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Serge A. Storms is a fictional protagonist in many of Tim Dorsey’s novels. In most of the author’s books, he is in his mid-forties; he is described as thin and tall, muscular with dark and grey hair. Serge has been diagnosed with a variety of mental illness, and several drugs have been administered to help him stable. The drugs are often effective, but Serge refuses to take them due to their side effects. When he is free from the drugs, Serge transforms into a maniac and becomes obsessed with trivial things.

Order of Serge A. Storms Series

1Florida Roadkill1999Description / Buy
2Hammerhead Ranch Motel2000Description / Buy
3Orange Crush2001Description / Buy
4Triggerfish Twist2002Description / Buy
5The Stingray Shuffle2003Description / Buy
6Cadillac Beach2004Description / Buy
7Torpedo Juice2005Description / Buy
8The Big Bamboo2006Description / Buy
9Hurricane Punch2007Description / Buy
10Atomic Lobster2008Description / Buy
11Nuclear Jellyfish2009Description / Buy
12Gator A-Go-Go2010Description / Buy
13Electric Barracuda2011Description / Buy
14When Elves Attack2011Description / Buy
15Pineapple Grenade2012Description / Buy
16The Riptide Ultra-Glide2013Description / Buy
17Tropical Warning (Short Story)2013Description / Buy
18Tiger Shrimp Tango2014Description / Buy
19Shark Skin Suite2015Description / Buy
20Coconut Cowboy2016Description / Buy
21Clownfish Blues2017Description / Buy
22The Pope of Palm Beach2018Description / Buy
23No Sunscreen for the Dead2019Description / Buy
24Naked Came the Florida Man2020Description / Buy
25Tropic of Stupid2021Description / Buy
26Mermaid Confidential2022Description / Buy
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Despite being mentally ill, Serge is a charismatic and such a likable person, somewhat more liberal version of Joseph Heller’s character Yossarian. Serge quickly flies into a homicidal rage in case a person or an event offends his strong sense of justice. The cops consider him as a serial killer for the strings of murders that he has committed. He acts as an independent vigilante administering rough and creative death penalties for criminals.

Born during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Serge ages in real time. For instance, he is 35years in Triggerfish Twist, but in Hurricane Punch, he is 44 years. The age makes him undergo midlife crisis causing him to experience religious awakening and switch back to the killing spree.


Serge Storm books have been optioned for adaptation into a television series titled Florida Roadkill by Sonar Entertainment. Josh Stoddard and Evan Endicott are set to write the adaptation and also produce the film.


These are two best books in Serge A. Storm series by Tim Dorsey, Florida Roadkill (1999) and Torpedo Juice (2005).

Florida Roadkill is the first book in Serge A. Storm series. The story introduces Serge Storm, an independent vigilante who loves eliminating “pests” and jerks. Then there is his partner, Coleman, a man who loves watching cartoons. There is Sharon Rhodes, a hot stripper who loves sniffing cocaine, especially when purchased using wealth dead man money.

On the other hand, there are David and Sean two great friends who love fishing and are also kind to animals- two lucky friends who are on the verge of crossing paths with a suitcase full of money, $5 million to be exact. Serge wants the suitcase and so does Sharon while Coleman wants the case and more drugs.

The protagonist is Serge Storms, a serial killer, a man who can kill without blinking. His moral compass is somehow off center; his methods of dealing with people are often weird. He is dark, complicated and downright hilarious. The story features a cast of eccentric and colorful characters and most of which are criminals engaging in violent and reckless behavior.

Torpedo Juice: The 7th novel in Serge A. Storm series; it takes place in the Florida Keys, where Serge Storms has visited to reinvent himself and what could be the best way to reinvent himself than tying a knot. Yes, it is true; this novel is about Serge finally making the decision of having a wife, however, just because he is getting married does not mean that is going to settle down. Not with all the mess and the petty thugs that require to be killed off in Florida and in no time Serge is back on a killing spree. On a mission to improve himself, Serge visits a community center, and there he stumbles upon his old friend Coleman whom he thought had been killed.

Torpedo Juice is an enjoyable read. One of the main strengths of this story is the main character, Serge Storms. He is a man of a twisted sense of decency, he is also brave, and anyone would hate him in real life, but he makes a good fictional character. The plot is well crafted, there lots of clever twists that are fun to follow.


If Serge A. Storms is the series for you, then you will also find these iother novel series quite a good match for you. “Key West” series by Laurence Shames; the series began with Florida Straits (1992). “Doc Ford” Mystery series by Randy Wayne White featuring Marion Ford, commonly known as “Doc,” a marine biologist and a retired CIA operative living and working on West Coast of Florida.

What Is The Next Book in The Serge A. Storms Series?

The next book in the The Serge A. Storms Series by Tim Dorsey is Mermaid Confidential and will be released on January, 25th 2022.

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