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“Paladin of Shadows” by John Ringo is a series of modern techno thrillers similar to the Tom Clancy military science fiction, though they have more of an action focus and closeness to the ground and less of the politics. The first novel of the series was the novel “Ghost” that Ringo published in 2005 to much popularity among genre fans.

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Order of Paladin Of Shadows Series By: John Ringo, Ryan Sear

# Read Title Published Details
1 Ghost ( By: John Ringo) 2005 Description / Buy
2 Kildar ( By: John Ringo) 2006 Description / Buy
3 Choosers of the Slain ( By: John Ringo) 2006 Description / Buy
4 Unto the Breach ( By: John Ringo) 2006 Description / Buy
5 A Deeper Blue ( By: John Ringo) 2007 Description / Buy
6 Tiger by the Tail (By: John Ringo, Ryan Sear) 2012 Description / Buy
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The lead character of the series is Michael Harmon otherwise known as Ghost or alternatively as Mike Jenkins. He is a self-proclaimed repressed rapist and sadist that had once served as Navy Boatswain in the United States Navy. He is also a very skilled practitioner of martial arts and is very good with guns having worked in training of American Navy SEALs. He earned his fortune when he rescued several abducted women, thereby earning the respect and gratitude of several states and acquiring a dozen high level connections that prove life changing. He takes on a James Bond solo operative style of work with travel throughout Europe and the United States as part of his many briefs.

“Ghost” the first novel of the series opens to Michael Harmon calling it quits from intelligence work after fifteen years of special ops duty. He goes back to school and attends the University of Georgia as an undergraduate student, where he finds it impossible to kick his habit of speculating and stalking other people. But his nose for trouble soon leads him to deserted warehouse where he learns of a sinister terrorist plot to kidnap dozens of women. Reactivating his military and special ops training, he kills most of the terrorist and tracks down the abducted women and rescues them.

He now heads to Syria and in the following action he learns of even deadlier plots. The jihadists are planning assassination of world leaders, WMD production, sexual slavery, and rogue nukes that leads to the penultimate showdown. It is an excellent novel that showcases Ringo’s brilliant story telling skills that have made him one of the most popular international thriller authors ever.


Unto the Breach: The fourth novel of the series is deemed as one of its best. Michael Harmon had stopped nuclear assaults assassinated terrorists and rescued coeds, but now he wants to just relax and enjoy his retirement. But the evil of the world will not let him rest as he is soon back in the thick of things tracking down a doomsday weapon, and a pair of rogue bio scientists allied with terrorists. It is going to take some nastiness and hardness to stop the people looking to end the world. Fortunately, Mike Harmon and his elite team have what it takes to stop the terrorists in their tracks. But will it be enough to stop them for good given their versatility?

Kidar: The second novel of the “Paladin of Shadows” series of another is another explosive novel in which Mike Harmon’s problems never seem to end. He has just angered most terrorists on the planet and five states to boot. With such bad blood against him, going underground and becoming a farmer in the third world seems like a very viable alternative. But nothing has ever been that simple for Mike as Chechen terrorists threaten the tranquility of farming, and if they achieve their aims they could put the Keldara back into the 5th century. But despite the dangers all round him he is never one to just keep his head down, as he has his own Valhalla full of drinking and beautiful women, even as he fights to drag Keldara into the 21st century.

Choosers of the Plain: Another brilliant novel of the series is the third novel of the series. Mike Harmon has just kicked back to relax in his newly adopted country of Georgia when he is contracted to track down an American kidnapped and sold into the Balkans as a sex slave.


Many fans of the “Paladin of Shadows” series of novels also like the “Belisarius” series of novels by David Drake. These are alternate history novels about a political struggle that results in the losers establishing a eugenics program that molds humanity through a complex AI program.

“Paladin of Shadows” series fans also enjoy the “Nantucket Trilogy” by S.M. Stirling. These are alternate history novels in which the US Coast Guard ship and the Island of Nantucket find themselves in the thirteenth century.

What Is The Next Book in The Paladin Of Shadows Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Paladin Of Shadows Series. The newest book is Tiger by the Tail and was released on December, 16th 2012.

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