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Gabe Treloar is the main character in a series of mystery books written by an American author of thriller, mystery and historical fiction books John Maddox Roberts. Gabe is a burnt-out California detective working as a private investigator to solve crimes. Roberts began publication of Gabe Treloar series in 1994 when A Typical American Town, the first book in the series was published. The series lasted three books concluding in 1997 with Desperate Highways.

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Order of Gabe Treloar Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Typical American Town (By: John Maddox Roberts) 1994 Description / Buy
2 The Ghosts of Saigon ( By: John Maddox Roberts) 1996 Description / Buy
3 Desperate Highways ( By: John Maddox Roberts) 1997 Description / Buy
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These are three best books in Gabe Treloar series by John Maddox Roberts, A Typical American Town, The Ghosts of Saigon and Desperate Highways.

A Typical American Town: The first book in Gabe Treloar series by John Roberts, the author of the Edgar Award-nominated historical series. In his debut novel, Maddox introduces us to a modern-day detective named Gabe Treloar. He is an out of work California police officer on his way east to begin his new life as a private eye. However his trip is temporarily blocked, and he ends up in his native town of Monticello, Ohio- also known as “typical American town.”

Physically and mentally exhausted from the years of external pressure and stress Treloar is somehow rekindled by a reunion with his childhood lover Lola Cohan and is hesitant to leave town to his earlier destination. The man finds a kindred spirit in his landlady named Edna Tutts. Hiding some skeletons in the closet, the older woman is, however, sympathetic and warm in Gabe’s life. But when the landlady winds up dead, Gabe becomes the primary suspect in the eyes of both the chief of police and the local town sheriff.

Determined to hunt down and bring Edna’s murderers to justice, Treloar discovers that he is coming back to life with revenge as he tries to investigate why anyone would kill such a gentle and brave woman. Digging deeper into Edna’s life, Treloar keeps on uncovering more deeply buried secrets in this typical American town.

Ghost of Saigon: Private investigator Gabe would never have attended a reunion of his Vietnam team if there had not been a letter of jarring urgency in Mitchell’s invitation. He discovers why when Mitchell, now a prominent movie producer informs him that a particular adversary of theirs has resurfaced after disappearing more than two decades ago.

Martin Starr was a criminal back in the days, and he is still. He showed up in California and is still threatening the actors in Mitchell’s current production; a story set in Saigon a city in Vietnam. Mitchell is desperate to get the criminal out of his life, and so he turns to Treloar for help. Forming alliances with the enigmatic private detective Connie Armijo, Treloar follows the criminal trail to Nam and lastly to a dramatic climax in California.

Desperate Highways: Distraught and almost confused, Randall Carson takes a flight from his main office in Cleveland heads to Knoxville to assign his best private detective Gabe Treloar with the most important case his investigation firm has ever had. Treloar must safely bring home Randall’s missing daughter, 23-year-old Sybil who apparently took off with Nick Switzer, a man with a long record. Treloar will do anything for his boss, the man who trained him on how to be a good cop and also gave him a civilian job too.

Gabe soon hunts down the pair to Memphis where he soon discovers that they have been involved in cult undertakings. When evidence sends him to Las Vegas, Treloar realizes that he must go undercover if he is to find the whereabouts of a couple who pulled a scam and now a target of very bad people before they come to any harm. But by jumping into the fray, the private investigator has placed his dear life on the crosshairs.

Brilliantly written, the third book in Gabe Treloar mysteries lives to the same level of excellence of the two previous novels (A typical American town and The ghosts of Saigon). The plot is brilliantly woven with plenty of twists and turns.


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What Is The Next Book in The Gabe Treloar Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Gabe Treloar Series. The newest book is Desperate Highways and was released on January, 1st 1997.

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