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The Cape Refuge is a series of Christian mystery novels by USA Today and New York Times bestselling author, Terri Blackstock. Blackstock published “Cape Refuge”, the first novel in the series in 2002. The series of Christian mysteries is set in the fictional city of Cape Refuge, Georgia, from which the novels derive their name.

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Order of Cape Refuge Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Cape Refuge ( By: Terri Blackstock) 2002 Description / Buy
2 Southern Storm ( By: Terri Blackstock) 2003 Description / Buy
3 River's Edge ( By: Terri Blackstock) 2004 Description / Buy
4 Breaker's Reef ( By: Terri Blackstock) 2005 Description / Buy
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Thelma and Wayne Owen are brutally killed in a warehouse. Grief-stricken, Morgan and Blair launch their own investigation to help Matthew Cade, the town’s young police chief, find the real killer. A motley crew of suspects makes for some great suspense building and an intricate plot twisting, as the death of the two sister’s parents is dissected and investigated which brings up long hidden memories and histories of the family including how Blair came to be disfigured.

Cape Refuge the first novel in the series introduces Blair and Morgan two sisters whose parents Thelma and Wayne Owens the proprietors of a bed and breakfast in Cape Refuge, are brutally murdered. Jonathan who is married to Morgan helps out in the B and B and is the prime suspect in the killing, having has a heated argument with his in-laws a few days earlier. The two sisters are convinced that Jonathan had nothing to do with the murders, and decide to run their own investigation to find the real killer and clear Jonathan’s name.

Terri Blackstock weaves in the young police Chief Mathew Cade who is the lead investigator, and a raft of suspects and shady characters. What follows is a suspense-filled novel that lays bare the dark history of the family in a narrative that demonstrates just why Blackstock won the Christian Retailers Choice Award in 2007.


“Rivers Edge”, the third novel in the Cape Refuge series of novels was suspense/mystery finalist for the 2005 Christian Retailing’s Best. It was also nominee for the 2005 Christy Award in the Suspense category.


Breakers Reef: The fourth novel in the series is one of the most appreciated novels in the Cape Refuge series of novels. Starting out with a bang, it is a suspense-filled narrative following the lead characters as they investigate the murder of a teenage girl. A teenage girl is found murdered and a few days later, another body is found in eerily similar circumstances, before another girl goes missing. The baffling thing is that all evidence point to chief of police Mathew Cade as the prime suspect in the killing, even as he protests his innocence, insisting that someone is out to frame him.

The award-winning Rivers Edge: is the third novel in the series and is one of the its most highly regarded. The city of Cape Refuge has been experiencing a rise in murder cases putting a lot of pressure on Police Chief Cade, in the run up to the mayoral elections. Two of the candidates Sam and Ben believe he is doing a terrible job and want him gone. But things come to a head when Lisa, Ben’s wife disappears only to turn up dead, piling even more pressure on Cade to find the killer. What follows is a wild investigation as rumors of Ben’s affairs and possible involvement in the murder run rife.

Southern Storm: The second novel in the series is an enthralling narrative in the Cape Refuge series with one of the wildest plot twists of the novels in the series. A man walks into oncoming traffic and is instantly killed leaving Mathew Cade devastated. But he soon learns that the man was shot just before he was run over making it imperative to investigate the case as a murder rather than as an accident. What follows is a case full of intrigue that ropes in the unlikeliest of suspects.


Many Cape Refuge series fans also love the “O’Malley” series of novels by Dee Henderson. These are detective mysteries featuring the O’Malleys, a group of seven women orphaned and abandoned as teens who are committed and loyal family members that help each other out with their troubles.

Fans of the Cape Refuge series of novels also love the “Rock Harbor” series of novels by Collen Coble. The series of novels are light detective romantic suspense novels featuring Bree Nicholls. Bree is an amateur sleuth in Rock Harbor, Michigan where she helps solve a range of bizarre murder mysteries.

What Is The Next Book in The Cape Refuge Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Cape Refuge Series. The newest book is Breaker's Reef and was released on January, 1st 2005.

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