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Newpointe 911 is a series of thriller/suspense novels written by Terri Blackstock, a renowned Christian author.

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Order of Newpointe 911 Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Private Justice ( By: Terri Blackstock) 1998 Description / Buy
2 Shadow of Doubt ( By: Terri Blackstock) 1998 Description / Buy
3 Word of Honor ( By: Terri Blackstock) 1998 Description / Buy
4 Trial by Fire ( By: Terri Blackstock) 2000 Description / Buy
5 Line of Duty ( By: Terri Blackstock) 2003 Description / Buy
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The books revolve around the troubles that seem to plague the firefighters, police officers and people of authority in a small town. The focus isn’t only on the trials of the firefighters and their ilk but the challenges that come the way of their families and neighbors in Newpointe, Louisiana.

Private Justice, the first book in the series, sets the tone for Terri Blackstock’s books. The novel takes readers to Newpointe during a time of considerable tribulation. Someone is killing the wives of firefighters. A few have already perished and the rest are in a state of panic. One character, in particular, Mark, a firefighter, doesn’t know how he can keep his wife from harm when their relationship is so strained.

With the marriage seemingly coming to an end, Mark is at his wits end in his attempts at maneuvering two crises, and it isn’t long before he begins to question whether he has been abandoned by God. It takes a concerted effort on his part to search the scriptures for Mark to finally acquire the answers he seeks.

This personifies the general theme of the Newpointe 911 series. The characters are beset by trials, tribulations, and mysteries. And as they come face to face with the evils of mankind, they struggle to maintain their faith.

From heinous crimes to manmade disasters, each new challenge tests the moral strength of the people of Newpointe. They are thrust into situations that force them to question the very existence of God, not to mention the idea that he would allow bad things to happen to so many good people.

Sufficing to say, fans of Terri Blackstock might be surprised by all the death and mayhem in the Newpointe 911 series. But, like most Terri Blackstock books, this series never gets too dark or dreary. There is always an underlying message of hope.

The characters are forced to realize that God always has a plan for their lives and that plan isn’t always free of pain. They must simply learn to trust and to proceed with faith.

Terri started her publishing career as a romance writer, though many of her earlier novels were written under pseudonyms. It comes as no surprise that romance is a critical aspect of the Newpointe 911 series.

There’s always someone in the small town looking for love, falling in love or struggling to stay in love.

Best Newpointe 911 books

Terri Blackstock never seizes to surprise; her books always bring a new flavor to the table and the Newpointe 911 novels are no different, with some of the best books in the series including:

Private Justice: When the wife of a fireman is murdered, the incident tests the mettle of the small community of Newpointe in Louisiana. When another wife falls and a third barely escapes with her life, it becomes obvious that a serial killer is stalking the southern town.

Mark Branning is worried that his wife might be next but he doesn’t know how well he can protect her when their marriage is seemingly approaching the cliff edge. Mark knows that his commitment to his wife must be renewed and, for that, he will need to seek God. Only then will their problems be solved.

The first book in the Newpointe 911 series tells a story of faith and fear as a series of murders threaten the relationships of a small community. Elements of redemption and the power of belief are highlighted.

Shadow of Doubt: When Detective Stan Shepherd is poisoned by arsenic, his wife Celia is the only rational suspect, primarily because Celia’s first husband died in similar circumstances and only a technicality saved her from a lengthy jail sentence.

With her past seemingly coming back to haunt her, Celia begins to wonder whether her troubles might be related to an old flame who recently came to town.

Attorney Jill Clark thinks that there might be more to Celia’s case. The evidence against her is a little too neat and it doesn’t seem like Celia’s Christian faith is a sham. If Celia has been framed, then there is a killer on the loose.

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The “Cape Refugee” Series by Terri Blackstock is another popular one. Cape Refuge is a little town in Georgia filled with simple folk living simple lives. However, things keep taking complicated turns as murder and mayhem become the order of the day. The residents of Cape Refugee find their faith and their understanding of the Bible tested.

What Is The Next Book in The Newpointe 911 Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Newpointe 911 Series. The newest book is Line of Duty and was released on January, 2nd 2003.

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