 2006 Description / Buy
5 Forever ( By: Karen Kingsbury) 2007 Description / Buy
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It wouldn’t be inaccurate to categorize the Firstborn books as romance. There is definitely plenty of romance at play. However, even when the protagonists of this series are helplessly yearning for one another, the Christian message always takes center stage.

Karen Kingsbury uses her characters to explore the difficulties that Christians typically encounter on their journey of faith. She looks at the problems that can assault even the most devoted Christians, not to mention the doubts that engulf those whose faith does not stand on stable ground.

She endeavors to show the manner in which God’s word and his power can bring healing to even the most thoroughly devastated lives.

It is worth noting that even though Firstborn is categorized as an independent series, it is actually a continuation of the Redemption series. Dayne Matthews, the hero of Firstborn, was first introduced in Reunion, the final novel in the Redemption series.

As a result, one is encouraged to read the Redemption novels first before proceeding to Firstborn. Even though Karen works hard to provide all the background information one requires to understand the plot threads in play, it can prove confusing.

Additionally, reading the Firstborn series first will spoil the Redemption series for anyone that hasn’t read it.

While the Firstborn and Redemption series both focus on the Baxter family, the Firstborn books primarily follow the adventures of Dayne Matthews and Katy Hart, with the Baxter family only playing a secondary role.

Dayne Matthews is a pretty successful movie star when readers meet him in Fame, the first novel in the Firstborn series. Dayne has money, fame, friends and every other element that a man would want to be happy.

But Dayne isn’t happy. There is a yearning in his heart that he cannot escape, a yearning he believes he can finally satisfy when he meets Katy Hart.

Dayne fell for Katy from the moment he laid eyes on her. Something about her innocent demeanor drew him in. So when he undertakes a massive new movie project, Dayne quickly determines that Katy is the one actress he needs to achieve success.

Katy started out in the film business but unfortunate circumstances drove her to find solace in a rural town. By the time Dayne meets her, Katy is helping children find their purpose in God as the director of a Christian Kids Theater.

She is completely caught off guard when Hollywood comes knocking on her door.

The Firstborn series is spent following Dayne and Katy around as they each attempt to not only come to terms with their personal demons but to also make sense of their feelings for one another.

A lot of emphases is placed on the dangers that fame and fortune present, not to mention the freedom that comes from trusting God. In the background, John Baxter tries to heal the cracks in his family by bringing the firstborn son of the Baxter clan back into the fold.

Firstborn Awards

Found, the third novel in the series was awarded a Christian Retailing’s Best Women’s Fiction Prize in 2007.

Best Firstborn Books

The firstborn novels can be enjoyed on their own, though one is more likely to appreciate their stories if they have read Karen Kingsbury’s other Baxter Family books, with the best titles in the series including:

Found: John Baxter promised his wife that he would find their firstborn son. Since then, he has been praying for a way to fulfill that promise before the next family reunion. Unfortunately for John, the answer to his prayers isn’t particularly appealing.

Dayne is spiraling. He just received some crushing news and he doesn’t know how to proceed. With the future suddenly so bleak, Dayne tries to find comfort in the one girl he cannot seem to forget.

Forever: Katy thought her future with Dayne Matthews was finally set. They would marry and start their new lives on the shores of Lake Monroe. But recent news might make that dream all but impossible.

This is as the paparazzi turn their attention to Katy and the Baxter family, making their attempts to pull together and support one another through trying times so much more difficult.

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Readers will also enjoy the “Bailey Flannigan” Series by Karen Kingsbury. This companion series to the Baxter family books follows the exploits of Bailey Flannigan, a young woman who leaves her family and small town for New York City where she attempts to breathe new life into her acting career.

What Is The Next Book in The Firstborn Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Firstborn Series. The newest book is Forever and was released on March, 3rd 2007.

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