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Iris Johansen dipped her toe into the suspense historical romance category with the wind dancer series in 1991. The four book series has received worldwide acclamation for being an utterly engrossing page turner. The wind dancer series naturally revolves around the much coveted wind dancer statue; a small golden statue of a Pegasus or winged horse. The size of the statue was much compensated by the vast and long history it held. The statue has its legendary roots emanating from the fall of Troy, where it was awarded to one family. Power was bestowed upon those who possessed the wind dancer making its ownership worth killing and dying for. The series provides an imaginative bust of adventure as well as romance that is centred on family’s quest to retrieve what is rightfully theirs.

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Order of Wind Dancer Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Wind Dancer (By: Iris Johansen) 1991 Description / Buy
2 Storm Winds ( By: Iris Johansen) 1991 Description / Buy
3 Reap the Wind ( By: Iris Johansen) 1997 Description / Buy
4 Final Target ( By: Iris Johansen) 2001 Description / Buy
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16th Century Italy provides the perfect beginning to the wind dancer series with the first book being aptly named wind dancer. 1503 is the year we get to meet Lionello Andreas a member of the family that was bequeathed the exquisite wind dancer. Lionello made a vow to protect and keep the wind dancer under the family’s ownership but as the statue is stolen he will stop at nothing retrieve it. The plot thickens as he employs the help of a thief, but not just any thief, one that has good control of body and soul. He finds the perfect fit in the back alleys of Florence courtesy of a young sharp witted woman known as Sanchia. Sanchia, the poverty stricken slave girl is a gifted pick pocket which was a skill necessitated by the hush streets of Florence. The two embark on a gut wrenching journey that proves to contain numerous twists and turns where death seems like the easiest way out.


The wind dancer series has been known to keep readers at the edge of their seats with the imaginative plots and robust characters but the question remains which books where the most intriguing? Well, here are two books that readers all around the world could not get enough of:

Storm Winds: This is the second book of the series and Iris Johansen serves up yet another chilling novel that might just surpass its predecessor with unexpected plot twists and mystery. 18th Century France during the revolution is an intriguingly frightful place to be with the strife for power, assassins, rebels and death on every corner. Shielded from the horrors of the period Convent students Catherine Vasaro and Juliette de Clement are soon awoken to the realties during an attack. Catherine is raped and Juliette kills one of Catherine’s attackers getting branded a murderer. The two women seek refuge at Catherine’s Cousin’s home in Paris, a man named Jean Marc Andreas.

Jean Marc Andreas is a man on a mission determined to regain what he rightly owns at all cost. He barters with Catherine to help navigate him though the royal courts in exchange he provides her with protection. They set out on the hunt for the wind dancer which was last in the possession of the royalists, now lost.

Final Target: Distinguishing itself from the rest of the series this book is set centuries later in the modern day. The wind dance is finally in the rightful hands of Jonathan Andreas the US president who loans the heirloom to a museum for display. The intrigue ensues when the president’s 7 year old daughter Cassie is kidnapped and ransomed for the wind dancer. She is rescued by a mysterious man Michael Travis but Cassie is severely traumatized by ordeal. The president entrusts his daughter into the hands of DR. Jessica Riley who had helped his younger sister Melissa. Melissa’s bout of catatonia gave her the ability to reach into the consciousness of those with catatonia making an asset when it comes to Cassie. Travis on the other hand is able to calm her deathly severe seizures but being an underground information dealer, puts them at risk as assassins are after him. A series of events ensue where Jessica, Melissa and Cassie have to blindly trust Travis to lead them on the right path.


Unconventionally the “Outlander” series features a series of novels as well as short literally works. The main character is a 20th century British nurse referred to as Claire Randall. She travels in time to 18th Century Scotland where the intrigue of romance as well as mystery awaits her. The massively successful books series has birthed the 2014 Starz TV series outlander among other accomplishments.

Following the highly popular series Diana formulated an entire series known as the “Lord John Grey” Series of off the Outlander Series. The Series is categorized as historical mysteries and also features a sequence of novels as well as short works. Witty, complex and interesting, Lord John Grey a homosexual in a period where it is considers a capital offence makes the series an easy read.

What Is The Next Book in The Wind Dancer Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Wind Dancer Series. The newest book is Final Target and was released on January, 1st 2001.

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