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The Frieda Klein series of books revolves around a psychologist who lives in London and is in her 30s when we first meet her. Frieda Klein uses her skills and knowledge of psychology to help the police track down some of the worst psychopaths roaming Britain’s streets. The books follow Frieda Klein, a psychotherapist in London that solves murders. Frieda, who is in her mid-thirties, is written as quite the mysterious character. The Frieda Klein series of psychological thrillers written by the husband and wife team Sean French and Nicci Gerrard, who write under the name of Nicci French.

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Order of Frieda Klein Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Blue Monday ( By: Nicci French) 2011 Description / Buy
2 Tuesday's Gone ( By: Nicci French) 2012 Description / Buy
3 Waiting for Wednesday ( By: Nicci French) 2013 Description / Buy
4 Thursday's Children / Thursday's Child ( By: Nicci French) 2014 Description / Buy
5 Friday on My Mind ( By: Nicci French) 2015 Description / Buy
6 Dark Saturday / Saturday Requiem ( By: Nicci French) 2016 Description / Buy
7 Sunday Silence / Sunday Morning Coming Down ( By: Nicci French) 2017 Description / Buy
8 Day of the Dead ( By: Nicci French) 2018 Description / Buy
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We are first introduced to Frieda Klein in the first book in the series, Blue Monday, which was published in 2011. When a young boy is abducted, there is a national investigation, with the young boy’s face plastered all across the media. When one of Frieda Klein’s patients claims to be having dreams about this young boy, being able to give her accurate details of him, she is left troubled and goes to the police with her concerns. When this ties into a child abduction over two decades, both the police and Frieda must do what they can to stop a deadly psychopath and find the adducted child before it is too late.

The second book in the Frieda Klein series of books, Tuesday’s Gone, was published in 2012. This was then followed in 2013 by Waiting for Wednesday, and you can start to see a recurring theme in the titles of the Frieda Klein series here.

That naming theme continued with the fourth book in the Frieda Klein series, Thursday’s Child. In Thursday’s Child, we get more of an insight into the past life of Frieda Klein. We are told of an incident, whhen Frieda was a teenager, where she was savagely attacked at home. The problem was compounded when no-one would believe her story, including her family. After this, Frieda left her friends and family behind to study to become a psychologist. Back in the present day, a face from Frieda’s past shows up who tells her that her daughter was attacked at home in a similar fashion to the decades-old attack. Frieda must go back to her small home town and find out just who the culprit is in a town full of secrets. Thursday’s Child was published in 2014.

In 2015, the fifth book in the Frieda Klein series of book was published, Friday on my Mind, which continued the great critical acclaim that the Frieda Klein has been receiving from the public and critics alike.

Frieda’s defining trait is her insomnia. Because she cannot sleep, the character spends many of her nights just walking the streets of London, enjoying the quiet and the calm. Frieda enjoys her privacy above all else. In fact, no one knows much about her, which isn’t surprising because she doesn’t allow anyone to enter her home.

And the only real close relation she has is Chloe, her niece. Despite her seemingly detached persona, Frieda Klein is a compassionate person, one who is willing to use her skills to solve mysteries that she comes across.

And Frieda Klein often finds herself unwittingly involved in the goings on of mysteries. Blue Monday, the first book in the Frieda Klein series, finds Frieda dealing with the fact that one of her patients is having dreams about a boy who resembles a five-year-old victim of abduction.

While it initially occurs to Frieda to seek help from the police, she doesn’t think they will believe her claims. For that reason, Frieda takes a chance and attempts to solve the case herself, a decision that proves fruitful because the psychotherapist has the uncanny ability to understand disturbed minds like few other people.

The Frieda Klein books are the work of Nicci French. Nicci French isn’t a person but a pseudonym used by a husband and wife. Nicci Gerrard and Sean French have been writing psychological thrillers for quite a while now.

Nicci is a graduate of Oxford University where she studied English literature. She also attended Sheffield University before finding teaching positions in Los Angeles and London.

Nicci was married once before, with her marriage eventually failing.

Sean also studied English Literature at Oxford. In fact, Sean and Nicci met at the university. Both authors eventually went into the field of journalism, working at various magazines and newspapers before finally taking to writing novels.

Both Sean and Nicci have written books separately, though it is their work as Nicci French that has garnered the authors the most attention.

Best Frieda Klein Books

Nicci French doesn’t garner nearly as much attention as he deserves, this despite writing some truly impressive psychological thrillers, with some of the best books in the Frieda Klein series including:

Blue Monday: When Matthew Farraday disappears, the entire country rises up and calls for justice. The resulting police hunt is desperate. However, even with his picture plastered on every street corner, there is little in the way of results.

Frieda Klein thinks she might have a clue, one that could break the case wide open. Frieda grows concerned when one of her patients begins to describe a series of dreams featuring a child eerily similar to Mathew.

DCI Karlsson initially ignores Frieda’s claims. However, he has little choice but to seek her help when he stumbles upon a clue hidden within a disturbed mind. Frieda knows that if she can follow the trail of a psychopath’s mind, she can save a life.

This book introduces Frieda Klein to readers, painting her as quite the unique individual. Frieda makes a lot of mistakes but she also proves herself to be a valuable tool, especially when she allies with DCI Karlsson.

Tuesday’s Gone: A London Social Worker is shocked to stumble upon her client serving tea to a decomposing corpse. DCI Karlsson doesn’t know how to begin identifying the dead man, so he turns to Frieda for help.

Frieda quickly identifies the corpse as that of a con man by the names of Robert Poole. However, even though her work seems to be done, Frieda cannot help but feel that there is more for her to do.

The second book in the Frieda Klein series begins with a mentally ill woman attending to a corpse in her home. Frieda is brought in to help identify the dead man only to become embroiled in a con game.

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Frieda Klein FAQs

Q: Who writes the Frieda Klein series of books?

A: The Frida Klein series of books is written by Nicci French, which is the pen name of the husband and wife writing team of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French.

Q: What is the first book in the Frieda Klein series?

A: The first book in the Frieda Klein series is called Blue Monday, which was published in 2011.

What Is The Next Book in The Frieda Klein Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Frieda Klein Series. The newest book is Day of the Dead and was released on July, 24th 2018.

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